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A Few Trump Items

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[guest post by Dana]

The New York Times is reporting that at least 20 pages in a Trump Institute real estate seminar manual were plagiarized :

Trump Institute copyrighted its publication, each page emblazoned with “Billionaire’s Road Map to Success,” and it distributed the materials to those who attended the seminar.

Yet much of the handbook’s contents were lifted without attribution from an obscure how-to guide published by Success magazine in 1995 called “Real Estate Mastery System.”

At least 20 pages of the Trump Institute book were copied entirely or in large part from “Real Estate Mastery System.” Even some of it’s hypothetical scenarios – “Seller A is asking $80,000 for a single-family residence” – were repeated verbatim.


It should be noted, according to the report, that while Trump owned 93% of Trump University, the Trump Institute was owned and operated by get-rich-quick marketing couple, Irene and Mike Milin. Due to complaints and lawsuits filed against them, the sketchy couple received an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. Yet, as the NYT points out, Trump “lent his name, and his credibility to a seminar business he did not own, which was branded the Trump Institute”. People were charged $2,000 to hear Trump’s – not the Milin’s – “wealth-creating secrets” at these seminars.

Trump’s lawyer, Alan Garten, responded to the report, telling the NYT that Trump “obviously” did not know about the plagiarism, and then defended the program:

I stand by the curriculum that was taught at both Trump University and Trump Institute.

Also, the latest Rasumussen National Poll came out with a turn of good polling news for Trump. He now has a 4-point lead over Hillary Clinton:

Last week at this time, it was Clinton 44%, Trump 39%. This is Trump’s highest level of support in Rasmussen Reports’ matchups with Clinton since last October. His support has been hovering around the 40% mark since April, but it remains to be seen whether he’s just having a good week or this actually represents a real move forward among voters.

Trump now earns 75% support among his fellow Republicans and picks up 14% of the Democratic vote. Seventy-six percent (76%) of Democrats like Clinton, as do 10% of GOP voters.


And finally, this is just bizarre. Donald Trump spoke before a crowd in Manchester, NH today. After ticking off manufacturing jobs lost to Mexico and China, and discussing the WTO, NAFTA, TPP and trade deficits, Trump made the following statement (while pointing up at a plane which can be heard):

Mexico, and I respect Mexico, I respect their leaders. What they’ve done to us is incredible. Their leaders are so much smarter, so much sharper, and it’s incredible. In fact, that could be a Mexican plane up there, they’re getting ready to attack.

You can watch the full speech here (for context, start at the 3:00 minute mark).

And if all of this isn’t enough for you, you can always go here to read about the crazy naked man in Times Square screaming for Donald Trump, among others.


CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Reminds Viewers Why MSM Is Correctly Viewed With Disdain

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[guest post by Dana]

This is just stunning. During an “interview,” CNN advocacy journalist Christiane Amanpour can be seen attempting to shove her partisan narrative down the throat of Brexit Leave campaigner and conservative Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan in a heated exchange. Amanpour’s vigorous bias demonstrates in 9 short minutes precisely why the MSM is not to be trusted with providing objective reporting. Throughout the “interview,” Hannan remains composed in spite of Amanpour’s shameful mischaracterizion of his positions and insulting the British majority (52%) who voted in favor of leaving the EU. Further, Hannan admirably demonstrates how to effectively (and fiercely) push back when being smeared by a dishonest “journalist”.

(I was going to provide a blow-by-blow of the interview, but that would not do it justice. It must be watched in its instructive entirety.)


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