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Parents Everywhere Demonstrating What Truly Awful Parenting Looks Like

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[guest post by Dana]

It’s the way of life that kids get saddled with their parents’ collective neuroses and shortcomings, which later in life are euphemistically referred to as “baggage”. Of course there varying degrees of these shortcomings we transmit to our children, various levels of anxieties and traumas that spill over on them and impact their lives. But after seeing the reaction of so many parents to the election results, I have to wonder, where are the adult parents? Because the reactions I’m seeing are anything but adult-like. And further, why are these child-parents ignoring the wisdom of age-appropriate conversations and assuming that young children are capable of understanding and processing adult matters?


I’m confused by all of this post-election hysteria taking place. Call me a simpleton or out of step with modern parenting, but I believe it’s safe to say, if you can’t cope with an election not going your way and are on a crying jag as if you lost your job and can no longer put food on the table or provide your children with a roof over their head, you are one pathetic excuse of a parent. If you are so traumatized at seeing democracy at work, that you are seeing a therapist or calling a suicide prevention hotline to cope with Trump being elected, then what possible strength can you offer your children to survive YOUR trauma-drama? After all, you’ve clearly demonstrated you are but a child yourself. And not in the cute way like when parents play silly kid games with their offspring. And if you are spending your time writing little post-it notes of pain on the subway walls, how do you plan to teach the fundamental truth to your children that life doesn’t always go the way you want and to learn to accept disappointment with grace and maturity? This used to be called being an “adult”.

It appears we are raising a generation of emotionally stunted neurotics who will lack the necessary tools to reach maturation and be able to face disappointment with a vigorous “Oh shit, that didn’t go the way I had hoped,” and then look ahead toward the next challenge on the horizon. Of which there will be many. Perhaps keeping it short and to the point would be best for every parent involved:


But then there are those “parents” so filled with hate and incapable of coping with disappointment that they are looking emotional basketcase in the rearview mirror. Consider one utterly profane woman in Texas whose disappointment in her 8-year old son for voting for Trump in his school’s mock election resulted in utter cruelty toward the boy. No doubt her actions will haunt this child forever. This walking-talking vulgarity does not deserve the honor of being called “mom”:

According to this report, the vile bitch in the video told detectives and reporters that it was just a joke.

Postscript: Here is what a “professional” thought about her parenting decision:

“She’s projecting a little of her anger onto her son. It is a little bit abusive. I think she thought it was fun. But in the end, he’s probably going to be OK,” Bob Sanborn, president and CEO Children at Risk, said.

In a society gone mad, indeed.


Pollster Who Promised to Eat Bug on Live TV if Trump Won . . . Eats Bug on Live TV (VIDEO)

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Oh, man, is this ever catnip for the working-class fans of Donald Trump. Pollster Sam Wang, PhD, the founder of the Princeton Election Consortium — an arrogant know-it-all Ivy-League Donald Trump hater — said before the election that if Donald Trump won over 240 electoral votes, he would eat a bug:

Today, the bill came due.

I think the best part is how smug the guy is, even in his own bug-eating segment. For example:

I think that the eating bugs thing is sensationalist, and it keeps us off of important policy issues, such as Supreme Court appointments. You know, Donald Trump had a great conversation with Obama, and he can make a grand gesture, like, say, “You know what? I’m representing all the people. I’m gonna show everyone who I am and what I’m made of, and I’m gonna name Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just eat the bug, professor.

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