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Obama Nominates Merrick Garland

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I have not researched this man’s background, but the upshot of the pick appears to be that it is a “centrist” pick designed to put maximum pressure on Republicans. The reliable Ed Whelan has described Garland in reasonably favorable terms, saying: “I think Garland is the best nominee that Republicans could hope for.” The pick is strong evidence that Obama agrees with me that Republicans do not plan to cave. Therefore, he is putting political pressure on Republicans, by picking someone they have praised with foolish statements like this:

“The President told me several times he’s going to name a moderate [to fill the court vacancy], but I don’t believe him,” Hatch told us.

“[Obama] could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man,” he told us, referring to the more centrist chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia who was considered and passed over for the two previous high court vacancies.

But, Hatch quickly added, “He probably won’t do that because this appointment is about the election. So I’m pretty sure he’ll name someone the [liberal Democratic base] wants.”

What an idiot Hatch is. We will be hearing that quote for months. The person who replaces Justice Scalia must be an originalist. But utter morons like Hatch open their mouth and suggest someone like Garland, a former clerk of the notoriously leftist non-originalist William Brennan, might be an acceptable pick.

Now Hatch is going to have some explaining to do. We had the Democrats on the ropes P.R.-wise, with the past statements of Biden, Schumer, Reid, and others. Now Orrin Hatch has dug us a giant hole and Obama is kicking us in and throwing dirt on us. Nice job, Hatch. Nice job indeed.

We will now hear some conservatives claim that with Trump looking more and more likely, maybe Republicans should take what they can get now. I see the appeal of the argument, since Trump would lose, but I say: no sale. I will have to research Garland further, obviously, but it appears clear that he is not an originalist. Therefore, he is unacceptable to become possibly the fifth Justice needed to take away rights such as the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

P.S. I don’t necessarily recommend researching the guy by going to Wikipedia. The hacks are already busy editing the entry:

UPDATE: Ed Whelan clarifies that his statements are not to be construed as an endorsement of Garland. Saying he is the best one could hope for from a Democrat does not mean he would be a good Justice.

Again: no sale.

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  1. Ding.

    Patterico (86c8ed)

  2. he’s 63, which is nice

    but he’s harvardtrash

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  3. Sigh. That’s not how things work. Obama called Reid who talked to McConnell who took Hatch aside and whispered “If you get a chance, throw out Merrick Garland’s name as someone we would find acceptable for the Supreme Court”.

    nk (dbc370)

  4. Hold McConnell’s aged, arthritic feet to the inferno!

    Colonel Haiku (796ffc)

  5. I guess McConnell can’t schedule hearings for after inauguration day but I think he can schedule it for sometime in November after election day. This pick might start looking good to Republicans at that time if Hillary is elected. He might withdraw his name at that point or maybe not.

    Jcurtis (331c71)

  6. I know you don’t care for the idea but Trump will win the gop nomination and win the general election going away. He will have a Reagan constituency and the only states hillary may win are the blue states that don’t require voter id. she will even lose some of them.

    My prediction is once Trump has the nomination in hand and the polls start to favor him, hillary will be indicted. biden will step in to save the party and country and the general election will be biden vs Trump. Trump will win that one too. biden’s stupidity will be on full display during the campaign.

    Jim (a9b7c7)

  7. They should set hearings and Bork the livin’ crap out of him.

    Rev. Hoagie ™ (eb7063)

  8. Jim – can you cite even one poll that suggests your unicorns scenario is even remotely plausible?

    JD (34f761)

  9. This is a win for Republicans. By threatening not to confirm anybody, they got Obama to nominate a highly-qualified judge who’s not too far left. By following the “Biden Rule,” McConnell looks like a moron. What responsible legislator anywhere would give Joe Biden’s word any credence?

    carlitos (e82265)

  10. …. your unicorns scenario is even remotely plausible?

