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Brett Kimberlin’s Case Against Mitch McConnell and Charles Grassley Unceremoniously Dismissed

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Details at Hogewash.

Telemundo Caught Staging Protesters At Anti-Trump Protest

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[guest post by Dana]

Accusations are being made that Telemundo “staged” protesters at the protest rally in San Diego last week. In a video shot by filmmaker Andrew Marcus, a Telemundo cameraman can be clearly seen directing protesters to correct the way they hold the Mexican flag for a more effective impact. When Marcus asks whether the Telemundo cameraman was staging a shot, the cameraman answers “probably”. The cameraman, who was a temporary worker hired by Telemundo, also attempts to defend himself by saying he was “not part of the protest.” (Note the increasing hostility of the crowd):

Classy bunch.

Telemundo responded to the accusation by reminding the public why they are not to be trusted with accurate reporting in spite of their claims that they report news with balance and accuracy:

In a statement Telemundo gave to the MRC, who shared it with Mediaite, the network said that “the integrity of the broadcast was not compromised since the material was not used by the Network news team.”

Interestingly, Ken Oliver-Méndez, the director of MRC Latino, had this to say:

“There’s a fine line between covering the news and creating the news,” he said, adding that it was “out of bounds professionally” and “disturbing to any legitimate journalist” to witness a member of the press working with the protesters to arrange the shot the way he wants.

In a tweet, Oliver-Méndez described the episode as “A self-inflicted wound on Telemundo’s credibility.”

If we’ve had anything confirmed to us in the past week or so, it’s that when the left deletes, edits, or stages any part of a video record to make it fit their narrative or push their agenda, it’s no big deal. But when it’s the right being accused, then that’s always different.


Worst Jobs Report in Years

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Today’s jobs report is stunningly bad. Only 38,000 jobs added. (We need over 130,000 new jobs per month to keep pace with inflation.) 458,000 people dropped out of the labor force.

But with the dishonest way unemployment numbers are reported, we are told it is a “decline” in the “unemployment rate.” The more people stop looking for work, the more that misleading number goes down. It’s just another way government lies with numbers.

Barack Obama bears a large measure of responsibility for this. By passing the job-killing ObamaCare and presiding over an explosion in entitlements like food stamps and disability payments, he has reduced the incentive to work.

Now the country faces a stark choice: between a leftist who believes in government entitlements, and a leftist who believes in government entitlements.

UPDATE: For some reason I wrote “inflation” when I obviously meant “population growth.” I have fixed the error. Thanks to those who pointed it out.

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