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Trump Team Calls On Mitt Romney To Make Public Apology, Romney Weighs Out The Price Of Dignity

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[guest post by Dana]

Remember this?

It is being reported that the President-elect’s team is demanding a hefty pound of flesh from Mitt Romney :

Fox News is reporting that Donald Trump’s transition team wants Mitt Romney to publicly apologize for railing against the president-elect during the campaign.

According to Mediaite, a transition official told Fox’s Ed Henry that some in Trump’s inner circle want the former Massachusetts governor to apologize in order to be seriously considered for the secretary of State.

Trump is reportedly considering whether to pick Romney or former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for the coveted cabinet position.

Giuliani is the preferred choice of Trump’s loyalists and grassroots supporters, while Romney is a favorite of establishment conservatives.

I would like to say that this is unbelievable — but given what we know about Trump’s character and temperament, it’s perfectly believable that he would be small and petty, and make sure one of his critics does some groveling before being seriously considered for a choice position in his administration.

(Walk away, Mitt, just walk away…)

Meanwhile, Rudy Guiliani continues to aggressively lobby for the job:

In two recent interviews, Mr. Giuliani, 72, said his years of work as an international security consultant make him uniquely suited for the job in the Trump administration, along with the hard lessons he learned as mayor of a city that sustained the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil on Sept. 11, 2001.

“I probably have traveled in the last 13 years as much as Hillary did in the years she was secretary of state,” Mr. Giuliani said, in a reference to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who lost the presidential race to Mr. Trump. “My knowledge of foreign policy is as good, or better, than anybody they’re talking to,” he said.

Good point:

One other factor to consider in all of this is that the leak to Fox News about wanting an apology may have been engineered by Bannon, Conway, or some other Romney-skeptic inside the transition team to try to force Romney to withdraw.

Question: If this report is accurate, what on earth would compel Romney to actually trust that Trump would give him the nod for Secretary of State if he makes the apology??

Here’s Fox News’s Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry discussing the matter:

Oh, and then there’s the whole Romney on Russia and Trump on Russia thing to consider…


105 Responses to “Trump Team Calls On Mitt Romney To Make Public Apology, Romney Weighs Out The Price Of Dignity”

  1. But of course.

    Dana (d17a61)

  2. After saying all that about Trump, why would Romney want to work for him?

    AZ Bob (f7a491)

  3. I left a message about Secretary of State on the other thread. I said what they should do is ask George Shultz to suggest names of people who could suggest names.

    This take it back idea is what they call in Congress a poison pill – a proposal that if adopted, would probably kill a piece of legislation, and that is its purpose. They don’t actually want an a retraction from Mitt Romney.

    This is all an attempt to put pressure on Donald Trump. Donald Trump himself wasn’t really bothered by this – as a atter of fact he was even willing to name Democrats to Cabinet postions, like Eva Moscowitz or the wife of the mayor of Sacramento and former NBA star, Kevin Johnson, that is, Michelle A. Rhee who was Chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public schools from 2007 to 2010 (she resigned after the maor who appointed her lost an election) and later founded StudentsFirst, and President elect Donald Trump and Vice President elect Mike Pence met with both of them, on Saturday November 19, but evidently, the mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson, didn’t want to go along, although the office is non-partisan. Michelle Rhee married him in 2011, after he was already mayor. They had originally wanted to do it the year before.

    I don’t think Donald Trump really wants Giuliani as Secretary of State, or else he would have offered it to him already. They’ve come up with the idea of giving Giuliani the consolation prize of Director of National Intelligence. The logic would probably be this:

    iuliani had an enormous number of foreign clients of his security advice firm. (Giuliani then said says 90% of those he was adviseing on security are companies, not governments.) People on the transition apparently then said if he is good on advising people on protection from terrorism, then name him Director of National Intelligence.

    Earlier Giuliani seemed to say that Secretary of State was the only job he would take, the only job for which it would be worth disrupting his life, and he did not want Attorney General.

    Sammy Finkelman (1190c5)

  4. AZ Bob (f7a491) — 11/25/2016 @ 10:46 am

    ter saying all that about Trump, why would Romney want to work for him?

    Mitt Romney might be thinking about who else Donald Trump might nominate instead.

    Sammy Finkelman (1190c5)

  5. 1. Wait for Trump to ask for this publicly.

