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Cruz & Carly For the Win

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[guest post by JVW]

Earlier today, Ted Cruz announced that he would be holding a major press conference n Indianapolis at 2:00 pm Pacific Time. Fox News and others are now reporting that Cruz will announce that he has designated Carly Fiorina as his running mate should he win the GOP nomination. Ms. Fiorina was rather gratuitously insulted by the current GOP front-runner this past fall, to which she responded in kind.

I thought that Carly Fiorina and Scott Walker were the two candidates who suffered the most from a certain reality television celebrity sucking all of the air (or, in this case, the news coverage) out of the GOP primary race this past fall. In my book, the two of them were the best candidates in the non-Washington category, but were swamped by the siren call of celebrity. I hope this announcement portends lots of appearances by Ms. Fiorina on the campaign trail, especially since she has no qualms about telling it like it is where Hillary Clinton is concerned, much to the wailing consternation of sensitive and fussy lefty journalists.

Here’s hoping.



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You know you want to talk about him. But I don’t want to write about him. So:


Mike Lee for Supreme Court

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On a day when all you are going to read elsewhere are handwringing think pieces about Trump’s inevitability, let me give you something different. I think any GOP nominee should consider Mike Lee for the Supreme Court.

This is not my original idea, of course. Ted Cruz has said “Mike Lee would look pretty good in a robe.” But it’s an idea I want to see pushed.

I don’t have time to expand on Lee’s virtues this morning, but I recently finished reading Mike Lee’s excellent book The Lost Constitution, and after reading it (and his short e-book attacking the ObamaCare decision) I am confident that he would make an excellent Supreme Court justice. He is every bit as solid as Ted Cruz on constitutional principles, but has a more congenial personality. He would never go wobbly, and would be a perfect replacement for Antonin Scalia. I think Lee has the capability of being one of the greatest Justices in history, on par with Clarence Thomas (whom I consider to be one of the two greatest of my lifetime). And as a U.S. Senator, he has an advantage in the confirmation process.

What’s more, Lee would bring a non-elitist ethic to the Court. He is not a Harvard or Yale guy (he went to Brigham Young University). He has the High Court experience, having clerked for Justice Alito, but he also knows what it’s like to be a business lawyer (albeit one with an appellate specialty). He knows what the political process is like, from his time in the U.S. Senate.

The only “problem” is that his views are well-known and on the record, and therefore subject to attack. But after John Roberts, I think it’s time a president put up someone whose views are not a relative mystery. Whether the President is Ted Cruz or (God help us) Donald Trump, they should consider Lee for the High Court.

More on this when I review the book.

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