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The Deteriorating Situation in Europe

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[guest post by JVW]

Items for discussion:

(1) In response to the awful attacks on women which took place on New Year’s Eve in several Western European cities, so-called “right wing” mobs in Cologne took to the streets and randomly beat Middle Eastern, African, and South Asian men on Sunday night. There have been four reported attacks — far fewer of course than the number of sexual assaults reported by women on New Year’s Eve — but so far no arrests have been made. A cynic might wonder if the Cologne Police, heavily criticized for their inaction New Year’s Eve and the subsequent cover-up of the crimes committed, might be tolerating these recent attacks as a way to send a warning to the refugee community.

(2) Leaders of Eastern European countries have chided their Western neighbors for all the moral preening this fall when Berlin agreed on behalf of Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich, Vienna, Stockholm, Helsinki, et al. to accept one million allegedly Syrian refugees, with few or no questions asked. I once again call your attention to the magnificent speech delivered three months ago by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to the Hungarian Parliament in which he tried to warn Frau Merkel of her folly.

(3) Earlier today a Syrian national detonated himself in a popular tourist area of Istanbul, killing himself and ten others. Whether by design or coincidence, nine of the dead are German citizens. Istanbul is only nominally a part of Europe, but the fact that a tourist area was targeted ought to be a pointed warning to European leaders that their citizens are at increased risk of attacks.

Meanwhile, the ersatz Leader of the Free World will in a few hours time climb on to a podium in the chamber of Congress that houses the citizen legislators elected directly by the people of this country, and he will no doubt tell them that while Islamic Jihadist terrorism remains a challenge, our nation with its tens of thousands of newly arrived “Syrian” “refugees” stands ready to meet it head-on.


20 Responses to “The Deteriorating Situation in Europe”

  1. Because gun control. See this poignant empty chair!

    JVW (d60453)

  2. I understand President Ego will trot out a Syrian refugee as his special guest at the SOTU address. Rulership by emotion, not logic.

    CrustyB (69f730)

  3. Every day there is a new terrorist attack somewhere. We all know it and see it, Mr. President. No amount of squirrel! can save your “legacy” now.

    Patricia (5fc097)

  4. to accept one million allegedly Syrian refugees

    Mark Steyn is on this topic today also. He has a terrific picture of the “refugees” and suitable comments regarding the need for Europe to give shelter to these desperate women and their toddlers in their hour of need.

    One thing is for sure, if the European male is running short of testosterone, these “refugees” will fill a need.

    BobStewartatHome (a52abe)

  5. Colonel, the odds of two boats both experiencing mechanical problems at the same time are extremely small. And if just one had a problem, the other boat could have towed it or at least removed the personnel, so two it had to be. Something’s afoot.

    BobStewartatHome (a52abe)

  6. As I recall Clint Eastwood called Obama the empty chair. So we’ll have an empty chair representing a queer and promoting gun control at the SOTU. Thus celebrating psychosexual perversion and the end of a Constitutional right in one dramatic move. This country couldn’t do down the crapper any faster if Hillary were elected. The die is cast. I think it may not matter for whom we vote.

    Ya think George Washington would be proud of his country?

    Rev. Barack Hussein Hoagie™ (f4eb27)

  7. i am cancel all my trips to europe

    happyfeet (a037ad)

  8. I understand President Ego will trot out a Syrian refugee as his special guest at the SOTU address. Rulership by emotion, not logic.

    If so, hope he/she is strapped and blows up the entire place.

    Rodney King's Spirit (3adc86)

  9. I understand that the Istanbul bombing was the lead story on German TV tonight, knocking the Köln story out of the top spot for the first time in over a week.

    Also topping the news in Germany is word of a large and growing militia movement in Düsseldorf, which is close to Köln.

    Perhaps the most significant news, at least in relationship to the SOTU, is that most of those arrested in Germany so far have been not just “people of North African descent,” but are, in fact, émigrés.

    Worth noting is that within Germany, there is a clear East-West split over the immigrant problem, with the easterners being far less tolerant.

    ThOR (a52560)

  10. Hmmm, would Obama go so far to avoid offense as to not have his guest go through a security check?

    MD in Philly (not in Philly at the moment) (deca84)

  11. Soccer. The more popular soccer is in a country, the deeper that country is in the s***hole. QED, the rise in the popularity of soccer in America in the last seven years.

    nk (dbc370)

  12. One thing is for sure, if the European male is running short of testosterone, these “refugees” will fill a need.

    You know, Bob, that could be the reason Merkel is doing all this. What with all the unrest and all, German women won’t need to travel to Tangier or Cairo or Greece or Turkey for hot-blooded dusky lovers. They can just walk down the street to find them. But what worries me is the Afrits getting their hands on the weapons factories of the Nibelungen, not their women.

    nk (dbc370)

  13. I was in Belgium in September and saw lots of “refugees” in camps in France. They were trying to get into the trains that run in the Chunnel so we changed our plans. We were originally going to take the “Eurostar” to Brussels. Instead joined British friends and went by surface ferry.

    We saw a lot of Muslims in Brussels and our hotel was two blocks from the old city center square. After the Paris attacks, that square and our hotel were both sealed off for several days.

