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Stop the emails! No, just kidding. Keep them coming.

I am heartened and a bit overwhelmed by the response to my call for people to join a vanguard of people advocating constitutionalism. I thought about waiting until I could figure out how to automate the signup, but then I figured I needed to go ahead — because the time is right. “People are frustrated today,” I told myself, “and they need to channel that energy into something productive.” Then I told myself: “I’ll just do the first few signups by hand.” Hmmm. Now that almost 200 people have signed up in about 16 hours — with the emails continuing to flood my inbox by the hour — there’s a tiny voice in my head saying: “You should have waited.”

But that tiny voice is wrong. The time is now.

I ask for your patience. I just had this idea this morning, and there are some things I need to put in place before the first emails can go out. I won’t bore you with all the details, but for example: I need to set up a post office box, for example, to have an official mailing address in the emails to comply with spam laws. (Who knew?)

Meanwhile, I heard from many sources today that Glenn Beck read my post yesterday, Goodbye, Republican Party, on his radio show . . . and concluded by saying: “That’s exactly how I feel.” I’ve had posts (or portions of them) read on Rush Limbaugh’s show and Mark Levin’s show before, and I’ve been on Glenn Beck’s show, but this was still a welcome bolt of lightning out of the blue. As I tapped out that post yesterday while watching Ted Cruz talk, filled with different emotions, I didn’t realize I was going to be speaking to hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions, of people. But such is the wonder of the Internet.

I don’t know if I’m feeling the freedom of being unshackled from public opinion, or the challenge of an uphill battle, or what . . . but I feel invigorated and alive. Just watching the emails pour in over the last few hours, each with the word “Constitution” in the subject line, has been inspiring. I sensed you folks were out there before, but now I feel it more directly. And I look forward to talking with you more directly. Stay patient as I work through the logistics. I’ll keep blogging (and working long hours at my day job) as I prepare this effort, but now that I see the response, I know it’s worth it.

If you haven’t yet, email me at and put “Constitution” in the subject line. We’re building an army, for liberty and the Constitution. Join us.

UPDATE: I have created an automated sign-up form for the list. Please use the signup form here if you’re interested in joining.

115 Responses to “The Constitutional Vanguard”

  1. Ding.

    Patterico (86c8ed)

  2. I’ve just sent you an email with some info on a movement of Article V folks. We may not have to reinvent the wheel on this.

    Somewhere, Andrew is smiling.

    Ed from SFV (3400a5)

  3. I’m in too. As long as we get to get drunk on Election Day (huh, iOS 9.3.1 auto-capitalized Election Day — there it does again; if it ever was a proper noun, I think it has long since abjured the honor).

    JVW (eabb2a)

  4. I’ve input something like 34 email addresses by hand, and I’m up to 9:15 am this morning. Well technically yesterday morning.

    I think this will end up being worthwhile but oh my goodness.

    Patterico (8ab61f)

  5. That covers responses between 7:33 am and 9:15 am.

    Patterico (8ab61f)

  6. Oh gosh there were more in the spam filters. I’ll be so glad once I have this automated. But it’s fantastic.

    Patterico (8ab61f)

  7. Neither President Bush intends to endorse Trump. They have endorsed all other GOP candidates running after their terms.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  8. I’m on board. Our Republic is too precious to let it slip away.

    MB House (d491f4)

  9. the best way you can support constitutionalism is vote trump.

    ….so that trump can eviscerate the democrat party out of existence
    and or deport them to third world countries (especially the ones with ISIS)

    that way they’ll forever be marginalized, and never allowed to come to power in the USA
    or in any vestige of American life again. …that will help the constitution greatly. 😀

    YourMaster (c7e392)

  10. Both booshes and their posse of dolts were terrible for this country and are the main reasons the republican party is done.

    mg (31009b)

  11. Republicans may be more egotistical than democrats. Pathetic.

    mg (31009b)

  12. So now that I have become a stupid hick who will vote for Trump, what was I when I did everything the GOP wanted me to do?
    I was a gullible fool for 50 years. Now all of you hangers on can gfy.

    mg (31009b)

  13. oh, and make it hurt.

    mg (31009b)

  14. Read it and weep. Or steel for the fight…

    Colonel Haiku (2f3828)

  15. Goddam it I said HOLD teh mayo!

    Colonel Haiku (2f3828)

  16. The boosh family is just as pathetic as obama. I’m gonna take my ball and go home. Fricken cry babies. Booshes really are not Texans they are the ultimate in republican grifters, from Maine to Texas they have betrayed Americans. When do the Clinton ads appear with the booshes endorsing the dyke.

    mg (31009b)

  17. My local GOP president sent out an email ahead of an official press release that said they will support the “Republican party ” as if they are Horton the Elephant. They can’t say his name, but the response they got is amazing. That the local part appracheks can put on some Chicago cement shoes and take a nice swim in the ocean. It does appear as George Will says they care more about party jerseys than ideological association. I don’t believe that we need ideological purity, since the best friction in platform development comes from difference in ideology. At the same time having someone that is aligned 85% of the time is a better political type vs one who just wears the jersey and shows up for the bandwagon stuff.