    Hey now, let’s not be critical. People bought unicorns last time around, too. This is what the world actually looks like for about 35% of Republican voters. The only thing that will ever change that is the impact when the country hits bottom; we’re still accelerating down right now.

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  11. Of course he”s a knave, but when practicing mma on the constitution, that’s what’s required.

    narciso (696520)

  12. Cave.

    They will cave to prove that it’s not “about the election.” Is Hatch stupid or was this part of a plan to give the Repubs space to hold hearings?

    Patricia (5fc097)

  13. Sarah Palin endorsed Hatch she said he was super smart like her

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  14. 7. They should set hearings and Bork the livin’ crap out of him.

    Rev. Hoagie ™ (eb7063) — 3/16/2016 @ 8:43 am

    That would require competence, Rev.

    The Dem minority and Garland himself would turn the table on quisling GOP and reduce them to quivering masses of jello.

    I am so sick of being embarrassed of these old fools who should be in a nursing home being spoon fed Gerber’s applesauce instead of speaking in public.

    Steve57 (08b8c6)

  15. what took pipsywizzle so long is my first question
    happyfeet (831175) — 3/11/2016 @ 5:43 pm

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  16. Hatch said that while he once supported Garland “there is a difference between being on a circuit court and being on the Supreme Court.”

    “I think highly of him, but I haven’t read his cases…


    happyfeet (a037ad)

  17. Trump is irrelevant. With his inevitable nomination the Republicans have handed the election to Hillary Clinton.

    CrustyB (69f730)

  18. 13 happyfeet

    Can he see the Supreme Court from his house?

    pinandpuller (928ad9)

  19. Happyfeet – Sarah Palin also endorsed your Trump.

    JD (34f761)

  20. special snowflake’s consumed too many oxygens already

    happyfeet (831175) — 3/13/2016 @ 10:43 am

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  21. JD,

    Those peddling the TRUMP™®© Deluxe Unicorn need to address the difference in the makeup of the electorate in 1980 and the electorate of 2012 prior to attempting to find the nonexistent polling support for the proposition. Particular attention should be paid to the reduction in the percentage of the white vote from 88% to 72%, the reduction in union members from 26% to 18% and the increase of women from 49% to 53%. The illusion of the TRUMP™®© Deluxe Unicorn cannot be effectively peddled using reference to an electorate which does not exist without engaging in what many might consider to be fraudulent puffery.

    Rick Ballard (ba78e0)

  22. McConnell’s argument that the American people should have a voice on this justice is kind of silly. They elected the president and the Senate.

    carlitos (4cca41)

  23. Ummmm,
    Somebody has to say it…
    “I remember Ronald Reagan,
    and Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan.
    In fact, he isn’t even close to Dan Quayle.”

    MD not exactly in Philly (b0439a)

  24. That they did, and the senate they elected was to block the president.

    MD not exactly in Philly (b0439a)

  25. And they confirmed wilhemina weight and escobedo, so I’m confident.

    narciso (696520)

  26. SCOTUSBlog published a primer on Judge Garland when he was rumored to be on the shortlist in 2010.

    aphrael (3f0569)

  27. Demographics aside, it is still a matter of turnout here in the US.
    But we know what happens when candidates don’t inspire turnout,
    There is little.

    MD not exactly in Philly (b0439a)

  28. Thanks, MD. I can’t type the two names in the same comment.

    Rick Ballard (ba78e0)

  29. True, what they were elected to do and what they did are two different things,
    But if one is discussing the theoretical rational.

    MD not exactly in Philly (b0439a)

  30. Understood, Rick.
    You’re welcome.
    And thanks for the nice set up.

    MD not exactly in Philly (b0439a)

  31. Posted by Ace (AoS HQ):

    trump will get blown out in an election, and a third party will cause a devastating rupture.

    the gop and the entire right-leaning opposition are now completely destroyed. there is no opposition to the Democrats now; it’s all over.


    That was pretty much my conclusion around the beginning of February. Nothing left to do now but sit back and crack jokes while watching the lemmings charge onward.

