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Brett Kimberlin: Remove My Wikipedia Page

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Someone claiming to be Brett Kimberlin (and who, with the whiny tone, sounds like him) is seeking to have Kimberlin’s Wikipedia page deleted. (Thanks to A. for the tip.) The request is here, and reads as follows:

Brett Kimberlin Wikipedia page violates its own policies.

This page was originally put up by people associated with Andrew Breibart in order to smear me and deprive me of being able to receive funding for my non-profit organizations. Moderators initially removed it because of WP policies regarding living persons. Finally, the Breitbots, led by Breitbart/Sputnik reporter Lee Stranahan, began a pressure campaign to force WP to keep the page over my strong objections. At the time, Stranahan also launched “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin” to further that smear campaign. I eventually sued the whole lot of them in federal court, and more than a dozen settled the defamation/invasion of privacy claims by removing content and paying me money. I do not fit the description of a “notable person” since the crime I was accused of was local and it was 40 years ago. Even the Breitbots I sued were unable to convince any judge that I was a “public figure” under First Amendment analysis. If I am not a public figure, then I should not be deemed notable by WP.

Parts of the WP read like a tabloid with sensationalism and total disregard for my privacy. I have been the subject of a right-wing smear job that lasted years because of my work running a progressive non-profit. Right wingers have used this WP as part of their toolset against me, knowing full well that anyone who considers working with or funding me will consult WP first. If I were living in Europe, I would have a right to be forgotten and left alone for things that happened 40 years ago. Why should I be treated differently in the US? The right wing uses this WP as a Scarlet Letter to whip and shame me in the public square even though I have spent the past 20 years devoting my life to progressive causes, kindness, and justice. Enough is enough.

In short, the entire WP falsely portrays me, my life and my work. The WP relies on dead links, people I sued and won cases against, and asserts that the criminal trial against me was somehow legitimate when it was based on hypnotic testimony that has since been banned from all federal and state trials in the US and Canada. In fact, my case was the last federal case in the country to allow hypnotic testimony.

What is left in the WP after disregarding the above is non-important. Who cares if I was arrested for a marijuana conspiracy 40 years ago? It’s legal now and WP does not have articles on every person who was arrested for marijuana conspiracies decades ago. Who cares if I have been involved in litigation or got arrested as a teenager for perjury? And why in God’s name does WP talk about a perjury conviction that occurred when I was a teenager and was based on things that occurred when I was a juvenile. That juvenile record was expunged yet WP dredges it up and puts it in the first sentence describing my criminal convictions. Have you no shame? Is that what WP thinks is “right?” Is that not an invasion of my privacy? I was a juvenile for God’s sake.

On a final note, recently Twitter, Facebook, Medium and other social media orgs have begun proactively removing fake news, disinformation, bots, trolls and other data from their platforms. Most of this information was generated by Russian operatives and right-wing operatives who use these tactics to harm their targets. As noted above, my WP page was started by Breitbart/Russian operatives to harm me with disinformation, innuendo and smears. This has become abundantly clear of late with Lee Stranahan now working for Sputnik after working for Breitbart when he started the WP page. That alone should be enough for you to remove the page. You guys got “had” by these right-wing smear artists. Now it’s time to make things right by refusing to be their bludgeon any longer.

In short, please delete these pages. I am not able to do so myself because of all the WP coding required and I do not want to give the right wing trolls another opportunity to smear me more.

He has an even longer complaint at the “talk” page for the entry. It contains this gem of a passage:

I am best known to my kids as a terrific father, and to my wife as a devoted husband. I am best known to my employees as a kind and effective employer. I am best known to activists as a passionate and dedicated promoter of progressive causes. I am best known to musicians as an amazing composer, producer, engineer and musician. I am best known to the environmental community as an innovator of green building and design. I am best known in federal court as a victim of smears by Breitbots, and as the victim of a crime I did not commit involving the now banned use of six hypnotized witnesses.

Brett Kimberlin is best known to me as the guy who blew off Carl DeLong’s leg and lost a wrongful death claim to DeLong’s widow.

Interesting that he claims that the people who settled (like Ace of Spades, for example) paid him money. Money that he then used to pursue people like me.

I guess you can’t blame Kimberlin for trying to get his entry removed. He got it removed once before, in 2012. It was restored, but he (or someone sounding a lot like him) tried again later that year. And Wikipedia editors threatened to remove the page after people insisted on including the accurate description of Kimberlin as “a convicted drug dealer, bomber, and political activist.”

Anyway. This time, the Wikipedia editors are not buying it. In comment after comment, they recommend keeping the page, with many calling it “well sourced.” One editor says: “FWIW, I think he is materially misrepresenting the outcome of some of those court cases above.” And another says:

Just his tone of attack on other people makes me want to keep this article. It is well sourced and shows his long standing role as a disruptive litigator. Assuming the claims of forcing bloggers to remove content on him are t[ru]e, it shows that current civil procedures are not as protective of the First [Am]endment as they should be, and also the success of lawfare, the waging of war through civil litigation, where the process become[s] the punishment, and the fact that most people would rather save money than stand for princip[le]s leads to victory.

Wow. Someone really gets it.

Oh, by the way: his lawsuit against me was dismissed, but he still has an appeal pending in the Fourth Circuit. Filed in October 2013 and still alive!

He never repented, he never sought forgiveness, and he still owes money to Carl DeLong’s widow. Yes, I know I already said that. It still bears repeating.

Kimberlin can try to scrub his past on the Internet, but he’ll never succeed. He can try to pretend that he didn’t do what he was convicted of, but the world will never believe.

Hey. At least he’s still alive. Carl DeLong is still dead.

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13 Responses to “Brett Kimberlin: Remove My Wikipedia Page”

  1. Just FYI there’s an alternative to wikipedia called Infogalactic.

    Pinandpuller (450372)

  2. So he’s an amazing composer and musician? Maybe he is a private figure, I’ve never heard anything he’s done. Does he have a blue check?

    Pinandpuller (450372)

  3. Music is the soul of peace, that’s why I hook up car radios to Acme products IYKWIMAITYD.

    Pinandpuller (450372)

  4. You can run from your past, but not the internet. If Wikipedia deletes the article, others will republish the truth. Ten years from now, Google Brett Kimberlin, and you’ll still find the truth.

    Dave Alexander (formerly ukuleledave) (c59551)

  5. I heard the fourth circuit suit was dismissed by the appeals court. Is this true?

    SarahW (3164f0)

  6. Amazing performer? He stinks. He really, really stinks, and the people he has produced/guided are the worse for his efforts, and bear the stamp of his tin ear.

    SarahW (3164f0)

  7. As far as I know, fwiw, there is some Kimberlin elision going on with the money thing.

    SarahW (3164f0)

  8. Kimberlin is a skunk, but that’s not fair and is a disservice to skunks…

    Colonel Haiku (f0e797)

  9. I heard the fourth circuit suit was dismissed by the appeals court. Is this true?

    Yes; I spoke too soon in the post. I will do a separate post.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  10. Hot dog.

    SarahW (3164f0)

  11. Here you go.

    Patterico (115b1f)

  12. Congrats.

    narciso (7fa266)

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