    Oh and it appears that some of the popular tea party aligned candidates have sold out to the party push to support Der Dump. From Jindal to even Rubio have said they will support the eventual GOP candidate. That shows me, the back benches we cheered just last year and start of this year are actually bandwagon fans looking for the win and not caring about actually living within close proximity of the party principles.

    Charles (3cf0f0)

  18. You are a real Republican, mg. Trump just proved it.

    nk (dbc370)

  19. We, the ones who were saying, “Pshaw, he is not a real Republican. He doesn’t know what a Republican is. He is a Democrat and he is putting on a parody act. A Saturday Night Live caricature of what a Republican is”, we were the ones who were delusional. Trump had it exactly right. He has the number of the Republican base exactly right. He is the heart and soul of the Republican base.

    nk (dbc370)

  20. It’s time for the GOP to die. Long past due time. It should have died a long time ago. After it served Abraham Lincoln’s purpose to abolish slavery. In the process killing 650,000 Americans, and destroying the Founders’ vision of a federal, constitutional republic, formed by a union of sovereign states under a Star-Spangled Banner.

    Die, GOP, die! Kill it, Hillary!

    nk (dbc370)

  21. “Tuesday, May 3, 2016
    Time to Focus on Hillary Clinton
    Senator Cruz has done the right thing and dropped out of the GOP race. I like Cruz, think he is eligible to be president (said so, here), is a committed conservative, and one day will make a fine president. This is just not that day. He got caught unawares, as did most of us, by the Trump tsunami.

    I certainly did not expect Trump to go the distance, but he outsmarted us all. He put in a tremendous and even historic political performance, certainly the most remarkable since, at least, Ronald Reagan. Whether you like him or not, he deserves a lot of respect for how he calibrated the public’s mood, defied the conventional wisdom, and charged ahead. He was at times boorish, rude, and crude, and almost always and above all politically incorrect. He showed no fear in turning the spotlight on the many elephants in the room that the progressive taboo culture refuses to let us mention. Voters, sick of the progressive assault on the soul of America and furious at the GOP betrayal of the past few years, loved it, and disregarded the various admonitions of the Republican/conservative elite to shun Trump.

    As I wrote before (here and here) he is certainly not a typical conservative (much less the quasi-libertarian I proclaim myself to be) and, of course, has had long relations with the liberal elite in New York and Washington. As I noted before, he made rational decisions as a businessman within an irrational system; I cannot hold those against him.

    When we vote for somebody new, we have to do so with an element of trust in what the candidate says; we can be sorely disappointed, of course, but that’s the risk we take. No way around that. We were certainly let down by the GOP over the past six or so years when the “opposition” proved incapable or unwilling to live up to its promises to stop Obama. Will Trump, if elected President, prove another disappointment? That’s a possibility, but, as I have said too many times, we all know what Hillary Clinton will be like; I, for one, cannot bear the thought of her in the White House for the next four to eight years. I have seen Hillary Clinton and her retinue at work in the State Department. Believe me, you do not want those people running the White House. We have to make sure that does not happen.

    The campaign will be brutal. I would ask those who supported other candidates for GOP nominee to help win it.”

    Colonel Haiku (2f3828)

  22. Oh, and one more thing:

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo, compadres!

    nk (dbc370)

  23. F*ck The Demoness Hillary Clinton and the fan club that greases her skids!!!

    Colonel Haiku (2f3828)

  24. Pinchi chilado!

    Colonel Haiku (2f3828)

  25. Chili on your tamale, too!

    nk (dbc370)

  26. nk- I am no republican. I backed Cruz because he was the best man for the job. Now I want to see the republican party burn. They need to be put out of business. And Trump is the man to do it. The republican party owns this. The past boosh presidents spent like drunk democrats and did nothing for the infrastructure of the U.S.A. Setting up obama to do what he pleases. No republican stopped this mad man from doing anything. I still hold the biotch from Maine partially responsible as her vote let obama care happen. Not enough horrible things can happen that my family and I will not survive. Toughen up,nk. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

    mg (31009b)

  27. Great. Another paid holiday for the illegal bastiges.

    mg (31009b)

  28. My apologies, mg. A real Constitutionalist?

    nk (dbc370)

  29. This Diplomad guy would make a good jailhouse “girlfriend”.
    — What’s your name, newbie?
    — Diplomad.
    — (Smack) Diplomad, sir!
    — Diplomad, sir. Sorry, sir.
    — S’alright. Just so you remember.
    — Yes, sir.
    — I’m Tiny Donnie. You’ll find out why they call me that in a little bit.
    — (Shivers)
    — See that big n______ over there, Diplomad?
    — Yes, sir.
    — He’s Big Hillario. He’s got a talleywhacker the size of your forearm.
    — (Shivers more)
    — You be my girlfriend and I’ll protect you from him. What do you say?
    — Yes, sir.
    — Good boy. Now go and shave your legs and then go down the cellblock and get me twenty cigarettes. And don’t come back without them.
    — Twenty cigarettes? How will I get them sir?
    — Just ask the other guys. They’ll tell you.
    — Oh.