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  32. When hillary is indicted you’ll be wondering “how did Jim know?” Keep your eye on the polls.

    Jim (a9b7c7)

  33. Happyfeet – Sarah Palin also endorsed your Trump

    oh my goodness he’s not my trump – none of this is my fault at all

    i just like him more better than the other ones cause of they’re not congenial but mostly i just don’t want people to do Hillary on America and so I’m counting on the GOP frontrunner to make it to where she goes away

    but yeah Sarah is a promiscuous endorser and plus she’s stupid

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  34. there’s a lot about this whole President Trump thing you just have to take on faith

    happyfeet (a037ad) — 3/4/2016 @ 1:59 pm

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  35. From aphrael’s link to SCOTUSblog:

    During that confirmation hearing, Garland was asked about “judicial activism.” He answered that “[f]ederal judges do not have roving commissions to solve societal problems. The role of the court is to apply law to the facts of the case before it ““ not to legislate, not to arrogate to itself the executive power, not to hand down advisory opinion on the issues of the day.”

    That is true. Federal district court and appellate judges are not roving justices. They apply the law as interpreted by the Supreme Court. It is the liberal Supreme Court Justices who are the roving commissions that solve societal problems.

    And Merrick’s mentor Justice William Brennan was an early and consistent proponent of the Living Constitution that makes it possible for liberal Justices to “solve societal problems” through their Supreme Court opinions. So be warned.

    DRJ (15874d)

  36. Well, the question is always the same,
    Does he actually mean what he said?

    MD not exactly in Philly (b0439a)

  37. He probably does believe the role of lower court judges is limited, but that doesn’t mean he believes the role of Supreme Court Justices is similarly limited.

    DRJ (15874d)

  38. Sounds like Bizzaro John Roberts/David Souter-just enough of an absence of any opinions on major issues to slide on by. Though on the 2nd Amendment alone don’t see how any GOP Senator can support him unless he wants to lose his job.

    Bugg (db3a97)

  39. I think its a dumb choice on Obama’s part. Should have chosen a “minority” so as to rev up the Dem base this Fall. Not sure the Dem base will turn out in high numbers because the GOP won’t confirm a white guy.

    mark johnson (47c02d)

  40. Consider what “moderate” means to Obama and the MSM. They consider Kasich a right-winger.

    One thing we know: Garlan voted for en banc review of DC Circuit’s takedown of DC handgun ban (later affirmed by SCOTUS in Heller). He would be expected to vote against individual gun rights in any case presented. HE always sides with the gun-grabbers

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  41. Reading what this guy has ruled on, he sounds like a Sotomayor: an across-the-board statist. Pro-prosecutor, pro-regulator, anti-individual.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  42. So, to Obama, “moderate” means middle-of-the-road statist. Willing to side with the State on any issue.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  43. OT Breitbart is imploding

    Gosh~ wouldn’t it be ironic if Fields brings down The Donald…. and I think she may have even been a fan at one time….BUT the questions will be ? Is there a price and can Michelle be bought? Trump is scrambling to try and put this fire out ASAP $$$

    And on another note…. Did you hear the next debate in Utah, Beck’s home ground, was Cancelled Because TRUMP and K-sick backed out…. Neither have a solid conservative leg to stand on and FEAR CRUZ

    jrt for Cruz (bc7456)

  44. ONCE again BO tries to make conservatives the bad guy ~ stand firm!

    Thank you Mike Lee for standing against this latest fame seeking move

    jrt for Cruz (bc7456)

  45. Garland clerked for William Brennan.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  46. It’s easy to see Judge Merrick Garland as a sacrifice. Obama doesn’t want to waste a minority pick on someone who may never see a vote. If so, this nomination will become an Obama talking point and a Supreme Court history footnote.

    DRJ (15874d)

  47. 43.OT Breitbart is imploding

    43.OT Breitbart is imploding

    jrt for Cruz (bc7456)

  48. I understand why Trump is afraid to debate. He isn’t that well informed and he’s running out of shocking things he can say during prime time.

