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Open Thread: Moore Wins

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I’m kinda busy so no analysis. Have at it.

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36 Responses to “Open Thread: Moore Wins”

  1. It doesn’t count. He got the votes at gunpoint.

    nk (dbc370)

  2. I think McConnell should assign him to share an office with Al Franken.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  3. i think there’s a lot of things to dream of what aren’t super-philosophical

    let’s just wait and see how this plays out

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  4. Total repudiation of The Swamp, regardless of who is president.

    Patricia (5fc097)

  5. I think McConnell should retire to the glue factory and take a number of his useless colleagues with him.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  6. Alabama certainly needs analysis. And it’s covered under Obamacare.

    H/C bill yanked; Corker bails, Moore wins… if ever there was a night for summa dat Kentucky bourbon, Mitch, this is it.

    “This just isn’t your day, is it.” – James Bond , 007 [Sean Connery] ‘From Russia With Love’ 1963

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  7. mitch mocconnell no care wasted millions backing loser strange, should have backed mo brooks, alas we have the Judge.

    mg (31009b)

  8. Bannon Rocks

    mg (31009b)

  9. Be interesting to see Sen Moore run into Rep Hastings in the cafeteria.

    Pinandpuller (d0b872)

  10. OTOH, there’s this. Though it’s no harbinger of a wave. But the attack ads against Diaz made liberal use of pictures of him shaking hands and otherwise posing with Trump

    kishnevi (41a4d3)

  11. Yes she was Charlie cheetahs runningmate. A condition covered by the Geneva convention.

    narciso (d1f714)

  12. The baby gun won, Strange should have strolled the streets with a Browning 50 caliber.

    urbanleftbehind (3c8eef)

  13. toothless luther would have shot himself

    mg (31009b)

  14. Moore’s probably better suited for the Senate than the bench but it will be interesting to see if he can make it there without his wings melting.

    crazy (d99a88)

  15. All these years voting along with the Rove’s, McConnells, Ryan’s of the rnc, Bannon and his team have brought the middle class working man into play. The rnc is in for a pummeling. Tax reform should have been done the first month of this presidency. The Silent Majority will be kicking azz and taking names for 2018.

    mg (31009b)

  16. Judge Moore, he pulled a gun
    And once again the outsider won
    The GOPe
    Had better see
    Rebels will win when they run!

    The Limerick Avenger (89c41c)

  17. Conservative, INC., in reality nothing more than a racket, may be on its last legs.

    Colonel Haiku (6c3294)

  18. The Return of teh Avenger!

    Colonel Haiku (6c3294)

  19. mg@16. The parties are realigning as the bonds that held groups of factions together break down as they did a century ago. The dems largely completed their realignment in the Obama years. Republican leadership has yet to recognize the dirty jobs coalition is more important to the party than their nepotistic moneyed buddies. You’re right. Promises aren’t enough – results matter. They just haven’t figured it out yet. Hope they do.

    crazy (d99a88)

  20. Bannon knows that economic gain for the middle class worker is the issue with anyone with callouses on their hands and little savings in the bank. (Silent Majority) He also will let the left continue to burn the race card until the well runs dry.

    mg (31009b)

  21. Moore gained the support of Steve Bannon
    “All over the map’s” what he ran on
    Lurch Luther had Trump
    But head up his rump
    dat chocolate soon morphed to a cannon

    Colonel Haiku (6c3294)

  22. I think there will a brief anschluss period between the present day Dems and GOPe refugees that will occur between 2018 ,perhaps extend through 2020, but by 2024 the realignment will be realized and the dirty jobs + (whicheercurrenDem faction breas)is dominant through the remainder of thecentury.

    urbanleftbehind (3c8eef)

  23. “Democratic congressional aides made unauthorized access to a House server 5,400 times and funneled “massive” amounts of data off of it. But there’s nothing to see here, Democrats told The Washington Post: They were just storing and then re-downloading homework assignments for Imran Awan’s elementary-school aged kids and family pictures…….

    ………The Post did not note the “massive” outgoing data and unauthorized access until the 40th and 42nd paragraphs of its story, after it had quoted multiple defense attorneys and ventured into a lengthy and seemingly irrelevant but humanizing backstory on Awan’s childhood……

    ……The server was under the auspices of Xavier Becerra, who left Congress Jan. 24 to become California attorney general and asked for the server to be wiped at that time. Police first asked for a copy and received what they identified as an elaborately falsified image, leading police to ban them from the network immediately because they viewed it as an attempt to tamper with a criminal investigation and an indication of clear criminal intent…..”

    harkin (63965c)

  24. The GOPe is the enemy of the people. McConnell, Ryan, McCain, et al know full well what the meaning of Trump’s election was, and they know what Judge Roy Moore’s victory means. And they are determined to obstruct the clear agenda the majority of voters want.

    The GOPe pretends to support Trump while at the same time stabbing him and conservatives in the back. They must be swept aside or driven out – there is no other option. The dye is cast.

    ropelight (c5dd75)

  25. Tickets to GOODBYE DEAR WHIGS wrap party available with PayPal and Bitcoin September 30th.

    Ben burn (40f73a)

  26. Kid Rock, Judge Roy Bean and now Bannon, can take us back to Deadwood.

    Ben burn (40f73a)

  27. I really think Congress would be improved by drafting Congressmen and Senators at random, like jury duty, and so I am not too upset about Moore. Unlike Congressional districts, no one can gerrymander a state, so at least Senate races are somewhat competitive. As uninformed-and-proud-of-it as Moore seems to be, I can think of lions of the Senate, treated with great deference by the press, who are every bit as bad.

    Frederick (64d4e1)

  28. Moore is proof that froth beats reason every time.

    Kevin M (752a26)

  29. Mr. Moore is redeemed cause he’s not gonna kiss sleazy mitch’s ass

    we need people like that if we hope to ever replace the corrupt senate leadership

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  30. 31, one could interpret that as a prelude to action against NoKo (e.g. get the concerned-about-Seoul guy out of the way).

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  31. There’s nothing wrong with a Senator who does what he’s told. The problem ones are the ones who think they should be President (which somebody said is all of them).

    nk (dbc370)

  32. If he wins in December, which is likely, what a superb gift for the holidays!

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  33. You know this is doomed when a bunch of millionaires hold a presser to try to persuade the electorate they’ll be filing returns on a postcard. The ancient stink of Steve Forbes is all over that sucker bait.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  34. Meanwhile the Dem opponent decides to be gonsells guy friday

    narciso (d1f714)

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