    — Hey, Hillario! Drop over in an hour. My new b_____ is gonna be bringing us cigarettes.

    nk (dbc370)

  30. Sad news.

    Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV Gave Life Rescuing Others From ISIS

    And look at the html address line. Like “posing questions” for SecDef is the major concern.

    Steve57 (412496)

  31. Not at all, nk. Let me know when the republicans are serious about obama and his rape of the constitution. They were the enablers.

    mg (31009b)

  32. meghan’s coward daddy has a sad

    happyfeet (831175)

  33. I was so glad to see Patterico’s post yesterday and I sent him my email as soon as I saw it. I have been silent and watched as my party burned. No longer.

    Burnside (8fa39f)

  34. Something to consider, folks. None of us are good at what I am going to suggest. But I promise you, progressives count on us doing it, every single time.

    Here is the relevant line, delivered by Sean Connery in the (now old) movie “Rising Sun.”

    Less recrimination, folks. What’s done is done. What do we do now, as Patterico asks?

    Or should we post baby talk insults in lower case, and conspiracy theory nuttiness, and be done with it? The DNC expects that. And who can blame them?

    Fix the problem, not the blame.

    Simon Jester (f0b5c3)

  35. A family name redeemed and then some. RIP Navy SEAL Keating.

    urbanleftbehind (756a52)

  36. I’ve been saying that forever, mg. “Vote for Romney, he’s electable or you’ll get Obama*.” “Vote for a Senate Republican majority or Harry Reid will have his way.” “Vote for a House Republican majority or Nancy Pelosi will have her way.” Ok, the Republican voters believed all that. And what did they get for it? Republican hacks getting one more term in the public trough. And Trump.

    Well, bite me, GOP! I don’t care if Hillary wins. Give me a candidate I can vote for or die! Or just die! You’ve been fooling me long enough.

    nk (dbc370)

  37. *Actually, I like Romney. He just was not the man for the occasion.

    nk (dbc370)

  38. nk, I used to get so flipping angry at people saying awful things personally about a man who was personally a good person.

    This business of personal attacks, as opposed to showcasing differences between policies, is both old and part of our current crisis.

    Simon Jester (f0b5c3)

  39. @31 Trump damages McCain’s reelection hopes, happyfeet?

    Aw, you’re just trying to cheer me up. And I appreciate it. Thank you.

    nk (dbc370)

  40. #28… quite an imagination you have there, nk!

    Colonel Haiku (5cf471)

  41. Not at all, Haiku. I got the whole scenario from Bill Lockyer.

    nk (dbc370)

  42. Another Dem POS…

    Colonel Haiku (5cf471)

  43. Romney was not worth the urban rioting that would have ensued with a victory in the range of 294-244. That and those who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a LDS. A smart version of Clinton gets Jim Matheson or John Huntsman as her VP.

    urbanleftbehind (756a52)

  44. I don’t suppose you would allow non-Constitutionally educated foreigners an “observer” status…

    JP (bd5dd9)

  45. I just re-registered in CA from Republican Orange Julius Caesar to Decline To State.

    I will be requesting a Dem primary ballot to vote for Bernie.

    Whether or not I vote for Orange Julius Caesar in November, I can at least vote against Hillary twice.

    Mitch (bfd5cd)

  46. 28 & 39. You know there’s probably footage of HRC looking a lot like Joan Allen in some flick where she played a politician who got “passed around” to 10 or so male pols. Except it will be women for Hill.

    urbanleftbehind (756a52)

  47. 34. A family name redeemed and then some. RIP Navy SEAL Keating.

    urbanleftbehind (756a52) — 5/5/2016 @ 5:52 am

    Indeed sir. I’m reminded of Butch O’Hare, of Chicago airport fame. Prior to Butch the O’Hare name was made famous by “Easy Eddie” O’Hare, mob lawyer.

    I don’t think the details are important. Butch O’Hare didn’t actually kill all the Japanese he was credited with. But it’s not important because he couldn’t know that at the time, and he did save the Lex. Damned fine shooting.

    Butch’s Wildcat or a reasonable facsimile thereof is still on display at O’Hare, I do believe.

    It’s sad to see them leave so young. It’s sad to think the Keating name may be remembered for the bankster and not the SEAL.

    Steve57 (412496)

  48. NBC NEWS EXPLAINS WHY HILLARY IS UNFIT TO SERVE: Hacker ‘Guccifer’: I Got Inside Hillary Clinton’s Server. “It was like an open orchid on the Internet.”

    Colonel Haiku (5cf471)

  49. As long as her father is not suspected of passing out leaflets alongside Oswald, she’s okay with me.

    nk (dbc370)

  50. Coronello @47, at this point what does it matter.

    (Pounding the desk.)

    Because, Trump. And Trump is hate. And we’re all against hate, right?

    Also Hillary will be the historic first set of ovaries in the WH.

    For first historic, against hate. It’s the 21st century America.

    Steve57 (412496)

  51. If you have not done so already, you may want your group to consider supporting a Convention of States as discussed in Mark Levin’s book The Liberty Amendments.

