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Donald Trump: My Voters Are Unreasonable Fanatics

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Trump voters, here is Donald Trump calling you unreasonable fanatics, right to your face:

I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK? It’s like incredible.

For once I agree with Donald Trump!

By the way, as long as I am laying down markers, I’ll lay down another one: I think Cruz still wins Iowa.

There. I said it.

P.S. For non-Vine users: if you want sound, hover your cursor near the bottom of the video, and when you see the volume icon pop up on the bottom right, click on it. Then, when you get sick of hearing this narcissistic blowhard boast about how fanatically unreasonable his voters are, repeat.

UPDATE: Here’s me from November 22, 2015:

Trump supporters will of course be unfazed — just as they would be unfazed if Trump announced that he was going to sacrifice the first-born of every household to The Great God Clarence. Just as they would be unfazed if Trump knocked at their door and took a drunken swing at them for not buying local. “I deserved that,” Trump supporters would say, rubbing their sore jaw. “Honey, go get our firstborn.”

Now he’s saying it. Because he knows he can.

UPDATE: A Trump supporter on Twitter sent me the link to a longer clip with context:

He says it shows he was only talking about the media’s characterization of his supporters. Ehhhh . . . kinda sorta, but not really. My interpretation is it’s a little of both. Anyway, thought it would only be fair to provide what his supporters argue is context — and which may arguably be, to some small degree.

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Another Billionaire Considers Entering The Presidential Race

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[guest post by Dana]

Frankly, it’s not entirely surprising given how many times he has toyed with the idea:

Michael R. Bloomberg has instructed advisers to draw up plans for a potential independent campaign in this year’s presidential race. His advisers and associates said he was galled by Donald J. Trump’s dominance of the Republican field, and troubled by Hillary Clinton’s stumbles and the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on the Democratic side.

Mr. Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, has in the past contemplated running for the White House on a third-party ticket, but always concluded he could not win. A confluence of unlikely events in the 2016 election, however, has given new impetus to his presidential aspirations.

Mr. Bloomberg, 73, has already taken concrete steps toward a possible campaign, and has indicated to friends and allies that he would be willing to spend at least $1 billion of his fortune on it, according to people briefed on his deliberations who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss his plans. He has set a deadline for making a final decision in early March, the latest point at which advisers believe Mr. Bloomberg could enter the race and still qualify to appear as an independent candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.

Whose supporters would he peel off?

It is unclear whether Mr. Bloomberg would be more likely to draw support from a Democrat, like Mr. Sanders or Mrs. Clinton, or a conservative Republican.

While Mr. Bloomberg supports many of the Democratic Party’s social policies, he has been a fierce defender of the financial services industry, which is unpopular with many liberals, and put into practice aggressive policing policies in New York City that are anathema to left-leaning voters.

And when he first ran for mayor in 2001, he did so as a Republican. But he has also poured energy and money into advocating policies that conservative Republicans detest, most notably gun control and immigration reform.

Trump says he believes Bloomberg in the race would take votes away from Hillary.

Allahpundit reminds us of this Bloomberg “self-commissioned” poll:


The million-dollar (well, billion-dollar) question: Who does Bloomberg hurt more? As it turns out, Hillary. Without him in the race, Hillary narrowly leads Trump, 44/42. Even better news for Trump fans is that Trump does better against Hillary in a three-way race than either Cruz or Rubio does. Against Cruz, Hillary leads 38/34/11; against Rubio, it’s 38/33/10. That’s partly a function of the fact that Cruz and Rubio are lesser known to Americans than Trump is, but if you’re looking for evidence that he’ll give her a tougher race by bringing in heterodox Democrats and independents than a more dogmatic right-winger will, there you go.

So how do you think a Bloomberg run would impact Cruz?

On a side note, we may need to define “conservative Republican” for the NYT, as well as remind them that the leading Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, loves her some big Wall St. money.


Trump the Democrat

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This will not matter to Trumpers, you right wingin’ bitter clingin’ PROUD clingers of your guns and constitutions and religions … but Donald Trump is a giant Democrat.

You folks who say you’d vote for him over Hillary: watch this and tell me why. Mmmm . . . those New York leftist values!

If you believe he’s changed his tune since he said all these things, I have a big beautiful classy bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

If it’s Trump vs. Hillary, you’ll have a choice between an unprincipled, nasty Democrat and Hillary Clinton. The only difference between the two of them would be that Republicans would go along with Trump’s leftist proposals.

I never voted for a Democrat for President and I’m not starting with this guy. If you do, you’re a chump sucker.

Minds changed: zero. Just laying down the marker. I hope I never have to be in the position of saying I told you so. But if I am, I’ll do it with gusto.

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