    DRJ (15874d)


    sorry…. edit 47.

    jrt for Cruz (bc7456)

  50. 48.I understand why Trump is afraid to debate. He isn’t that well informed and he’s running out of shocking things he can say during prime time.
    and he is running for the job as president to work for the tax payer his the only credential being that he is a real estate mogul.

    Democrats are his base and no media is covering the millions of democrats crossing party to vote for trump as they are embarrassed of Hillary and Bernie

    jrt for Cruz (bc7456)

  51. Barack made sure he posted his March Madness brackets before he announced his SCOTUS pick. That’s why he was “too busy” to attend any important funerals the past few weeks.
    If McConnell or Ryan wanted to be a little subversive, they could open up the floor for debate on Barack’s picks. They could really mock President Kardashian for actually going on television and spending 45 minutes discussing the minutiae of Texas A&M’s defense.

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  52. Garland is 63. That alone tells you he’s not a serious choice whom Obama expects to see confirmed. Neither party values a SCOTUS seat that cheaply anymore, to be willing to see it re-opened in anything less than a couple of decades.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  53. On further review this is exactly what we should expect from Sen Hatch whose colleagues were smart enough in 2015 to put Grassley in the chair rather Ted Kennedy’s and Joe Biden’s favorite republican.

    crazy (cde091)

  54. Hatch is no idiot. He did that on purpose to help Obama.

    Why you think Trump is winning?

    Rodney King's Spirit (a089dc)

  55. Advise = No

    Consent = No

    Problem solved.

    No one is going to care about this come November

    It is going to be a mud slinging zoo between Trump and Hillary.

    Any Republican “feeling pressure” is a stone cold liar whose death can not come soon enough at the hand of our Lord. Preferably now.

    Rodney King's Spirit (a089dc)

  56. @ DRJ (#48), who wrote:

    I understand why Trump is afraid to debate. He isn’t that well informed and he’s running out of shocking things he can say during prime time.

    Spot on! I will grant that Trump is an expert at reality TV shows, which are all about ratings. Trump views votes as just another form of ratings, right? You don’t need a majority of all viewers, you can even be despised by the majority — so long as you have ratings enough to keep getting renewed for next season. To keep ratings up, though, reality TV shows have to have ever-greater perils and shocks and gross-outs and contradictions and infuriations and stupidity and drama.

    Debates are so last season. It’s on to Rollerball!

    Beldar (fa637a)

  57. 39. I think its a dumb choice on Obama’s part. Should have chosen a “minority” so as to rev up the Dem base this Fall. Not sure the Dem base will turn out in high numbers because the GOP won’t confirm a white guy.

    mark johnson (47c02d) — 3/16/2016 @ 11:08 am


    Look at all the great things Republicans said about Garland [quotes from Hatch and others appear on the TV screen]. Why would they oppose him for the SCOTUS nom if they like him so much? Oh, yeah. It’s because Obama is black, and those racist republicans can’t stand having a strong black man in the WH

    It’s not that they won’t confirm a white guy. It’s that they won’t confirm a white judge, that they say great things about and that they happily confirmed before for lower courts when the President was a white man, because this time he’s a black President’s nominee. Any questions?

    Steve57 (08b8c6)

  58. Beldar is right, Garland is too old. He’s a stalking horse let loose to draw out the GOPe’s weak sisters – create a crack in Republican resolve. Next Obama will fit the thin edge of a wedge issue into the crack and call for his accomplices in the media to start laying on blows till he splits the GOP and gets his ultra-liberal justice approved.

    ropelight (e9d543)

  59. this just isn’t the most important thing in the whirl

    people should just ignore food stamp when he nominates judges like this cause he just wants attention

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  60. merrick garland is a total poofter name

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  61. Never trust anyone with two last names!