    Scoob (580f73)

  52. This blog is full of crystal-ball gazing. We are told that Trump will be toast in the general, and his nomination has assured a Hillary victory. We are told that even if Trump wins, he will strip the 1st and 2nd amendments. That he will nominate a liberal to the Supreme Court. These are related as facts, not the opinion of the writer. And if you dissent, then YOU are the one to hectored and assaulted, much like a white person caught in a BLM riot. And we are told, repeatedly, always trust content from Patterico. Because he is never wrong.

    However, based on past performance, I’d say the crystal ball is defective. A scant two weeks ago, this is what we were being told

    I believe Ted Cruz will be, not just the Republican nominee, but also our next President.

    I don’t believe Trump will get to 1237, his expected good performance last night notwithstanding. Cruz will do OK in Pennsylvania because many delegates are unbound. He’ll do OK in California. And he’ll win Indiana — a state that many observers watching the numbers believe is critical for Trump to clinch the nomination outright.

    And the Cruz will beat Hillary.

    Cruz is a fantastic spokesman for his — for our! — ideas. Hillary is a terrible spokesman for hers.

    In the end, Cruz will make a more convincing case.

    And he will win.

    So says Patterico, April 20, 2016. Write it down.

    We did. And absolutely nothing you said in that post was true. Cruz was NOT a fantastic spokesman since even Republican voters have rejected him. He did NOT do well in PA. He did NOT win IN. He will NOT do OK in CA. He will NOT (and never could have) beat Hillary. Trump WILL have much more than 1237 delegates.

    Now, because you are butthurt over backing such a pathetic loser (who now will return to the Senate powerless, since he burned so many bridges getting where he got), you want to destroy the entire country. To tear up the Constitution you claim to revere. A lawyer (who by definition produces nothing but wastes incredible amounts of resources on “legal” extortion) who suckles at the teat of one of the most overgrown and wasteful governments in the world tells us with a straight face that he is all for smaller government. Good luck with your revolution.

    prowlerguy (fa36d8)

  53. Well this temper tantrum gave us the great society and vietnam last time, what slouching beast will be unveiled next.

    narciso (1b4366)

  54. And, prowlerguy pegs the cr*ptastic meter.

    Steve57 (412496)

  55. That’s how Trump won the primary. It’s also how I tracked a foul-smelling stain on my car’s floor-mat, but that’s a different story.

    nk (dbc370)

  56. Made silver has some s’plaining to do, osha wasn’t involved this time.

    narciso (48ecae)

  57. Shorter prowlerguy.

    Red Howler Monkey Howls at Senda Verde Animal Refuge Bolivia

    Steve57 (412496)

  58. Trump won the primary because more people voted for him. That foul smelling stain is of your making.

    Rev. Hoagie ™ (734193)

  59. Prowlerguy, it’s not a revolution, it’s a recommitment to Constitutional principles.

    Rev. Hoagie ™ (734193)

  60. you want to destroy the entire country. To tear up the Constitution you claim to revere. A lawyer (who by definition produces nothing but wastes incredible amounts of resources on “legal” extortion) who suckles at the teat of one of the most overgrown and wasteful governments in the world tells us with a straight face that he is all for smaller government. Good luck with your revolution.

    I had more faith in the electorate, but it ended up being composed of people like you who lack any limited governmen principles. It is ironic to watch a Trumpkin pretend to care about the Constitution, a document Trump never mentions.

    The first duty of government is to protect its citizens from foreign enemies and domestic criminals. The notion that someone like me, who participates in that legitimate part of government, cannot criticize the size and scope of our current government without being hypocritical . . . well, that notion is dumb enough that it can only have come from a Trumpeter.

    Relax. I’m not cheering for your guy to lose. I’m just not cheering for him to win.

    How are you enjoying his flip-flops on the minimum wage and self-funding, chum . . .

    . . . p?

    Patterico (86c8ed)

  61. Prowlerguy, it’s not a revolution, it’s a recommitment to Constitutional principles.

    Correct. To a Trumpkin like prowlerguy, that probably feels like a revolution. It would mean a shrinking of the big government he loves so much.

    Patterico (86c8ed)

  62. Oh look, the coward Steve57, who claims great valor and glory earned by others while he sat behind a nice desk and wrote up nice reports in his nice air-conditioned office, hurling insults again.

    Face it, everything I wrote were either Patterico’s own words, or absolute facts. So if there is anything craptastic, it is the sh** sandwich you GOP “conservatives” made. You’ve been working on it for 20 years, demand our support for failure after failure, and now your failed ideas and hubris have cratered into a pile of rubble.

    And Rev, it is pretty funny that people who can’t even convince 1/3 of their own party to vote for their candidate think that they can convince 2/3 of the states to call a convention, and the results of that convention would be pleasing to their sensibilities. And once you unleash that beast, you have no idea where it would go. They could repeal the 2A outright. They could place in the constitution the right to healthcare and a college education. You would have no control over that, once it was started, any more than you had control of this nomination.

    And when that fails (either because it never happens or because it displeases you), where next Rev? The only place left is armed revolution, since you have no power at the ballot box. So that is where this “movement” is headed, whether you want to admit it or not.

    prowlerguy (fa36d8)

  63. Part of the reason there is such a need for so many ADAs in California is due to the Ninth Circus forcing California to kick so many felons out of prison. Another part of the reason is the California desire to welcome as many illegals as they can possibly get.