    2. Say no.

    3. Go home and enjoy life.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  6. This is how parties split.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  7. Maybe Mitt could wear a little placard around his neck and be paraded in the streets before his public groveling.

    Chip Daniels (fc0400)

  8. Or a dunce cap. Just think, Mitt and Trump, with MITT wearing the dunce cap.

    Nothing is worth this, not even a desire to serve the nation. Maybe Romney and his wing of the Party need to call themselves Federalists or something and then see what the rump GOP wants to do about reforming a Congressional majority.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  9. I keep trying to give Tump the benefit of the doubt. I keep thinking “Maybe this will work out.”

    And then the Trumpkins weigh in and I realize it was all foolish. Trump needs to Sistah Souljah some of his more rabid supporters.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  10. Kevin M (25bbee)

  11. Cue Admiral Akbar:

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  12. Sir Willard of Romney Marsh will not work for and especially not report to Donald J. Trump.

    This is ham-on-rye-Apprentice-styled-teevee. You decide who is the deli rye and who is the baked ham. 47% prefer brown mustard, Swiss cheese and to hold the mayo.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  13. I don’t know why he would pick his most hostile enemy who called him a fraud and everything else in the book. A public apology is a pittance. I don’t know why you’d expect anyone to appoint someone who thinks he’s a sharlatan. It would be like Trump rewarding Romney to a high position for his good judgment in recognizing that Trump is a charlatan.

    Jcurtis (eb9959)

  14. Tedtoo’s been out of the news cycle about a week so we’re about due for one of these to get floated:

    “Report: Ted Cruz Would “Absolutely” Accept a Secretary of State Nomination”

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  15. Its similar to nelson rockefeller, imputing his viewpoint through kissinger’s appointment.

    narciso (d1f714)

  16. I’m a little befuddled why Trump would want Romney after Romney tried to betray the party in his attempt to split the vote with that McMillan character. However, Trump obviously sees something in the man, he gave massive support for Romneys 2012 run, so there’s that. There’s also the thought it could just be another move to unify the party after a bruising election, so as to better be able to move his agenda. In that case the request for an apology makes sense, a public statement that he was wrong in his assessment of Trump and acknowledgment that he’s willing to be subordinate to him.

    It could just be a matter of Sun Tzu tactics of keeping the enemy closer.

    In any event, I’d just as soon he picked someone else. Willard has too much establishment taint on him. I saw a rumour that Patraus was in the hunt; I’m not sure I like that, the man did deserve what he got IMO, but it would be a delicious FU to those defending Hillary’s abuse of classified material. That’s not a good enough reason though.

    LBascom (1915c2)

  17. If he does it then which is the real Romney? The Romney who lied about Trump then or now? I’m inclined to believe this is Trump’s way of getting what he wants by exposing someone’s bottom line working the media at the same time. Somebody else besides Romney or Giuliani is likely to be the pick. Trump would probably prefer that they “withdraw” from consideration like Gingrich did. If so, then let’s see what other demands staff says supporters demand before possible appointment.

    crazy (d3b449)

  18. I am not, as everyone knows, a Trump fan. I royally dislike the man.

    But that said, I’m not all of a sudden going to start believing a word the LHMFM says about this transition just because I don’t like him.

    A blast from the past; Eason Jordan’s self-serving, incoherent attempt why his network lied on behalf of Saddam Hussein. I’m linking to Free Republic because I don’t want to send any traffic to the NYT.

    The News We (CNN) Kept To Ourselves [must read]
    The New York Times ^ | 04/11/03 | EASON JORDAN

    …Working for a foreign news organization provided Iraqi citizens no protection. The secret police terrorized Iraqis working for international press services who were courageous enough to try to provide accurate reporting. Some vanished, never to be heard from again. Others disappeared and then surfaced later with whispered tales of being hauled off and tortured in unimaginable ways. Obviously, other news organizations were in the same bind we were when it came to reporting on their own workers.

    We also had to worry that our reporting might endanger Iraqis not on our payroll. I knew that CNN could not report that Saddam Hussein’s eldest son, Uday, told me in 1995 that he intended to assassinate two of his brothers-in-law who had defected and also the man giving them asylum, King Hussein of Jordan. If we had gone with the story, I was sure he would have responded by killing the Iraqi translator who was the only other participant in the meeting. After all, secret police thugs brutalized even senior officials of the Information Ministry, just to keep them in line (one such official has long been missing all his fingernails).

