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Thanks to Everyone Who Contributed for Leviticus’s Baby Girl

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On February 13, I posted that our longtime commenter Leviticus was lucky enough to experienced the birth of a daughter: Shirley Beatrix M.

Commenter Simon Jester had suggested passing around the hat for Shirley, and other commenters told me they would like that. So I did.

I told people that they could be anonymous in their gift-giving if they wanted, or publicly anonymous but known to Leviticus, or not anonymous at all. I’m publishing the amounts in this post, partially for transparency (so that everyone will know that their gifts got to Leviticus), and partially so that Leviticus can have the chance to publicly thank folks.

Patterico: $100
Anonymous: $100
Simon Jester: $100
felipe: $100
nk: $50
aphrael: $50
Anonymous: $25
Jeff Lebowski: $20

The totals below add up to $545.00, which I sent to Leviticus today. Thanks to those who contributed. If you think I overlooked your donation, leave a comment or email me, but I’m pretty confident I didn’t.

The window is not closed; if you still want to contribute I will update this post. PayPal the money to patterico AT gmail DOT com.

I have asked Leviticus for pictures.

UPDATE: Colonel Haiku: $75. Thank you. That brings us to $620.00.

UPDATE x2: kishnevi: $36. Thank you. That brings us to $656.00.

UPDATE x3: Anonymous: $25. Thank you. That brings us to $681.00. All has been sent to Leviticus.

UPDATE x4: Hoagie contributed $150. Thanks to Hoagie for that very generous contribution, which I sent to Leviticus this morning. That brings Shirley’s 529 fund to $831.00.

UPDATE x5 3-8-18: EPWJ sent a $29 contribution around the time we were collecting for Leviticus’s girl, but did not specify that it was for her. I sent him an email asking whether it was and he confirmed that it was. I sent the contribution to Leviticus this morning. That raises our grand total to $860.00. Thanks again to everyone who contributed.

Happy Blogiversary to Me

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Today is a milestone of sorts. This blog began 15 years ago today, on February 17, 2003. I was 34 years old. I turn 50 later this year. My daughter had recently had her third birthday, and my son was four months old. Now my daughter is an adult. She can vote. My son is 15 and almost old enough to drive.

A lot of you have been around an awfully long time. I appreciate every reader and commenter (OK, most of them) — especially the longtime readers.

Thanks for reading, and spread the word!

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