    Lock down the border and the felons and you won’t need so many ADAs.

    John Hitchcock (7af4f1)

  64. JesusHilly Is Just Alright With Me” by nk and the moonshine band

    Hilly is just alright with me, Hilly is just alright, oh yeah
    Hilly is just alright with me, Hilly is just alright

    I don’t care what she may say, I don’t care what she has done
    I don’t care what she may say, Hilly is just alright, oh yeah
    Hilly is just alright

    Hilly is just alright with me, Hilly is just alright, oh yeah
    Hilly is just alright with me, Hilly is just alright

    I don’t care what they may know, I don’t care where she may go
    I don’t care what they may know, Hilly is just alright, oh yeah

    Hillary, she’s my friend, Hillary, she’s my friend
    She tooked me in the eye, and then she said “I won’t lie”
    Hillary, she’s my friend

    Hilly is just alright with me, Hilly is just alright, oh yeah
    Hilly is just alright with me, Hilly is just alright

    I don’t care what they may find, I don’t care where she may go
    I don’t care what they may find, Hilly is just alright, oh yeah

    Colonel Haiku (5cf471)

  65. Ahh, Patterico. So YOUR part of government (the one that prosecutes its own citizens, innocent or guilty, of such things as hate (thought) crimes) is the good part. The one that executes and imprisons its citizens. But all those other parts, those are the bad parts that you want to get rid of, right. Just you, some cops, and a park & rec guy/gal, and you would be all set. Please. You’re like a rabid peace protester having a day job as a contractor for a DoD contractor.

    prowlerguy (fa36d8)

  66. Well done, Haiku! Thank you. [Blushes. Titters. Throws rose from window.]

    nk (dbc370)

  67. Lady, whidbey Island: I need to report I have some drunk EA-6B aviators dancing naked on my lawn.

    Whidbey Island PD: Ok we’ll send a car out right away. But, if they’re naked how do you know they fly Prowlers?

    Lady: They have really tiny johnsons and the only thing they’re wearing are really huge watches.

    Steve57 (412496)

  68. prowlerguy blesses us with this deep thought: “… And if you dissent, then YOU are the one to hectored and assaulted.”

    No, the hectoring was always from the Trumpkins with their “Ly’ing Ted” and National Enquirer trash. Much of our disgust with Trump is disgust with the vulgar nature of his supporters.

    SPQR (a3a747)

  69. Hold on there prowlerguy, I’m not your enemy. I’m against Hillary not Trump. I was a Cruz supporter because of his close love of the Constitution which I share, but nobody in my opinion is worse than Hillary, even Sanders. That’s because Sanders, like Trump is a pariah in his own party and like Trump he’d have to compromise just to take a pee. Our problem is a Hillary, or should I say an Obama 3.0 administration. Her appointing SC justices would destroy any semblance to Constitutional law. Her foreign policy would guarantee the ascension of Russia and several Middle East enemies and the loss of many traditional American allies. Her domestic policy would reinforce Obamacare, guarantee the insolvency of Medicare, hand entitlements to illegal aliens and open our borders to South America an moslems. IOW, a virtual continuation of the Fundamental Transformation undertaken by the commie rat Hussein. By the end of her term there would be no America in any traditional way.

    Rev. Hoagie ™ (734193)

  70. Prowlerguy is a gem. We should keep him and then bring him out for parties. No need for tedious party games ever again. The entertainment is already there.

    But seriously, is he really arguing that we shouldn’t have a criminal justice system? Or is he arguing that a person who works for the government can’t argue for smaller government (wouldn’t they know best?)? Is this what passes for discourse?

    Burnside (8fa39f)

  71. Hoagie, give it up. Prowlerguy knows everything. Apparently he got hold of a copy of my DD214 proving I’m a coward.

    Steve57 (412496)

  72. No Burnside, that’s not what I’m arguing, but just like the ideologues here, you can’t read. What I said, very clearly, is that anyone who suckles at the teat of the most massive government outside of DC has very little claim to purity when calling for the drastic reduction of the size of government. If he believed so strongly in his cause, he would refuse to be part of the problem. Just like the environmentalist jetting around the world and coming home to their 10,000 sqft seaside villas.

    prowlerguy (fa36d8)

  73. Yep Steve57. That’s us. Because we just got back from defending cowards like you, and we will dance anywhere we want. And I guess you spent a lot of time studying the size of other guy’s penises instead of actually doing something other than write reports. And funny how those intel cowards all put on their flight jackets that they weren’t entitled to wear when they went to the O’Club. Someone’s got some envy, I’d say.

    prowlerguy (fa36d8)

  74. 72. …Someone’s got some envy, I’d say.

    prowlerguy (fa36d8) — 5/5/2016 @ 8:14 am

    For once we agree. Give me an address where I can send the Midol and tampons. That bloating and cramping seems to be getting worse.

