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What Gets Lost In President Trump’s Twitter Flurry Of Idiocy And The Outrage Of An Indignant Media

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[guest post by Dana]

This is the candidate to whom CNN gave 3x more airtime than 16 other GOP candidates combined. This is the candidate to whom Hillary Clinton lost.

Scrolling two tweets below this video clip in his feed, are back-to-back attacks against #FakeNews:





Unfortunately, sandwiched between these bookends of self-indulgence, is what should be permanently pinned at the top of his Twitter feed and not lost in the mix:


For those of you who have been schooling me that President Trump’s tweets are no big deal, tell me which of these tweets is getting the most airplay today on the Sunday morning talk shows, the most print space in the press, and being re-tweeted and linked to most? (I just refreshed his Twitter feed, and can tell you it most definitely is not the tweet honoring our vets. Not by a long shot.) Does anyone really believe that because he tweeted some petty and vindictive rants, he has now gotten #FakeNews out of his system, freeing him up to to focus fully on the important issues that impact us all? Because if you do, you have not been paying attention. These outbursts feed an insatiable appetite of vanity and wounded pride. It is small, it is petty, it is a waste of time. And, unfortunately for us, it is his lifeblood.

We have a perpetual victim in the White House. And we have an indignant, puffed-up mainstream media which believe themselves victims at the hands of this president. They feed off of one another like tortured lovers in the most unhealthy and doomed of relationships. It is CNN that skillfully baits this man-child into throwing public tantrums on a regular basis, and it is the president that causes a collective ringing of hands and clutching of pearls as the wounded and outraged media works to avoid any self-scrutiny. Mutual hate and self-indulgence, shared need and desperation, torment and despair. Unfortunately, neither entity has our best interest at heart. There isn’t room for any third party in this tortured romance.

While CNN has revealed itself to be a dumb and dishonest media outlet with a self-serving agenda, so too has our president. And yet it is Trump who sits in the Oval Office, elected to serve the American people – not himself.

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