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Feminist’s Sneering Disapproval: Oh Sure, It’s Nice You Were Awarded A Gold Medal And All, But Too Bad About That Gun You Had To Use To Win It

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[guest post by Dana]

While I get that most everyone else wants to keep talking about Trump, I’m burnt out on his lies and antics. And I’m sick and tired of Hillary Clinton’s constant “short-circuiting”. So how about something else guaranteed to make you guffaw and roll your eyes with equal enthusiasm?

As you may or may not be aware, the Games of the XXXI Olympiad have begun in Brazil. Yes, bring on the Zika, the poop, the favelas, the dishonest and chaotic government, and an opening ceremony where a portion of the event focused on global warming. Yes, this from a country where athletes have been warned to keep their mouths closed when swimming in poop infested waters. But hey, Earth! And this morning, the first gold medal of the games was awarded:

American shooter Ginny Thrasher won the first gold medal of the Rio Olympics, pulling off an upset in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event Saturday morning.

Thrasher wasn’t one of the favorites to win a medal coming into the Olympics.

“I think I knew it was realistic for me to make finals, but I was not focused on that,” she said. “I was focusing on just shooting the best that I could, and that got me there.”

She is an NCAA champion at West Virginia competing in her first Olympics.

So good on Ginny Thrasher. Congratulations!

Except not everyone could allow themselves to be happy for a young woman whose hard work, determination and discipline paid off. Not when there was a political narrative to push. Enter a stupid feminist, communications strategist and political commentator:


You know that whole “women empowerment” line? It’s a load of crap. Feminists are not about empowering women. Like any other identity group, they’re about controlling the other members of the group. And by default, they assume all women are a part of that group. Mostly what they’re about, is pushing the left’s agenda. And these self-assigned arbiters of acceptable empowerment believe that even though a woman may be awarded a gold medal in the Olympic games, if that win involved a gun – even an Air Rifle that shoots pellets – it’s not empowerment. Nope. Because gun violence.

So, Ginny Thrasher, let’s have no more of this Empowered-Woman-With-A-Gold-Medal-To-Prove-It crap. It’s not about you and your accomplishments, your grit, your tenacity, your dreams, or your remarkable self-discipline and skill. No, it’s none of the above. It’s about guns and the insidious evil of them.

But here’s the problem: Ginny Thrasher is a remarkable young woman who knew what she wanted at a young age, and even worse, came to her views about guns without taking any advice from the Vagina Brigade:

A little more than five years ago, Thrasher and her family were headed home to Springfield after visiting her grandparents in Pennsylvania when she asked her father, “Hey, how come I can’t go hunting with Grandpa?”

After her parents agreed, Thrasher enrolled in a hunting safety course with “a whole bunch of Amish boys,” and a few months later, she was out at 4 a.m. with father, Roger, and grandfather, Bob Weygandt. And then the wait for a deer started.

“I don’t think she was expecting to be standing out in the woods as long as she was,” Roger said. “It was, at some point, for her ninth-grade self, a little bit boring.”

But when a deer finally showed up, Thrasher’s father and grandfather were not expecting what they saw next.

“They didn’t think I was going to pull the trigger,” Thrasher said. “They didn’t think I could kill a deer.

It’s pretty funny that McElrath cannot fully celebrate the accomplishments of an independent, sound-minded and self-determined young woman. I mean isn’t that the very definition of an empowered woman, and dare I say, feminist?

Ultimately, I think it’s fitting that McElrath has now protected her Twitter feed , likely because of the Thrashing she received after tweeting such nonsense.

I’ll leave you with this empowered woman who righteously begs to differ with the McElraths of the world:

“To all those who have called me a sellout, an Uncle Tom or a pawn for someone else, here’s what should scare you: I never changed my beliefs,” Antonia Okafor says in the ad. “You don’t speak for me and you don’t think for me. I am not the victim you need me to be. And I’m talking to more women like me every single day.”



Trump vs. Trump

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Start it for the blatant lies. Stay for the idiot Trumpalo at the end.

It’s really well done. It’s probably the most effective compilation of blatant Trump contradictions I have ever seen.

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