    Hey, here’s an idea CNN. Don’t have a Baghdad bureau if you don’t want to endanger Iraqi lives by doing “honest reporting.” But the fact is Eason Jordan valued the tagline, “This is CNN, Baghdad” more than honest reporting.

    The LHMFM, they all do. I laughed at the reports surrounding the recovery of Jessica Lynch. I need to emphasize, I was never laughing at or about Jessica Lynch. I have strong opinions against sending women into combat, but that’s a topic for another day.

    I was laughing at the reporting. That’s all I can say. It was all gooned up.

    The media has been lying about me for almost my entire adult life. Or, when they haven’t been deliberately lying, getting it wrong. But mostly lying.

    I think it was Mark Twain who said if you don’t want to be informed don’t read. If you want to be misinformed read a newspaper. There’s a term for the phenomenon of reading an article in a newspaper that touches on a subject you know about and knowing it’s complete BS. And then turning the page and reading an article about a subject you don’t know about, and thinking the journo school grad is all of a sudden getting things right.

    I do not suffer from this disease.

    As a Naval intel officer my attitude was it’s OK to lie to other people but never lie to yourself. Lives are on the line. Perception is not reality. But as long as people think
    perception is reality, OPDEC (Operational Deception) works. If people want to think perception is reality, it just makes
    it easier to draw them into an ambush.

    And yes, we do set ambushes in the USN. Like rigging lights on a destroyer to make it look like a merchant ship, and suck in pirates.

    So while I don’t like Trump I won’t let the LHMFM misinform me about him. Because I don’t fall for ambushes.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  19. I sure hope Mr Donald offers the SoS job to Mr John Bolton.

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  20. Funny, I don’t recall anything about “the team” being elected.

    Most of the recent election was a bunch of hot air attacking Trump for saying things which … well, he didn’t actually say. The tired old formula was trotted out again and again and again – misquote, misattribute, misinterpret, and then cue the synthetic outrage.

    Of course the election’s over, but the same ineffective tactics are still with us.

    It’s all BS. When the guys actually on the ballot – Trump or Pence – you know, the people Americans actually voted for – demand that Romney grovel, THEN I’ll fret over whether I think it’s a good tactical move or not.

    Until then, it’s all fodder suitable only for children. Or Democrats. Or fools trying to divine the future by reading tea leaves.

    tom swift (dbca10)

  21. Well, if Romney does it, he’s one of the lizard people too, like Ted Cruz is. Trump is what he is and we’ve all known it a long time, but some of us thought Ted Cruz and Romney were not lizards. And

    We’re starting to see who is really what, but I think what we’re learning here is that they’ve all been lizard people all along, that power is more important to them than honor, or dignity, or any other virtues.

    Gabriel Hanna (9b1f4a)

  22. We’re starting to see who is really what, but I think what we’re learning here is that they’ve all been lizard people all along, that power is more important to them than honor, or dignity, or any other virtues.
    Gabriel Hanna (9b1f4a) — 11/25/2016 @ 12:40 pm

    You are “starting to see”? Really? Well, it’s almost like you woke up one day and politicians suddenly began acting like…like…Politicians! Whooda thunk? And after all the arguments and name calling by the #neverTrumpers? After all the verbal $hit thrown at guys like me who decided to support Trump to stop Klepto-Killary and now, NOW you’re starting to see? Eat me!

    Rev. Hoagie® (785e38)

  23. Jesus. If this is true we are so completely boned.

    Estarcarus (5252be)

  24. CS @19, the reality is Bolton may not get the votes. Rand
    Paul is on record as saying he won’t vote for him as he’s
    an unrepentant Iraq war supporter.

    The thing is, so am I. I am an unrepentant Iraq war supporter. But the Iraq war should have been over and done with in the early 90s. I was appalled for twelve years how we let Saddam
    Hussein violate the Safwan Accords. We set a bunch of conditions on the cease fire which we were clearly not serious about. Now it’s “common knowledge,” more accurately termed “ignorance in
    circulation” that the only thing involved was WMDs.

    No. That’s not right. And what’s more important than relitigating the Iraq war is that I am afraid based upon comments by Rand Paul and der Donald is we have learned nothing from it.

