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Donald Trump: I’m Skipping Thursday Night’s Debate

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Alternate title: “Trump loses Iowa.”

Here’s Trump earlier, when he was still on the fence but leaning against backing out. He whines about Megyn Kelly, he whines about a press release, he whines about Roger Ailes . . . but all the public is going to hear is the whining.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 6.19.40 PM
Above: Donald Trump

He must really have been scared of Ted Cruz to turn tail and run like this. And Cruz is exploiting it to the hilt:

This is so stupid, part of me thinks Trump is going to manufacture some way to get back in. But even if he does, it damages him badly.

I always figured this guy was likely to flame out at some point. I wasn’t sure it would be before Iowa, though. Thank God.

UPDATE: Dana and I cross-posted. I will leave up both posts, because I like this one and I like hers. But comment on hers.

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