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Where Were The German Men During The Cologne Attacks?

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[guest post by Dana]

In the aftermath of the attacks on untold numbers of women in Cologne by Muslim males and asylum seekers, I’m sure most of us have given a lot of thought to any number of issues involved with that what happened that night. As I try to understand certain aspects of it, I thought I’d throw them up in posts. If the subject matter is old news to you, please skip this post and consider this your “more below the fold” notice …

Anyway, at the risk of sounding old fashioned, and not jumping to any conclusions, note that I am simply chewing things over in my mind. Given that, as I read reports from Europe and the US about the horrible events that night, I am having trouble finding any mention of German men fighting back against the assailants. I did find this as yet unverified report from a doorman at a luxury hotel in the area. It speaks clearly to the horrific events and the utter terror these women experienced:

“Throughout the evening again and again women came to me and asked if they could just stand next to me so I could look after them. I still didn’t quite know what that was all about. They told me they were chased by these guys”.

The men who had chased the girls then attempted to attack again, but martial arts expert Jurevic was ready: “These guys that chased them, then they really tried to attack me. I’ll have to be honest, I beat them all up.

“I’ve never witnessed something like this, I always thought this stuff would be some sort of right wing propaganda. But it was real!”.

Aside from that, and the passing mention of two men who tried to protect their female companions and one’s daughter, I’m not seeing where German men came to the defense of the throngs of women being victimized that night. It’s strikes me as odd given that large numbers of women were forced to walk through gauntlets of Muslim males upon exiting the train station and elsewhere in the square:

When we came out of the station, we were very surprised by the group we met, which was made up only of foreign men … We walked through the group of men, there was a tunnel through them, we walked through … I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and hit them, they men didn’t stop. I was horrified and I think I was touched around 100 times over the 200 metres.”

The women fought back, but were there no German men who also exited the station and saw what was happening? And if so, did they also fight against the assailants? Or did they see that they were outnumbered, and retreat? Clearly, it’s highly unlikely that there would not have been German men or male tourists in the area, given that it was New Year’s Eve, and especially as the attacks took place in the city’s main train station and the public square near it. The station was a central transit point for anyone coming from or going to a fireworks display over the Rhine and the bars and nightclubs in the heart of the city, in the shadow of its landmark cathedral.

This was not some obscure, out of the way location. It was a popular location for News Year’s Eve celebrating:

The spot, in the centre of the city, attracts thousands of people for the New Year celebrations, and the combination of crowds, alcohol and fireworks has proved problematic for police for a number of years.

So where were the German men and other male tourists during the melee and what were they doing? Because it would seem safe to assume that they would be there en masse, just like their female counterparts. And given that the majority of the women appeared to be on the young side and were planning to hit the bars and clubs and party, it would be likely the German men in attendance would also be on the young, able-bodied side. And yet, I can’t find mention of them, either being in the station, the square, or fighting to defend the women.

But, if they were on the scene and avoided getting involved, perhaps that speaks to what the “enlightened men” the mayor of Cologne referenced in an interview when she expressed shock that such inhuman practices took place that night, in light of a new generation of men who consider equality to be self-evident. Maybe the apparent absence of German men standing up to the thugs that night is precisely what this new generation of enlightened men look like. Maybe this is the end result of young men living in one the most progressive countries having been cowed and bullied their whole lives by the resident progressives and feminists demanding equality at every turn as they pushed their social constructs and successfully realigned the sexes. That is to say, perhaps the natural inclination in men to protect women has been culturally beaten out of them. If so, these enlightened young men men who consider equality self-evident no longer even resemble men.

Which then begs the question, if the above proposition has any merit, will the German men, and men elsewhere in Europe seeing these horrors unfold in their own countries, re-think their roles in light of this horrible New Year’s Eve? And perhaps even more importantly, will women let them?

p.s. Another reason they may have been afraid to get involved that night, aside from being beaten up or worse, was perhaps they were afraid of being arrested for assault against Muslim asylum seekers in a very politically correct nation whose government has already taken steps to censor speech on social media critical of Muslim immigrants and Merkel’s open-door policy.

What do you think?


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