    I’m speaking metaphorically as well as literally. If Kuwait is
    worth fighting for, go all the way to Baghdad. Do it all at
    once and get it over with. Don’t saddle yourself with a
    coalition that exists only to tie your hands. Don’t stay and
    try nation building.

    And don’t, for the sake of all that is holy and right, put a bunch of conditions in a cease fire that when the adrenaline ebbs out of your system you discover you didn’t mean everything
    you said during the chest-beating victory stage.

    This isn’t Monday morning quarterbacking on my part. I said at the time that we’d pay a price for leaving our business unfinished. Just like I said in 2010 that we’d pay a price
    for not doing something about the NORKs sinking the Cheonan.

    Philippine Leader Duterte Ditches U.S. for China, Says ‘America Has Lost’

    Dutarte is a s***bird of the first order. Let’s get that out of
    the way up front. But the Philippines are in a vital strategic
    position and good guy or not we needed to work with Dutarte.

    …Asia’s “first island chain,” to borrow the ubiquitous Chinese phrase, encloses the East Asian coastline. It arcs southward from the Japanese home islands through the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, and the Philippine archipelago…

    Another legacy of the Clinton/Obama foreign policy.

    And I’m afraid Republicans like Rand Paul and Susan Collins haven’t learned a damned thing.

    So while I agree Bolton is who we need, I’m not optimistic.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  25. I’ll never apologize for supporting the Iraq war. I just didn’t have a crystal ball and didn’t foresee Barack Obama. Who gave a hard fought victory, after GWB did admittedly do a lot of stupid things, d**k it away.

    Biden rewrites history: Iraq success now Obama’s achievement?!

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  26. @ Rev. Hoagie, #22:

    After all the verbal $hit thrown at guys like me who decided to support Trump to stop Klepto-Killary…

    Says the man who was himself throwing some verbal $hit at never-Trumpers, including me.

    Your invitation to dine is declined.

    Demosthenes (09f714)

  27. 22… Hoagie, you cranky old curmudgeon, God love ya!

    All the best!

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  28. Demosthenes, Hillary’s pity party is down to the hall to the … left.

    The Morning in America train is departing the station on January 20. It’s headed north! It’s going to be better than that southern train than Stonger Together was advertising! (LOL)

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  29. Demosthenes, Hillary’s pity party is down to the hall to the … left.

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a) — 11/25/2016 @ 2:54 pm

    I don’t know anyone throwing a pity party for Hillary. I knew a few people, like myself, who learned after the Republican convention that I didn’t have a candidate in this election.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  30. I sure hope Mr Donald offers the SoS job to Mr John Bolton.

    Well, Bolton is the guy Romney would have chosen in 2012, so it’s not terrible. Giuliani I just can’t see, unless Trump really needs a bagman.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  31. part of how perverted and sick Mitt Romney is has a lot to do with how he licks up humiliation like it was a drippy drippy ice cream cone then asks for more please

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  32. KT McFarland would have been a better pick than Romney or Giuliani unless Trump’s planning to run foreign policy from the WH ala Kissinger then it doesn’t matter much who the designated glad-hander is.

    crazy (d3b449)

  33. We’re starting to see who is really what, but I think what we’re learning here is that they’ve all been lizard people all along, that power is more important to them than honor, or dignity, or any other virtues.
    Given Trump’s lack of those virtues, he is sort of Lizard-inChief. Tyrannos Sauros if you will.

    It would be nice to see someone who actually knows what they are doing in Foggy Bottom–that rules out Rudy–my impression of Bolton is that he’s too hawkish. He does not seem to have ever found a war he doesn’t like. Backbone and willingness to use force are good things, but too much of a good thing can be bad.

    Kishnevi (f2c02a)

  34. I would not object to Romney, but for a purely parochial reason. It would be fitting that a Bay Stater fix the damage done by another Bay Stater (Kerry).
    But if you don’t think he’s a good pick, we can still be friends. 😁

    Kishnevi (f2c02a)

  35. well no, Bolton did think that north korea and cuba, should be held to account, same for iran, instead of the various Rhodes and wendy Sherman deals,

    narciso (d1f714)

  36. This all reminds me of that horrific, yet very blackly funny, scene in “A Clockwork Orange” where Alex has to *prove* he’s no longer ultraviolent… by licking a bully’s shoes, in front of an audience.

    qdpsteve (8c83ea)

  37. well I thought the scene where eg marshall has to kneel before Terence stamp in superman 2, also the end of chronicles of Riddick,

    narciso (d1f714)

  38. narciso, given how weak Kerry has been, it is easy to be more aggressive than he has has been. But Bolton seems to always err in the opposite direction.