    Steve57 (412496)

  75. SPQR- you described the reasoning behind why while I appreciate the style of ball the White Sox have played over the years, I can never become a fan. White Sox fans are the Trumpkins of baseball fandom.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  76. o, the hectoring was always from the Trumpkins

    Not here. I was a Cruz supporter before Iowa. I was happy when he won. But in the early days of the primaries, I made the mistake of saying that Trump was serving a useful purpose by blowing the Overton window so wide open that other candidates could put forward plans for defending the border without being immediately destroyed by the MSM and the violent thugs of the left. For that thought crime of saying anything good about Trump, I was call a racist, a homophobe, and all the other SJW slurs that previously would only come from the deranged left. So I continued to watch Ted on the trail. He gave good speeches, and he sure could debate, but when it came to specifics, I noticed he very carefully parsed his words (much like a previous President) in such a way that he could claim that he actually meant the exact opposite of what he said. Witness the answer he gave to Ed regarding Article V. Not yes or no, but some claptrap about “underlying amendments”. Then I looked at his words and actions during the immigration debate while he was a Senator. He SAID he supported comprehensive immigration reform, that he wanted illegal to be allowed to stay indefinitely without citizenship, and he wanted a 500% increase in H1B visas. Then on the campaign trail, he claimed he was against it all along, and those were poison pills. He and his follower seemed OK with that admission of blatant lying, much like taqiya. Then he lied about other candidates (Carson and Kasich) leaving the race on the eve of elections. I saw his father say he was fulfilling Biblical prophecy and was a “king[s], anointed to take dominion, that that transfer of wealth [from the wicked to the priests] is going to occur”, something Ted never distanced himself from. And I watched the behavior and words of his acolytes here.

    The choice became obvious.

    prowlerguy (fa36d8)

  77. 72. …Because we just got back from defending cowards like you, and we will dance anywhere we want…

    prowlerguy (fa36d8) — 5/5/2016 @ 8:14 am

    And I can’t express my appreciation often enough. Thanks for saving my cowardly butt. Again, where do I send the congratulatory case of Summer’s Eve douche as a token of my gratitude.

    Steve57 (412496)

  78. Interesting. Trump wins, and the antiTrump people behave with dignity. The Trump person is the one having a temper tantrum.

    kishnevi (9cb6b5)

  79. I find it funny to see people measuring dick size by when they started supporting Cruz, because we’re all dickless now. For the record, I went “all in” when Walker dropped out:) I’m now out of this election. I’ll vote, and deal with that decision in November, but I’m staying out of the coming shit storm. What I’m going to do, what I want to do, is use this time to work at helping building/create a proto-constitutional alternative to the GOP. I’ve been GOP since voting for Reagan in 1980. I think I read the previous post that Patterico is from California. Condolences. I’m a lifetime NYer. We know a dysfunctional GOP at the state level that the rest of the country can’t imagine. I’m left to supporting conservatives where I can find them, like Texas and Utah. We need to abandoned and eventually replace the GOP. The only thing they fear is the loss of power and the control of the $$$. Their power emanates from enrollment which transforms to $$$ and jobs all the way down to the local dog catcher and district reps. Rip the conservative soul out of the GOP and the body will die.

    BTW: We cannot let the establishment and media tag Trump as “conservative” which they’re going to try to do. When he crashes and burns, either as a candidate or POTUS, they’re going to want to hang it around conservatism’s neck. I predict Trump will be the first president impeached by his own party. I’m joking, I think.

    Bobfather (d8a938)

  80. We are not sufficiently impressed by their gloating and still mocking their idol, the Badgerhead.

    nk (dbc370)

  81. kishnevi, I won’t claim to behaving with dignity. If I catch your meaning. It’s up to the observer.

    Steve57 (412496)

  82. Because we just got back from defending cowards like you, and we will dance anywhere we want.

    Either way, South Park will have the next four seasons on lock

    JP (bd5dd9)

  83. Steve, you aren’t the one throwing a fit because we are not all falling in line behind El Tupè*.

    *a term invented by a member of a music forum I belong to.

    kishnevi (31ba4e)

  84. #76… Douché, Steve!

    Colonel Haiku (5cf471)

  85. XOXO, nk!

    Colonel Haiku (5cf471)

  86. Prowlerguy sounds like one of those ECMOs we used to make fun of when they wrote up the relief tubes didn’t work (always too short) or that the USQ failed to operate when placed in on full force or would just up and leave us hanging when they lost a full bag of chips while writing a FOD VIDS/MAF. All with a wave and a fukitall to the maintenance folks left to put in an extra 30 hours to clean up, as he hopped in the van to the club.

    As to your original commentary, there SV_Prowlerguy. I know this might be hard for you, a mighty Internet warrior like you are, to grasp but with as often as Der Dump has flipped and flopped. It’s amazing that he has any principles left to which he hasn’t sold out to get votes. There was the for abortion on demand before he was against it before he was for it again, there was for the suppression of assembly before he was against it before he was for violence to suppress opposition speech, there was for removal of due rights and due process of property before he was against it and before he was for it again, there was how only a couple of years ago he was for gun restrictions and believe that at Sandy Hook Obama was speaking to him about the evils of guns and then he was for them well until he was against them. Of course he is for rape culture and incest and pedophile, well at least for his 1% crowd and not for the common folks. He is for importing workers from overseas at the costs of blue collar Americans. He is for all manner of policies and platforms of both parties but has constantly aligned with the prog-left policies. Der Dump has aligned himself with a bad mix of both the racial attitudes of Birchers and LaRouche types and the foreign policy thought of Pat Buchanann. You know that attitude, it’s all the Juden and non-Aryan people fault that the world is going to pot and that control the media. All the worst of the alt-right who prior to the Internet had only the bars and poorly printed newsletters to share and talk about. They are the supporters of Der Dump. The GOP that was purged of those elements when it was Ike and Goldwater and Ford are now purging the sane folks. It doesn’t help that for 40 yrs we have created an class that most Americans hate, aristocracy. Except they are kings or dukes, they are political types. These political types have chosen to do anything to stay in power instead of caring about people.

