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Friday Night Music

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For no particular reason (which is a lie, as you’ll soon see), here are the Tories with Gladys Kravitz:

Yes, I am aware that I have posted it before. What of it?

And, because I let YouTube run and do its thing, and it started playing other things, here’s another thing it played:

Gotta love YouTube.

P.S. What a weird choice of categories for this post.

On Mike Pence’s “Major Announcement”; UPDATE: Will Endorse Cruz

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Breitbart claims to have an exclusive regarding Mike Pence making a major announcement about the GOP presidential race today. No, I won’t link it.

I rather expect that it will be an endorsement of Ted Cruz. If so, it’s welcome, but the timing of it suggests it is not exactly a profile in courage. This is an endorsement that should have done Tuesday or Wednesday. It appears Pence feels pressured to endorse Cruz for posterity. The fact that he apparently wants to bury the news on a Friday afternoon — as if he were Obama dumping news of Hillary’s criminality — suggests that he won’t be actively campaigning for Cruz like Scott Walker did.

The fact that Breitbart, a pro-Trump site, has it as an exclusive is disquieting. There is no way he is endorsing Trump, of course, but if his “major announcement” is that he is not endorsing anyone, Trumpers would like that. They might even want to push it to Breitbart.

Any way you slice it, it looks like Pence is scared of the Trumpers and the effect they might have on his re-election prospects. If he continues to behave like a scared little girl, my patience with him will be at an end. This is no time for the weak. We need a Mike Lee type coming out with passion in support of Ted.

If Pence manages to do that, with gusto, I may forgive him the poor timing. But for God’s sake, man: step up.

UPDATE: This just came over the transom, as they used to say:

UPDATE x2: I almost did a new post regarding Pence’s endorsement but decided to do an update instead.

I think it’s easy to listen to Pence’s interview and conclude that it is half-hearted and weak. It is weak, and I am not going to heap praise on Pence here, but here’s the thing. He’s clearly terrified. He’s terrified that Trump is going to win; he knows that Trump is vindictive; and he worries that Trump will take it out on him and Indiana.

But he did it anyway.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d much rather see a guy who just steps up and tells it like it is. But what keeps running through my head is this: the definition of courage is not being without fear. It’s being fearful and doing the right thing anyway. Pence is clearly fearful. His abject terror is palpable to me. But he still endorsed Cruz. He was scared but he still acted.

Sure, you could argue that he did it because he’s also scared of conservatives’ wrath later. I’m going to be charitable here. I’m going to conclude that, while this was hardly something that will stir future generations, it was the right thing to do, and it was done under clear and considerable pressure. Pence didn’t have to do it, but he did. So I will say: good for him.

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