    Kishnevi (f2c02a)

  39. It reminds me of a cheap carnie barker gulling suckers into a ragged tent to watch a pathetic clown act.

    Rick Ballard (d17095)

  40. I think Romney should tell Trump to eff off about the apology and Trump should tell Romney to eff off about being Secretary of State and then all the rest of us will be happy and mellow. Simple no?

    elissa (749046)

  41. 37.
    Plenty of real world examples. I will invoke the Tudors, and reference Queen Katherine Parr playing the “I’m just a foolish woman” card with Henry to avoid arrest and worse for heresy.

    Kishnevi (f2c02a)

  42. 1. Wait for Trump to ask for this publicly.

    2. Say no.

    3. Go home and enjoy life.

    Kevin M (25bbee) — 11/25/2016 @ 11:19 am

    +1. If Romney- who wasn’t running- really felt that way about Trump, he should just walk away. A man with Romney’s character would not last long in that cesspit Trump promises.

    Bill H (971e5f)

  43. Romney may well have already indicated a complete unwillingness to take any part offered as a cast member in the Trump Show. Gingrich has already noted an “include me out” position and Carson packed up and left before accepting (on Carson’s terms?) the HUD offer. The current noise and flummery could be a smoke screen to cover an eager exit.

    Rick Ballard (d17095)

  44. Hm…

    The fight is less about elevating the brash and self-promoting Giuliani, according to sources close to the transition, and more about stopping Romney either by selling Trump on the Sept. 11 hero or pushing a third candidate, possibly Gen. David Petraeus, the former CIA director and engineer of the Iraq surge, a half dozen people close to the process told POLITICO.

    Dana (d17a61)

  45. as my last post indicated, the likelihood of trump backers, who are in the know are for Romney, and willing to leak to carlos slims, Bezos or the journal, is a small venn diagram,

    narciso (d1f714)

  46. It may very well be Gen. Petraeus as the next SoS.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  47. Heh, I forgot about this.

    Dana (d17a61)

  48. but epistemology, where knowledge comes from is significant, guiliani was a strong booster of trump, who has a reformist zeal, Bolton would let loose the flamethrowers

    narciso (d1f714)

  49. It may very well be Gen. Petraeus as the next SoS.

    In which case they REALLY can’t go after Hillary for the email stuff.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  50. the only way I see that likely is if Flynn, vouched for his former boss, but it would seem unlikely because of Petraeus’s support of the Syrian rebels, besides his contratemps

    narciso (d1f714)

  51. Gen Petraeus’ non-excellent adventure with classified data (although it is not remotely comparable to Hillary’s crimes of putting classified data out there on the open internet as Sec. of State) would be the subject of much braying on the left and in the media, I think. I’m not sure as a military man he is the answer either, although I think he is certainly knowledgeable in foreign affairs and quite capable of doing the job of a diplomat.

    elissa (749046)

  52. yeah i think like Mitt he’s kinda shot his wad

    and like Mitt I think he has an extraordinarily disproportionate sense of the value he brings to America compared with the actual for reals value he brings to America

    but if a lispy fruit loop like Dr. Ben Carson can be HUD secretary it’s kinda hard to say no to pretty much anybody after that

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  53. Loyalty Trumps pragmatism. Pragmatism Trumps ideology.

    Much of this is going to hinge on how Trump plans to manage foreign policy. And uch of his decision-making has to be viewed less from a political POV and more from a business management perspective. If he wants to run it a la Nixon/Kissinger from within the WH he’s going with a loyalist- probably Giuliani… possibly Petraeus… but both are hard sells but commanding figures. If he wants a William Rogers-type, he’ll go with Corker.

    Romney just doesn’t fit with Trump. He is not going to work for Trump. And even if he was fool enough to accept a Trump offer, he’d last a year at best, be fired or resign in frustration and end up a Trump critic. Again.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  54. no, corker will provoke a grand mal seizure among the base, pro Syrian rebels, the ribbon tyer of the Rhodes road show, etc etc.

    narciso (d1f714)

  55. appointing a rabid anti-semite like Corker is probably not a wise idea if he wants to quickly move past the phony CNN accusations about Mr. Bannon

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  56. a paradox illustrated therein,

    narciso (d1f714)

  57. I think Romney should tell Trump to eff off about the apology and Trump should tell Romney to eff off about being Secretary of State and then all the rest of us will be happy and mellow. Simple no?