    Jim (a9b7c7)

  62. If the Republicans were smart their response would “We had hoped that President Obama would have worked harder to increase diversity on the Court and are disappointed in his choice.” Let folks read whatever they want in to diversity and let this die.

    Then if he nominates a black guy guy, ask for a hispanic. Nominates a hispanic, ask for an asian. Nominates and asian, ask for an illegal. Gotta know how to run the clock out.

    Rodney King's Spirit (a089dc)

  63. garland clerked for the justice who created “anchor babies” with a footnote. He has been well taught on the ways of the (liberal) court.

    Jim (a9b7c7)

  64. Well, *of course* Sens. Collins, Kirk, Portman, and Ayotte are willing to meet with Judge Garland.

    They’re Republicans defending Senate seats in blue or purple states. They’re up for election this year. They’ve got to be sensitive to the risk of losing their jobs.

    aphrael (3f0569)

  65. those are all the Meghan’s coward daddy Main Street Partnership prostitute senators

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  66. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the GOP Senate allow a vote on, much less confirm ANY Obama nominees to fill Scalia’s vacancy. I don’t care how much the leftist scum media portray Garland as a “moderate” or “centrist”. With the marxist Bernie being the mainstream of the democrat party Jungend coming up, a “moderate” is still leftwing.

    If McConnell, Hatch, Graham and party cave on this SCOTUS vacancy, the GOP will lose control of congress and be destroyed as a party. Conservatives will leave and start a new party and there will be no reconciliation.

    It is beyond time for the GOP to grow some balls and use the same ‘knife-to-the-gut’ tactics the leftists have been beating us with for decades. Of COURSE the left is going to try to put pressure on the GOP to approve whatever scumbag leftist hack Obama nominates. WHO THE F!@# cares? Any political operative with half a brain and a normal amount of testicular fortitude can whip out political ads stringing the videotaped statements of Biden, Schumer, and yes, OBAMA saying that SCOTUS vacancies should not be filled during presidential election years.

    Either the GOP needs to start going after the left’s diseased jugular, or the party needs to die the cowardly inglorious death it deserves.

    Pete (ceb4bf)

  67. The lede of a very decent writer:

    It is a criticism I have heard from more than one person who has worked with President Obama: that he regards himself as the smartest person in the room—any room. Jeffrey Goldberg’s fascinating article reveals that this is a considerable understatement. The president seems to think he is the smartest person in the world, perhaps ever.

    Why haven’t we discussed this apart from the assumption that it was the cockup of good intent?

    DNF (755a85)

  68. Relationships are more important than principles. Failure to learn the basics results in

    DNF (ffe548) — 3/6/2016 @ 1:41 pm

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  69. 69. And within Niall Ferguson’s article on the Obama Revolution in Foreign Policy, this notion finds application.

    Ear Leader has chosen possibly eccentric principle over long standing foreign relationships. He had a reasoning for doing so. Evidently that reasoning was not overcome by any strong-minded advisors he may have entertained.

    Britain and Israel are just two who have declined in our esteem and good graces.

    Reason is convictions biatch. NO ONE dispassionately employs reason to modify their considered volition. ‘Tis the other way around.

    DNF (755a85)

  70. 68. Cont. The Economy and Foreign Policy are the foremost concerns of the Republican voting electorate this primary season.

    Why are we littering all this whitespace on secondary issues without attending to the primary?

    DNF (755a85)

  71. We just proceed on our merry way, phuckwits.
    DNF (755a85) — 3/15/2016 @ 3:28 am

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  72. I blame Ritalin and the Public Abuse of Children system.

    DNF (ffe548) — 3/15/2016 @ 7:39 am

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  73. As bad as my circumstances get, my life is charmed; evidence that God is with me.

