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Acrostic Number 2

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Here is Acrostic No. 2:

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If you want to print it out and solve it with a pencil, which is the best way, the link is here.

As a reminder, here is how it’s done.

The bottom part consists of clues, designated A through F. You read the hint for each clue and solve it. There are blanks with numbers under them, and each number corresponds to a number under the corresponding blank in the top part of the puzzle. Solve a clue in the bottom part of the puzzle, and you can start filling in the corresponding blanks in the top part of the puzzle.

For example, the first space in clue A has the number 12 under it. If the answer for clue A were “DontBeAStranger” (it’s not) then you would write in “DONTBEA STRANGER” in clue A on the bottom, meaning you would write a D in the blank with the number 12 under it, an O in the blank with 13 under it, and so forth. Now you can find the blank with the number 12 in the top part, and fill in a D. You can find the blank with the number 13 in the top part, and fill in an O. And so forth.

The top portion of the puzzle is a quotation or saying, using the same letters as are used in the clues at the bottom. The top part is what you’re trying to solve. As with the bottom part, there are blanks with numbers under them. In the top part, each number is preceded by a letter, corresponding to the clues on the bottom part. This way, when you complete a word in the top part, it is easier to find the corresponding blank below.

For example, we established that 12 is the number under the first letter of the answer to clue A. That means the number 12 in the top part is preceded by an “A” — just to tell you which clue has blank number 12.

For the top part, if there is no break in the numbering, the spaces connected by consecutive numbers are all one word even if they scroll to a new line. For example, 27D-32E on top is a six-letter word even though it scrolls to a new line. For the bottom part, each clue may consist of multiple words even though there are no blanks. (Clue A could be “DONTBEASTRANGER” — or any combination of 15 letters, no matter how many words it is.)

Here’s a fun extra hint: the first letters of each correct clue in the bottom part, read in order starting with clue A on down, spell out the name of the person who said the quote in the top part.

You might need to work both ways — filling in guesses or completing words at the top first, and then filling in the appropriate blanks in the bottom part, as well as vice versa.

Assume the comments have spoilers, and have fun!

P.S. Acrostic No. 1 was here.

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