    So you can rip on us #NeverTrump folks, but Der Dump is that aristocracy I just mentioned and he has no moral or ethics beyond the “he who has the gold will male the rules.” So Der Dump and his supports can take a long walk of a short dock while wearing a storm tie down chain set.

    Charles (b5badf)

  87. prowlerguy,

    Patterico is a criminal prosecutor, so I don’t understand why you’re making wisecracks about the headaches created by civil litigators. And why do you believe a criminal prosecutor paid by the county can’t be for smaller government at the same time?

    “Smaller government” is not a synonym for NO government. So, prowlerguy, do you really believe that someone who espouses “smaller government” should be calling for the elimination of law enforcement and the judicial system?

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  88. Cruz Supporter – there is a branch of libertarians who believe that all functions of the judicial and police system could be handled by private contract, where (in part) the owner of a particular parcel of property contracts with police and courts, and entry onto the property constitutes consent to be bound by the contracted bodies.

    I think it’s unworkable, but that’s just me.

    aphrael (3f0569)

  89. “…there is a branch of libertarians who believe that all functions of the judicial and police system could be handled by private contract…”

    Yes, we often refer to such people as nutjobs. (LOL)

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  90. 85. …“Smaller government” is not a synonym for NO government. So, prowlerguy, do you really believe that someone who espouses “smaller government” should be calling for the elimination of law enforcement and the judicial system?

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a) — 5/5/2016 @ 10:08 am

    The Pulaski was invented by a Forest Service Ranger.

    I have an axe to grind.

    Steve57 (412496)

  91. I said smaller government. But my cowardly @r$$e eked out a living on the gub’mint dime for 20 years so I can’t exactly be for no gub’mint.

    If I have any pride left.

    Steve57 (412496)

  92. There is such a thing as the Constitution Party, which is, unfortunately, the home to more than a few looney toons, but it could be the basis of something with some better leadership.

    Remember when you had the “Jury?” I don’t know if a second, Constitution-oriented site would help any, but you could certainly run it a lot better than most people could. Antonin Scalia’s picture should be featured prominently.

    The politician Dana (f6a568)

  93. Prowlerguy wrote:

    We are told that even if Trump wins, he will strip the 1st and 2nd amendments. That he will nominate a liberal to the Supreme Court. These are related as facts, not the opinion of the writer. And if you dissent, then YOU are the one to hectored and assaulted, much like a white person caught in a BLM riot. And we are told, repeatedly, always trust content from Patterico. Because he is never wrong.

    Well, it’s pretty simple: if Mr Trump wins, and doesn’t do what the majority fear he would do, then any efforts to leave the GOP and form some sort of Constitution-based party or organization or group will all fall flat, all be wasted effort, and you can chortle over that.

    Time will tell who is right.

    The coldly realistic Dana (f6a568)

  94. I agree with the commenter who said (was it on this thread?) that the entrenched bureaucracy will largely neuter Trump and will even snitch him out for impeachment if he overreaches.

    nk (dbc370)

  95. i agree with that too him a need him some good lieutenants

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  96. @Dana,
    Most of the minor parties that lean right like the Constitution Party are filled with alt-right folks that were either driven from the GOP because of hard stance on some minor issue(s), think something like getting rid of the penny and making the $2 bill the smallest paper money out there. Or they are full of folks who listen to Pat Buchanann and think the whole US and maybe the world would have been better if the zionists weren’t in charge and that if America had done it’s job in the 1800s and early 1900s then America would be filled with good Christian (not papal heathens of that theocracy conspiracy!) English stock.
    Which based on my own personal experience talking to a few of Der Dump fans then they all live in that tinfoil like world. The policy they push is so full of air holes that the proverbial screen door on a submarine is more air and water tight. Heck some of them I have met seem to show that even the most Stoned Bern supporter is a certified Mensa genius.

    Charles (b5badf)

  97. > think something like getting rid of the penny and making the $2 bill the smallest paper money out there

    getting rid of the penny would be nice.

    replacing the $1 bill with a $1 coin would probably save treasury money, but attempts to push a $1 coin have been monumentally unsuccessful so it seems pretty clear the people don’t want it.

    i’d settle for greater availability and knowledge of the $2. I mean, I keep seeing stories like this which are ridiculous.

    aphrael (3f0569)

  98. @aphrael

    Yes, but to make a whole party about that minor quibble or the rent is too damned high puts you into nonexistent territory after the goal is achieved. If not you get forced out by types like James Janos when you don’t take in thier personal platforms.

