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Is Revealing Truth Important No Matter Where the Truth Comes From?

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It depends! Just ask the Trumpists.

  • Trumpists: it’s fine that the Russians hacked Democrats’ emails because it revealed truth. Revealing truth is always good no matter how the truth gets out. Free Julian Assange!
  • Also Trumpists: A bunch of embarrassing information was released on Trump in the Mueller report to just to hurt him. The people who started the Russia investigation need to go to jail.

The Mueller report is like a Rorschach inkblot. Both sides read it and think someone should go to jail. Trumpists think the people who should be jailed are the investigators. Non-Trumpists think the people who should be jailed are the people who engaged in the criminal behavior described in the report.

But I don’t see how you praise the fact that information was released through hacking, and decry information being released through the proper operation of law enforcement.

The main benefit I see of Trump being President is good judges. But good judges are important only because the rule of law is important. Meanwhile Trump is eroding and attacking the rule of law in any way possible when it comes to anything having to do with him.

The trade-off is not worth it.

UPDATE: In case you think I’m making up the stuff about Trumpists saying the people who started the investigation should go to jail:

Remember, too, that Glenn Reynolds said last year that people from the FBI should go to jail for considering an obstruction investigation. You know, for things like Trump telling the FBI director to stop investigating his crony. The FBI should go to jail. For that.

Like I say, it’s a Rorschach test. Me, I think that attitude is batshit insane. But I hear it all over the place.

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