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Correction: Our Story Was Garbage from Beginning to End

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Man. How did the New York Times botch this so badly?

NYT Correction

Correction: Jussie Smollett is not a beloved Doonesbury character, as this story originally reported, but rather an actor on “Empire.” Also, he told police he had been confronted by homophobic racist Trumpers — not, as the article said in the initial version, by a herd of tutu-wearing sheep bleating racist chants.

H/t Beldar.

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Did AOC’s Chief of Staff Use a PAC to Funnel Illegal Contributions to Her?

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Not sure if y’all followed the kerfuffle when conservative Luke Thompson questioned AOC about her boyfriend having a House email address. AOC herself snapped that it was a way for the boyfriend to monitor her calendar; all the spouses do it (though he’s not a spouse); and Thompson was briefly suspended from Twitter for “doxxing” AOC’s boyfriend with, um, publicly available information.

Anyway, that was a stupid controversy but it led to Thompson firing back with this Medium piece, which is worth your time.

The piece is complicated but (if I understand it correctly) the upshot is that AOC’s wealthy Chief of Staff Saikat Chakrabarti co-founded a PAC that provides campaign services to newbie politicians. The PAC also serves to fuzz up the source of campaign contributions. AOC used the services of the PAC, which subsequently hired AOC’s boyfriend as a “marketing consultant” despite his apparent relative lack of marketing experience, and paid him thousands. Thompson wonders if this was a way for Chakrabarti (using the PAC) to funnel money directly to AOC in excess of campaign finance contribution limits — especially given that she hired the PAC’s co-founder as her chief of staff once the campaign was over.


Might be worth further investigation. Of course, campaign finance laws don’t matter when Donald Trump violates them, but I bet we can care about them if AOC broke them!

AOC: Making America Care About Character Again!

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