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The Day Fast Approaches…

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…when Amazon Prime members can’t get Christmas presents in time for Christmas.

The last day to do so is December 22.

As always, use the widget on the sidebar inflatable movie screen for your Amazon shopping needs.

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11 Responses to “The Day Fast Approaches…”

  1. Doing some shopping myself right now…

    Patterico (8c20ac)

  2. Bought 4 items yesterday using the widget.

    ropelight (c31a74)

  3. Thank you!

    Patterico (e3dec4)

  4. i got some eel sauce cause of i’m not confident i can find that at the mariano’s

    i’m doing a christmas basket for to help my vegetable friend F have more flavors to try

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  5. Patterico, how many of your readers are from outside the USA? I ask because I am, I’d cheerfully use your widget to help pay the bills, I use Amazon a lot, I have Prime, but…


    So when I use your widget, I get products that either don’t ship to Canada at all or do not get free shipping under Prime, which is nation specific.

    Fred Z (05d938)

  6. Cyber the Husky has resumed his usual purchases of his everyday treats — Dentastix, Beggin’ Strips & Virbac chews (made in Fort Worth!).

    Beldar (fa637a)

  7. Ya should’ve gotten me for a few items Thursday and Friday.

    NJRob (dc0f95)

  8. Fred, I think I can answer that: Patterico would need to set up a separate affiliation with Amazon Canada, with its own widget…same for Amazon UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany if he had a European readership. There’s no batch affiliation: you need to set up individual affiliations with each Amazon entity.

    kishnevi (f594bb)

  9. i woke up to an email today: your eel sauce has shipped!

    best. christmas. ever.

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  10. here are the fun product for America i got some from the fabulous Mr. Batalli’s Eataly yesterday

    is meant for to put a couple spoonfuls in a small glass of cold water for a post-prandial digestif – but i’m a see but that a half spoonful or so can’t jazz up a gin + cucumber juice martini

    when we tried it i thought it tasty and nicely lemony but thems with the more discerning palate, they said they could taste the bicarbonate and thought the result more medicinal than for to be taken as refreshment

    and that’s of course the point really

    try having a pitcher of water and a little sugar bowl of this in your drawing room after dinner this christmas for your guests what fear the exasperation of heartburn after a festive meal

    graciousness and elegance

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  11. yay i got my eel sauce so all i really need is some Tony Chacheres to finish

    this is for my vegetable friend who comes from a village in South America so there’s some foods he’s just never incorporated yet

    i know he likes Chacheres cause of i used to do a simple steamed squashed having tossed the squashies in olive oil and chacheres

    i also got him some original Gambino’s Olive Salad – I couldn’t find a decent buy for that on Amazon or Jet but Mariano’s carries a few of the different labels

    i also undoubtedly overpaid for some instant risotto pouches from Eataly I’ll have to ask him how those are

    he has two pound peabnut bubber powder

    he has some mirin – i think all vegetable people should know how to splash a lil mirin here and there


    bearnaise and hollandaise so he can learn the difference

    these are jarred

    yes yes the pouches are better but single people can’t really make a batch and then be expected to eat all that themselves so the jar has to suffice

    biscoff speculoos which I’m sure he’s never had and some nutella

    a panettone – orange cream and chocolate (which i’m pretty sure he’ll make a french toast breakfast of for to share with someone over the holidays)

    some kinda high-protein chickpea pasta called Banza

    herdez quacamole salsa

    mint chocolate chip “smash mallow” (“snacking marshmallows”)

    a dark chockit bar from eataly

    and a few different cracker crostini type things for to put with whatever

    oh and the tofu press

    ok so all i need is the chacheres and Christmas is done

    i still have niece and nephew is all but they get cash this year cause nephew’s in school learning how to do engineers on things (grown up school)

    and you know what

    they’re going to that nasty titty-tee lady’s Puerto Rico for Christmas so I’m a have the monies for them when they get back so they don’t spend it in a godless foreign country

    happyfeet (28a91b)

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