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Donald Trump Ushers in the New Year At Mar-A-Lago, And Wishes His Enemies A Happy New Year

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[guest post by Dana]

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope everyone has a great, and safe time welcoming in the New Year.

Just think, if you had come across some loose change hidden under your couch cushions, you could have joined 800 privileged guests at Donald Trump’s swanky Mar-a-ago New Year’s Eve party. Your mere $500 ticket price would have opened the door to a luxurious evening of cocktails, dinner and dancing in the grand ballroom at the exclusive club. Leading the moneyed movers and shakers, will be designated “very special guests,” President-elect Trump, incoming first lady Melania Trump, and their son Barron Trump. While the party is considered a tradition at the club, this is the first year that Trump will be both owner of the club and the President-elect.

If you’re concerned that one of President-elect Trump’s businesses charged money for an event at which he will be in attendance, and one presumes, mingling with the many guests, don’t be silly. This from White House Director of Strategic Communications Hope Hicks:

“The transition is not concerned about the appearance of a conflict,” she said. “This is an annual celebratory event at the private club, like others that have continued to occur since the election. Additionally, the president cannot and does not have a conflict.”

Further, the President-elect also took a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year:


(Given the events of this past week, it would be reasonable to assume that Trump is specifically referring to Putin and Russia with his enemies reference, but based on Trump’s open admiration of Putin, shockingly, that doesn’t seem likely. There are those positing that his enemy reference points to Obama and the Democrats. A gloating over his stunning election victory, if you will. No matter what your guess is, a good rule of thumb when it comes to cryptic Trump tweets, is to keep the whole character of Donald Trump in mind. Specifically, his inability to let go of any who challenge him or criticize him. Coupled with the inability to let things roll off his back, is his record keeping of those who have offended him. And given that Trump has consistently used Twitter to joust and jab, and prod and provoke those whom he has felt slighted by, this opens the door to any number of possible enemies . Sadly, this could even include his primary opponents. Or perhaps, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Big Media, etc., etc.)


Attack in Turkey Leads Off 2017 [Updated]

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[guest post by JVW]

Fox News is reporting that “an assailant” has opened fire on a nightclub in Istanbul, wounding several people. Michelle Malkin retweeted a Turkish journalist who reports witnesses claim that it was actually three assailants dressed as Santas who killed the security guards at the door and then began shooting up the club.

Stay tuned as we learn more about this horrible development.

Update: Fox has expanded their story (link above) to include some interesting details: they now acknowledge more than one Santa gunman, and they provide the interesting tidbit that Turkey had increased police presence over the holidays, including having undercover policemen dressed as Santas throughout Istanbul. This appears to have been a carefully laid-out plan by the gunmen.

Update II: Oh boy, this is bad: Fox now reports that there are at least 35 dead and 40 wounded in this attack. Just horrible.

Update III: It looks like we’re back to believing there was only one assailant who wrought all of this carnage.

Update IV: shipwreckedcrew alerts us to the news that twin bombs went off near Istanbul Stadium killing 38 and wounding 155. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that this isn’t Russians.


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