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Trump Losing Delegates in State After State Through Incompetence

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Tsk, tsk.

Donald Trump’s effort to reset his campaign following defeat in Wisconsin showed no signs of paying off this weekend, as a series of technical failures by his campaign set his hopes back even further.

From Thursday to Saturday, Trump suffered setbacks in Colorado, Iowa, Michigan, South Carolina and Indiana that raise new doubts about his campaign’s preparedness for the long slog of delegate hunting as the GOP race approaches a possible contested convention. He lost the battle on two fronts. Cruz picked up 28 pledged delegates in Colorado. In the other states, rival campaigns were able to place dozens of their own loyalists in delegate spots pledged to Trump on the first ballot. This will matter if Trump fails to win a majority of delegates on the first ballot in Cleveland, as his delegates defect once party rules allow them to choose the candidate they want to nominate.

Trump’s campaign mounted a haphazard campaign for delegates in Colorado, where hundreds ran to be at large representatives in Cleveland at the state convention in Colorado Springs. The frontrunner’s advisers repeatedly instructed supporters to vote for the wrong candidates—distributing the incorrect delegate numbers to supporters. Cruz, who traveled to address the convention, swept the state’s 34 delegates on the back of a disciplined organizing effort, that included text message and video displays advertising his preferred slate.

This is a very distressing development, and I think my sentiments can best be summed up in video form.

Demonstrating His Own Special Brand Of “New York Values,” Candidate Uses 9/11 To Score Political Points

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[guest post by Dana]


Clearly, Donald Trump has had no qualms about exploiting 9/11 for political gain. This was reinforced when the New York billionaire repeatedly invoked the tragedy during the GOP debates. As such, it’s not surprising that the iconic New Yorker, who claims that he “lost hundreds of friends” on that fateful day, made his first visit to the 9/11 Museum a mere 10 days before the New York GOP primary. Not only was it his first visit to the site, but his $100,000 donation marked his first donation to the organization. According to this report, after making the donation, Trump took aim at Ted Cruz, “This is what ‘New York values’ are really about”.

It’s unclear why it took so long for the native New Yorker to make the visit given that the memorial opened in 2011 and the museum in 2014. Perhaps that 4 miles from Trump Tower to the memorial site was too much to navigate. If so, maybe he should have considered taking the subway. I hear that’s becoming all the rage these days with the rich and famous one-percenters hoping to become the next president.


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