    DNF (755a85) — 3/13/2016 @ 7:40 am

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  74. 68) frum is squirrel who finds a nut occassionally, but mostly horse acorns.

    narciso (696520)

  75. He’s a very results-oriented person you know

    he’s a lot like Gandalf

    happyfeet (a037ad) — 3/15/2016 @ 12:59 pm

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  76. You people are inarticulate, uniformed and incapable of self-awareness, in a word ‘Cattle’.
    DNF (755a85) — 3/14/2016 @ 3:44 am

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  77. 82. Nothing goads the sessile to cogitate, they just sit there and drool.

    DNF (755a85)

  78. Conservatives are just azzlapping hos with delusions of acceptability and rectitude
    DNF (755a85) — 3/16/2016 @ 11:07 am

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  79. It’s not Cruz I’m worried about, its the rest of you cocks^ckers.

    DNF (ffe548) — 3/6/2016 @ 1:37 pm

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  80. On topic: What is the most expedient way to get Cruz on the SCOTUS?

    DNF (ffe548)

  81. OCD?
    ropelight (d92a84) — 3/10/2016 @ 1:00 pm

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  82. 90. Aspies, sub-clinical.

    DNF (755a85)

  83. I see the facial expressions of a women in no distress what-so-ever.
    ropelight (885d54) — 3/13/2016 @ 10:37 am

    Luke Stywalker (78d90b)

  84. #67, pretty much 100% correct.

    I still think the Party as we know needs to be destroyed. The top 100 beneficiaries destroyed financially, socially and moved to pasture. Replaced with folks a bit more committed to the cause than their personal cause.

    Ayotte, Kirk, et al are simply opportunists and deserve their careers terminated.

    Rodney King's Spirit (a089dc)

  85. merrick garland is a total poofter name

    happyfeet (a037ad) — 3/16/2016 @ 1:04 pm

    Yeah, he needs something stronger like Harriet Myers or Kaitlyn Jenner.

    carlitos (c24ed5)

  86. #89 Cruz needs to join forces with the Donald and agree to giving Donald a clear path whilest Cruz gets to gut the RINOs in the Senate and House and replace them all with Conservatives.

    Cruz can pass the laws we need wielding fascistic power in Congress.

    Trumpster can blather all he wants as POTUS.

    My win win given the circumstances.

    Rodney King's Spirit (a089dc)

  87. actually she was a much better bet then myers,

    narciso (732bc0)

  88. robertscare, sorry, the benefit of the doubt given this poltroon is extraordinary,

    narciso (732bc0)

  89. Harriet is good spy name

    happyfeet (63553f)

  90. How the conversation probably went:

    OBAMA: I’ve decided to nominate you to fill Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court!

    GARLAND: Thank you, Mr. President, it’s a great honor! But … you know I’m 63 years old, right?

    OBAMA: Oh, yeah.

    GARLAND: And you know that the Senate isn’t even going to hold hearings, much less a floor vote — they can’t, lest angry constituents storm Washington and burn down the Capitol Building, right?

    OBAMA: They bring a knife, we bring a gun. They bring a gun, I bring the 82nd Airborne.

    GARLAND: So this is all about having a fight, right? Even a losing fight?

    OBAMA: How else can we get people out to vote for Hillary/Bernie/Joe? Look, Merrick — you’ve had a great career. You don’t have to give up your Chief Justice seat on the D.C. Circuit just because I’ve nominated you — and in fact, Hillary/Bernie/Joe will need you there next year. There’s no way that any of them might nominate you, because of your age alone.

    GARLAND: So I’m taking one for the team? Going down in flames so that you can roast the marshmallows?

    OBAMA: Exactly.

    GARLAND: I’m in. Let’s go to the Rose Garden.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  91. Look, from Judge Garland’s point of view, an unsuccessful nomination to the SCOTUS, plus being a poster boy for election-year arguments about THE REPUBLICANS ARE COMING TO STEAL YOUR UTERUS, is a fitting capstone to an objectively impressive career. He doesn’t have to do anything but stand there and let the Democrats slobber all over him; he doesn’t have to prepare for cross-examination on TV.

