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Devin Nunes Sues Everyone, Including His Mom*

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Devin Nunes has taken the very wise and not at all boneheaded step of filing a whiny lawsuit against Twitter and a bunch of troll accounts:

Stung by obscene and pointed criticism, Representative Devin Nunes, a Republican from California, said he was suing Twitter and three users for defamation, claiming the users smeared him and the platform allowed it to happen because of a political agenda.

The complaint, which Fox News reported was filed in Virginia on Monday, seeks $250 million in damages. In making his case, Mr. Nunes, a loyal ally of President Trump and the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, repeated several common Republican complaints that Twitter has repeatedly denied: that it censors Republicans, “shadow bans” their accounts and actively helps their opponents.

Though absorbing criticism comes with the territory for politicians, the complaint described the objectionable tweets from the three users as something “that no human being should ever have to bear and suffer in their whole life.”

One of the defendants is Liz Mair, who stands accused of runnning certain troll accounts including one named “Devin Nunes Mom.”

Devin Nunes has always been a national joke. It’s just that, thanks to his own stupid actions, a lot more people are getting it now:

What surprises me about this — although it probably shouldn’t — is that the guy is still on Twitter. Fair warning: if any of you mooks ever sues me for oppressing your precious free speech rights here, guess what the first thing I’m doing is? That’s right: banning you.

But I’m sure the lawyers advised against it: it will just play into his narrative and so forth.

Ah well. This is a perfect example of why I blog less lately. The stories, and the people the stories are about, are self-parodizing. Even as we speak, the President of the United States has taken to social media to call the husband of one of his top communications aides a “total loser” — and all I can think is: ha, won’t it be fun to watch her answer questions about that! Meanwhile the national debt stands at over $22 trillion, we live in a world where nothing is being done about the spread of weapons that could end the human race, and we have apparently lost all popular understanding of the importance of free markets that have lifted millions upon millions out of poverty. But at least we have our bread and circuses, hur hur, and so in the end — well, I’d have a snappy final line, but sorry, I gotta go check Kellyanne’s Twitter feed see ya

*No, Devin Nunes, you litigious dullard, I am not actually saying that you are suing your actual mom.

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