    Our original plan was to go to Greece but the refugees were all invading though the area we planned to visit. We cancelled and the Greek economy was collapsing as well. I wanted to see some things that I had planned to visit for years but I doubt I will ever go back.

    I was in Istanbul ten years ago and will not go back there.

    We are getting old anyway and long plane trips are tiresome.

    Mike K (90dfdc)

  14. Soccer Jihad, nk – Fastest growing high school sport in Minnesota is Trapshooting. Great way to introduce proper gun use at an early age.

    mg (31009b)

  15. nk, soccer sucks (compared to football, or better yet, rugby,) and I think you’ve pegged Merkel’s motive. Heck, if she can remember a face, she’ll have a dozen to choose from after they’ve finished with her.

    BobStewartatHome (a52abe)

  16. back in 2010, there was a soccer thread on AoSHQ, where the co-blogger that loved soccer, told everyone to vent their spleen as to why the horde disliked soccer, as he was tired of his world cup threads being unpalatable to the 4 or 5 readers who liked soccer.

    here is part of the first page, as i saved all the comments, albeit w/o the author or posting date.

    I don’t like soccer ’cause it sucks. I’m deep that way.

    The reason Americans don’t play soccer is that we can afford the equipment to play better, cooler sports. Anybody can play soccer. 22 guys, a vacant lot, one ball. Even in Krapistan, they can afford one ball between 22 of them. Therefore, anybody can play it. Here in America, we play sports that require equipment. Bats, gloves, helmets, bikes, gasoline, yachts, hockey sticks. And places to play. Basketball courts, ice hockey rinks, football fields. When you live in Elbonia, and your government keeps your rice rations down, you learn to do sports which you can do with little or no equipment. That’s why Ethiopia has such great runners: you need literally no equipment to play running. Here in America, we have cooler sports, which require more stuff, and we can afford the stuff.

    Soccer is for children. It’s a simple game for simple people. Would you start a kickball league? How about a dodgeball league? Soccer is a game for kids because it’s easy to run around and chase a ball and try to kick the ball into a large net.

    NPR and other liberal drones have never ventured the guess that American’s don’t like soccer because it isn’t football. We also don’t like rugby, cricket, and squash, all socialist European fag sports. If it ain’t football, basketball or baseball, all American pastimes, its faggy.

    The Indians invented lacrosse (granted, a more violent version of the modern game), which requires one of the more complicated (and awesome) playing devices to come out of a stone age culture. It’s culture related. If the rest of the world were as savage and awesome as the Native Americans of lore, soccer/football would be a historical footnote.

    Penalty kicks. Deciding the championship of a team sport on the basis of an individual skill contest is plain dumb

    Meh soccer sucks because it just isn’t very good. In American football you see good individual plays with every down. Soccer is sloppy, passes are inaccurate, those receiving passes usually don’t receive them. There are no plays really, there are certain things they try to do in certain situations but not everyone is on the same page or even at the same part of the field. Every down in football and every pitch in baseball has some sort of play on and that is why they score more often. Soccer to me is a bunch of people running around looking for an opportunity instead of creating an opportunity to either score or defend against a score. That’s why it’s boring.

    After careful contemplation of all of your thoughtful points, and with all due deference to your considerable writing skill, I must humbly submit to you that my much shorter treatment has the greater explanatory power, to wit: Soccer sucks. (And it’s teh ghey.)

    When my kid was very young he quit playing soccer and devoted himself to baseball and basketball. It made sense when he stated, at age 7, “This game stinks; even when we beat the other team, everyone gets a trophy!” That was the big emphasis on ‘youth’ soccer back then: the dreaded SELF ESTEEM. I know that this, personally, colors my negative feelings about soccer.

    As for soccer – if I want to see a bunch of ties, I’ll head over to Brooks Brothers.

    it’s awesome, IMHO, and, if anyone wants a copy, just shoot me an e-mail. just add “AT” to my nick… operators are standing by. 😉

    redc1c4 (f06ee1)

  17. Richard Fernandez has a new column with iots of good news.

    In the same way the present calm in Europe can be deceiving. Even if its leaders were somehow to reconstitute its borders, a gigantic flood from that vacuum upstream of the old continent is already rushing with irresistible force upon it. The UNHCR says refugee numbers are expected to increase in 2016. Some estimates say as many as 10 million more are on the way. From the beaches of North Africa to the overcrowded camps in Jordan and Lebanon; from every nook and cranny in MENA — they are on the way. One way or the other a terrible smash is now in train.

    There remains the belief that Western leaders can still fix this problem with a little tweaking. But the time for easy action has passed. The Golden Hour in which to prevent irreversible damage has lapsed, neglected by a Washington too sure of its own fantasies to act decisively. Now the storm has broken and Merkel is downstream of a dam opened by the policy of “leading from behind”. The valve with which Obama had hoped to shut down the Islamic civil war has been turned the wrong way to full open. Worse, the wheel has broken off in his hand and he is staring at the snapped spindle.

    Obama will be working on his UN career by the time the flood hits us.

    Mike K (90dfdc)

  18. Crack Whore’s legacy is playing out in Europe as we scribe.

    Face it glass-half-fullers, you were duped. America is a complacent nematode.

    DNF (755a85)

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