    Charles (b5badf)

  99. > Yes, but to make a whole party about that minor quibble or the rent is too damned high puts you into nonexistent territory after the goal is achieved

    I don’t per se have any objection to a party which goes away after the goal is achieved.

    That said … making the whole party about *abolishing the penny* seems absurd. It’s not like that’s even on the list of the top 1000 things to care about politically.

    aphrael (3f0569)

  100. The copper-zinc alloy in pennies acts as a receiving antenna and amplifier for the mind-controlling rays from Yuggoth overriding the Faraday Cage created by the tinfoil.

    nk (dbc370)

  101. Charles, I acknowledged that many of the third parties have too many kooks, but that does not mean that the kooks cannot be pushed aside if enough sensible people move in. I have my quibbles with some of the Libertarian Party’s platform, and some of the Constitution Party’s goals, but I never agreed 100% with the Republican Party’s goals even when Ronald Reagan was President. I don’t agree 100% with anybody other than myself, and there are times I even disagree with myself! 🙂 I certainly don’t agree with our host on some things, particularly parts of his economic theories, but that doesn’t mean I don’t support him in general.

    Sensible people can use a foundation built by others.

    The very realistic Dana (f6a568)

  102. Sensible people can also prioritize and work with others who agree with them on higher priority items but disagree on lower priority items.

    aphrael (3f0569)

  103. @Dana

    I am in agreement with that idea. Where we can with enough pressure push the kooks and loons aside with enough pressure and influence by “sensible” folks. Which makes me think this year of this book yet again. Where one of the tracts of the thesis is that our political relationships allowed to falter because we don’t belong anymore to even simple things like bowling leagues. Since in the past really radical or kooky ideas would be shown to be kooky or crazy. However, most of our community groups were either subverted by the same methods Patrick is talking about here or they were shamed into nonexistent (“really you want to go and join them? After they were filmed eating babies? As well as letting eels ride around in hydrofoils”) life. So the question then is how to get in, inoculation against the lunacy and subversion back to being something that normal people believe in or could support. I would also add that the IRS targeting hasn’t helped 3rd party stuff and really quieted down the active participation of folks in the political process. Which is a damned shame because there has to be an opposition otherwise, the sole party in charge will become autocratic or even despotic without anyone realizing what the hell just happened.

    Charles (b5badf)

  104. I’d have been happy to see Cruz, and Fiorina. That was my hope.
    However, it’s difficult to convince Trump supporters that they have no beef with the government. Pick your poison; EPA, IRS, Immigration, civil asset forfeiture, VA, unemployment, being accused of one “phobia” or another when they complain, and finding the government both completely unaccountable and beyond any influence by the voters.
    Telling them to elect a guy who looks like he wants to do things the usual way to fix the results of doing things the usual way is a hard sell.

    Richard Aubrey (472a6f)

  105. I am in as well. This is important.

    Mr. D (ee128f)

  106. Prowlerdouche redefines what it is to be a gracious “winner”.

    JD (7fd277)

  107. prowlerguy is prowling around in the bushes, looking for dinner. The sprinklers turned on, and he got scared and ran away. Just like Donnie ran away from Megyn Kelly.

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  108. Agree that the DC bureaucracy will generally work against Trump, slight advantage,

    So that is why they changed the make up of the penny.

    I love those gold colored dollar coins myself.

    MD in Philly (d8a244)

  109. Of course,
    if Trump wins I need to listen to nk scandalize badgers repeatedly,
    so that is a negative…

    Painted Jaguar (a sock puppet) (d8a244)

  110. well ‘the badgers got to take one for the team’ which team, that’s your best guess,

    narciso (732bc0)

  111. This is just sad. The last few losers who couldn’t get anyone to agree with them think that their total lack of influence can be turned into amazing new influence by signing up to a mailing list.

    Mr Black (3efb66)

  112. Eat it, Mr. Black! Raw.

    nk (dbc370)

  113. Look, I support limited government constitutional principles, given ultimate authority I’d remake the country along those lines, as it was intended to be. But unless I can get 50%+1 to agree with me, it doesn’t matter a damn what I believe. Trump is the sudden cavalry attack on the flank, he’s broken the lines and is busy routing some of his enemies. Demands to hold the line at this point will only end in disaster. BUT… if we are agile, if we can think of possibilities other than those we started with, then we can pile on and perhaps create an opportunity to do some REAL damage to the left. You’re looking to the past, you’re imagining your battle plan at a time before the Trump cavalry broke through the lines. You plan is no longer relevant and trying to force events into a dead idea is a waste of everyones time. Trump is no principled conservative, but it might be that he shares some of our aims and our forces combining with his are vastly stronger than either alone, or when we are fighting inside the tent. Understand your plan is dead, you lost the opportunity to bring it to fruition. Accept it. Adapt to what IS, not what you wish it was. We can do this.

    Mr Black (3efb66)

  114. Can you be a Libertarian Populist?
    Does it require any moderation/alteration in pharmacology?

    askeptic (efcf22)

  115. I’m curious why you want to have a JournoList-style private discussion. I can think of several reasons why but what is your reason?

    DRJ (15874d)

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