    He’s a prop in Obama’s reality TV show.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  92. And giving him a hearing, earns us what exactly, they mean to trash the constitution, that has been true since 2005, if not earlier,

    narciso (732bc0)

  93. Harriet was jobbed, by effing Republicans.

    Not that Alito isn’t as good.

    DNF (ffe548)

  94. 103. So it behooves the GOPe to cut a deal to install Cruz as SC nominee whom his peers will happily vote in by acclaim to be rid of him.


    DNF (755a85)

  95. I think Ted Cruz would indeed like to be on the Supreme Court — after he’s no longer constitutionally eligible for the Presidency, having served two full terms, but not before.

    People keep saying this: “Oh, ____ will do a deal with ___ under which Cruz will be on the SCOTUS, and then it’s all unicorns and rainbows!”

    No. You people don’t understand anything about Ted Cruz if you think that’s how his mind works.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  96. Without Ohio’s 66 delegates, Trump now faces an extremely difficult path to reach the majority of delegates he needs to avoid a “contested” GOP convention. So the establishment looks like it will win and no candidate will enter the convention with a majority of delegates locked up. So after the first ballot, they are free to vote for whoever the establishment wants. It looks like the computer may be right after all. This is beginning to appear to be a very insane situation. The last time no candidate had the required amount for a nomination was 1976. Under the rules of the GOP, all these primaries were pointless. Delegates can choose one of the candidates who ran, or someone else entirely – Romney?

    There’s that thing, understanding, again.

    DNF (755a85)

  97. I’m all for tax reform and abolishing the IRS. In rather more normal times that’d be enough for a Presidency.

    But we have off-the-grid issues:

    Not only is foreign policy outside the man’s portfolio, it isn’t being addressed at all. And what about the even more pressing Economy.

    What do we need with TPP in a global collapse of demand? Crickets.

    “Oh, you can trust us”.

    DNF (ffe548)

  98. It would have been nice had we settled on an Executive rather than a Constitutional Lawyer.

    Yes having an adult in the Presidency will be a step up, but what happened to all them governors?

    Why does the Republic hang in the balance on this selection?

    Apart from the applique of Constitutional Conservatism it looks to be a continuation of Bushism.

    DNF (755a85)

  99. Finally, once you do roll your own at convention, you have the distinct possibility of a Third ‘Party’ run, say the ‘Butt Hurt White Trash’ party, built to flame on and out overnight.

    Once again, Conservative, YOU GET NOTHING.

    DNF (755a85)

  100. Here’s a thought: What if the Senate Republicans, having met with Garland, announce “You know, we’ve thought about it, and we’re pleasantly surprised that the president has nominated such a moderate person; of course he’s not exactly our cup of tea but it is a Democrat administration, and Garland is a man of excellent character, so we’ve decided we’re OK with it. In fact, we don’t even need hearings, we remember his testimony the last time around, and he hasn’t changed since then, so let’s go straight to a vote on confirmation. We can have this done by April Fools’ Day.”

    How would the Ds react? Remember, they don’t really want him. 0bama only put him up to be shot down. So would we see them suddenly filibustering the confirmation? If he was confirmed, would 0bama find some reason not to appoint him after all? This could be fun.

    Bonus thought: What if the Rs used language broadly hinting that a deal had been made, that Garland had given them private assurances. Of course he’d deny it, and so would they, but they went on hinting at it anyway. Can you imagine the chaos on the D side?

    Milhouse (87c499)

  101. No need for filibustering, Obama could just withdraw the nomination. But … if Senate Republicans were this smart and this ballsy, they wouldn’t be Senate Republicans now would they?

    nk (dbc370)

  102. I like this idea (h/t instapundit). Even better, the senate should compile a short list and officially advise 0bama to choose one of them. Brown should definitely be on it; who else? Of course the Ds may filibuster the resolution, but so what? Let them. The whole point is to play 0bama at his own game, so the more fuss they put up the better. As Weingarten says, if the senate does that nobody can claim it’s neglecting its constitutional duties.

    Milhouse (87c499)

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