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Seattle Times: Yoga and Race

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The Seattle TimesSeattle yoga teacher’s ‘Undoing Whiteness’ class: Founded on deep purpose, it’s triggered outrage:

A certified yoga teacher since 2004, Humpf resolved to directly combat racism following high-profile cases of police officers killing or brutalizing black people. As a white woman, she says she recognized the distinct role the white community has in discussing how to destroy racism. For her, that meant consulting with mentors of color on the best course of action rather than going it alone. The result: the monthly, 90-minute workshops.

“I do stand behind white people needing to talk to other white people on how to undo whiteness. Can I keep refining it and doing it differently and better? Yeah, and I will forever and ever. But I believe in this space as one tool,” she says of her class of about a dozen that incorporates meditation, yoga postures, and readings from “Witnessing Whiteness,” a book meant to help white people deal with discomfort around race-based conversations.

Humpf, 39, sees her class as going beyond yoga’s elegant poses. It seeks, she says, to arrive at yoga’s literal meaning: union. White supremacy thwarts achieving that union within the individual and with others, says Humpf.


Headline: John Dean goes Back to the Future

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Daily MailJohn Dean testifies on ‘remarkable parallels’ between Russia probe and WATERGATE as Trump calls former Nixon lawyer a ‘sleazebag’ who is a paid CNN contributor:

House Democrats began hearings on Muller investigation this week 
Richard Nixon’s former attorney John Dean testified at Monday’s hearing 
Step is seen by some as part of Rep. Jerrold Nadler’s impeachment push 


Headlines about the Not-Mueller Spying Investigation

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The HillJustice gives Congress new details on ‘spying’ probe:

The Justice Department on Monday offered more details to Congress on the investigation that Attorney General William Barr ordered into the intelligence collection on the Trump campaign ahead of the 2016 election.

In a letter to the House and Senate Judiciary committees, Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd said that the inquiry is being primarily conducted by U.S. attorney John Durham out of Justice Department offices in Washington, D.C.

Boyd wrote that Durham, the U.S. attorney from Connecticut, is receiving assistance from a “number of U.S. Attorney’s Office personnel and other Department employees.”

Breitbart: Meet John Durham, the U.S. Prosecutor Investigating FBI’s 2016 Campaign Spying.

Reminder: NY Daily News: Attorney General Barr says he believes that the Obama Justice Department spied on the 2016 Trump campaign .


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