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The Republican #TheMemo Did Not Jeopardize National Security…

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…but apparently the Democrat one does:

President Trump on Friday blocked the release of a classified Democratic memo rebutting Republican claims that top federal law enforcement officials had abused their powers in spying on a former Trump campaign aide, a move that Democrats denounced as politically motivated hypocrisy.

Odd, since the House Intelligence Committee voted unanimously to release it.

It’s tough to know what’s going on. Did Schiff lard up the memo with stuff he knew was sensitive so it would be blocked? That’s what Trump partisans will say, but then it’s hard to see why all the Republicans on the committee voted to release it. Is there a legitimate concern expressed by FBI and DoJ that further redactions could address? Possibly.

Me, I’ll sit back and watch it play out, without drawing any firm conclusions yet.

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