    I agree with this.

    Patterico (d8dcea)

  58. Loyalty Trumps pragmatism. Pragmatism Trumps ideology.

    That sounds a little like why I banned LBascom.

    Patterico (d8dcea)

  59. here is the thing, the cabinet are means to a end, meaning his policy goals, what policy goals does Romney serve, it’s a too clever by half move like powell, who was undermining w as he did during poppy’s administration, and exalting himself, (re the commanders)

    narciso (d1f714)

  60. Apologies to Lt. Col. West, JC Watts and Tim Scott, Bob Corker is still the jag that short circuited the could-have-been 1st black president with the call me Harold ad. Chattanooga mafia like he and the Haslams do the business that Georgia wisely kicks to curb.

    urbanleftbehind (851a25)

  61. @ Cruz Supporter, #28:

    If I see any of my Hillary-voting friends, I’ll be sure to tell them. Meanwhile, you are cordially invited to take two running jumps and go straight…down.

    @ steve57, #29:

    It’s okay. They’re still hung up on the idea that “not supporting Trump” = “supporting Hillary.” In vain does one try to reason with them. You can’t argue someone out of an axiom.

    @ DCSCA, #54:

    You know, I actually thought about you tonight. I went to see a movie where a “virtue-signaling” hero stuck by his guns and refused to abandon his principles in the face of abuse, ridicule, and arguments that he simply couldn’t afford to hold to his convictions. Something tells me that if you’d been serving in Desmond Doss’s unit, you would have been one of the ones who knocked him around a bit, to “persuade” him of the utility of pragmatism.

    Demosthenes (09f714)

  62. Gen Petraeus’ non-excellent adventure with classified data (although it is not remotely comparable to Hillary’s crimes of putting classified data out there on the open internet as Sec. of State) would be the subject of much braying on the left and in the media, I think. I’m not sure as a military man he is the answer either, although I think he is certainly knowledgeable in foreign affairs and quite capable of doing the job of a diplomat.

    elissa (749046) — 11/25/2016 @ 6:39 pm

    Petraeus avoided prison. He shouldn’t have. I’m amused by the fact that lefties think it’s game changing retort when I say Hillary! needs to be locked up to come back with something along the lines of Collin Powell did it too or what Petraeus did was worse. I don’t care about Collin Powell. Or Petraeus.

    I mean, seriously? Retain classified documents and show them to your mistress? That should earn you prison time. And yes Hillary! sending classified all over H3ll’s creation on the intertubes was worse. So if you can make the case, prosecute the lot.

    But what is also disqualifying is that about Petraeus is despite swearing an oath to support and defend the Constitution he couldn’t muster a defense of the First Amendment when it counted.

    Petraeus: Koran Burning Jeopardizes Soldiers

    What jeopardizes the troops is this kind of cowardice. Folding like a cheap suit when confronted with the terrorist veto. Sure, Terry Jones was a jerk and barbecuing Qurans is a lousy idea. But the First Amendment doesn’t exist to protect officially-approved “good ideas.”

    In short, Petraeus has conducted himself in a manner that demonstrates he is incapable of representing this country.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  63. Rot In Commie Hell — Fidel Castro, dead at last

    Icy (7fb2b3)

  64. Gitmo still open.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  65. Rest In Pieces, Gusano del Diablo!

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  66. I was watching that pathetic homage to Che Guevara with Benicio del Toro and Castro of course plays a big role and thoughts wandered off to the fact he was still alive.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  67. @59- =yawn= You can invade Ukraine at dawn. Whether you like it or not, that’s Trump’s pattern and has been that way since his Studio 54 days circa 1980.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  68. The only thing I regret about Castro’s death is that he survived long enough to see America re-open diplomatic relations. A man like him doesn’t deserve that sort of victory.

    Demosthenes (09f714)

  69. finalmente, I’m tempted to use stronger language, specially when you watch the slack jawed morons at msnbc,

    narciso (d1f714)

  70. @62. That’s very sweet. But honestly, hun, I don’t think about you at all.


    DCSCA (797bc0)

  71. @ DCSCA, #71:

    Suits me fine. I prefer to remain pollution-free.

    Demosthenes (09f714)

  72. how is hacksaw ridge, seeing how private ryan, was and his penchant for violence, is it too strong?

    narciso (d1f714)

  73. There’s a certain irony that of all the power pieces on the board- JFK, Nikita Khrushchev, Mao and so forth- Castro is the last pawn left from that games of that era.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  74. @ narciso, #73:

    It’s very strong. Very realistic. There are portions that will turn even the hardiest stomachs. Even setting the battle scenes aside, there are shots depicting dead soldiers that will make your skin crawl.

    I will say this, though. I went with my mother — she wanted to see Hacksaw Ridge for her birthday. She is famously squeamish, and very much against violence in movies…typically speaking, there’s an almost-perfect inverse correlation between the amount of violence in a movie and how much she enjoys it. As we left the theater tonight, she said, “That was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.” She is firmly in Hacksaw‘s corner, and thinks it should win all the Oscars for which it is eligible. I had to break it to her that it probably wouldn’t win anything beyond the odd technical award, unless Hollywood has decided to forgive Mel Gibson.

    Demosthenes (09f714)

  75. @73- The love Mel in Hollywood. Don’t they.

    Oy Vey.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  76. good to know, I had a friend who was a Vietnam vet, who couldn’t handle the opening to private ryan

    narciso (d1f714)

  77. Youngest son saw Hacksaw Ridge and said it was a very powerful movie.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  78. @55- Yeah but a lot depends on how DT plans to manage f/p. Close control inside WH would make State pretty much window dressing. Like the UN. And he obviously holds to the dictum that everything is negotiable and he can cut a deal on almost anything. Thing is, there are a few around the world who are less willing to operate on a transactional basis and sell out at any price. But then, as Paddy through Arthur Jensen said:’the world is a business, Mr. Beale… it has been since man crawled out of the slime.’ Eh?

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  79. @77- Ryan was a well proudced flick but more depressing than entertaining. A one-time ticket-buy to see in theatres. Long, too. It was no accident that year a more whimsical, upbeat- and shorter- Shakespeare In Love beat it out for Best Pix– even though Ryan was a better production.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  80. The only thing I regret about Castro’s death is that he survived long enough to see America re-open diplomatic relations. A man like him doesn’t deserve that sort of victory.

    Demosthenes (09f714) — 11/25/2016 @ 9:41 pm

    Should you happen to believe in a just God, then you can rest assured Castro is in no position to celebrate that temporary victory.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  81. Matthew 16:

    26What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? 27For the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory with His angels, and then He will repay each one according to what he has done.…

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  82. “JOHN HINDERAKER: Trump’s Appointments Continue to Impress.”

    “SHOCKED, SHOCKED: Intel: Iran Using Commercial Planes to Smuggle Weapons to Terrorists.”

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  83. @83- Boeing or Airbus?

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  84. CNN reporting Cubans are ‘celebrating in the streets’ over Fidel’s demise. Then think back to the missile crisis if you were alive… what an absurd world this truly is.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  85. What I remember about the missile crisis is that my dad packed us all in the car for a trip to Palm Springs. All of a sudden.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  86. Rot In Commie Hell — Fidel Castro, dead at last

    Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Chavez and Hitler all turn out to welcome Fidel to his new digs. Hope he likes red.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  87. @86- Lucky you. Dad went to work daily, called in to my mother, who had the TV on all the time, made a ‘bomb shelter’ in the basement between two shelving units full of canned foods, put up some cots and smoked two packs a day for 10 days out of nerves– and the thing was, we lived about 25 miles west of Manhattan at the time and would have been vaporized in moments anyway. It does not bring back warm and fuzzy memories.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  88. “Up next. Raul Castro…”– Vin Scully?

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  89. And so the dance begins… BBC News televised a report of Hollywood’s Steven Segal being personally presented a Russian passport by Vladimir Putin.

    Perhaps Ivanka’s is in the mail?

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  90. Youngest son saw Hacksaw Ridge and said it was a very powerful movie.

    Movie I’d like to see would be one based on Fox Hill. But it would probably offend the Chinese.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  91. What was Trump’s principle sin with regard to Romney?

    He pointed out that Romney was too conciliatory a candidate to pull the party over the finish line.

    And what was Romney’s principle sin?

    Finally finding his pon farr four years too late, and aiming it in the wrong direction.

    Maybe the point for Mit was to show he has the minimum flicker of rage required for a SOS to go out in the world and jealously fight for America’s interests abroad.

    Lord knows he has the conciliation and but kissing part of the job down in spades.

    papertiger (c8116c)

  92. From the PJ’s weathervane autopsy-inhaling reporter, well duh:

    urbanleftbehind (99dd15)

  93. Narciso, hung over and found in the Versalles parking lot.

    urbanleftbehind (99dd15)

  94. This is just stupid.
    You guys are still deep in confirmation bias, believing every BS story that somehow kinda reflects badly on Trump.

    I thought that after the election and Trump won, your never-trump bias would settle down. Guess that lots of nominal Republicans are still making the psychological mistake of preferring to be right rather than happy.
    You’ll believe anything if it confirms that you are “right”.

    fred-2 (ce04f3)

  95. Mitt Romney fought Trump harder than he ever fought Obama.

    He would be one of the first to cave and do a groveling apology tour for being supported by “racist sexist homophobes”. Good administrator, bad campaigner bad leader.

    Mitt was a traitor. We it was his turn, we all held our nose and supported him, in the name of party unity. And when that was turned around in 2016, he knifed us in the back. So he could look “pretty” for the Martha’s Vineyard set.

    So yes, he owes Trump a public apology. He owes us one too.

    Fen (a6a2ac)

  96. I had one Cuba Libra, ‘the little lie’ but that was it,

    narciso (d1f714)

  97. How is the pajamas story not a bigger deal, rhetorical, a transnational network involving thread countries

    narciso (d1f714)

  98. #80 DCSCA,

    There were a couple of funny oversights by Spielberg in Ryan.
    One, was that he set up the film as a flashback as recalled by Ryan as an elderly man. The only problem is that Private Ryan wasn’t present for most of what happened during the film.
    Also, when the officers go to the Ryan farm in Iowa to inform Ryan’s mother of her other sons’ deaths, they drive by these really tall corn stalks that aren’t feasible by the second week of June. (LOL)
    The corn stalks is more of a logistical issue — they obviously were filming that scene in late August for them to be that tall. But the flashback issue is a narrative screw-up.

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  99. a rabid anti-semite like Corker

    A what?! There’s literally nothing in the linked article to support such a charge. Not a word, direct or indirect. This is outright defamation with no excuse whatsoever. All the article says is that Corker believes that since we’ve already paid the price for that terrible agreement, it would be better to try to enforce it seriously and perhaps salvage something from the disaster than to tear it up on day one and end up with nothing.

    Milhouse (40ca7b)

  100. fred-2,

    I’m a Texas Longhorn fan and the football team has a new coach today. The are a lot of Longhorn fan sites talking about it. They are evaluating the new coach’s history and possible future, speculating on who he will pick as his assistant coaches, discussing what recruits he may be able to get and what current players may leave, etc. The opinions about this coaching choice vary, sometimes wildly, but I’ve learned a lot (or at least gotten a lot to think about) from reating the articles, blog posts, and comments.

    It occurred to me that it’s a lot like discussions at this website about Trump. Talking about the pros and cons of what Trump brings to office, what he will do, and speculating about who he might appoint and why, are ways to share information and have fun. (At least, it used to be fun. Now, not so much.)

    I’m curious: Why do you think discussions like this are so welcome and popular at football websites but so unpopular with Trump supporters?

    DRJ (15874d)

  101. there’d be no iran deal to shred if not for herr corker

    happyfeet (28a91b)

  102. Another one with “Ryan“, the opening scene with the machine guns mowing down men under ten or more feet of water. THe bullet trajectories defined by cavitation bubbles knifing through pretty much unimpeded by the surf.
    That’s a furphy. Real bullet underwater in slo mo.

    Just my pet peeve. It’s a disservice for Speilberg to show this false crud. Cubans might give up hope while swimming to freedom when confronted by the dictators gunmen.

    papertiger (c8116c)

  103. there’d be no iran deal to shred if not for herr corker

    You can keep saying this but it won’t be any truer. Without Corker 0bama would have been free to implement the deal the day he signed it. Corker didn’t end up achieving much, but he did as much as was possible.

    Milhouse (40ca7b)

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