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President Obama Says Recommendations On Gun Control Executive Action Well Within His Authority

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[guest post by Dana]

Having just returned from a vacation in Hawaii, President Obama began making good on his New Year’s resolution of taking executive action on gun control.

After meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other law enforcement officials, the president made this statement:

The good news is that these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but they’re also ones that the overwhelming majority of the American people, including gun owners, support and believe in.

Although President Obama was short on specifics, there is speculation about the expected focus of his forthcoming action:

Gun control advocates and White House officials say the focus remains on the so-called “gun show loophole,” which allows certain sellers of guns — at gun shows and elsewhere — to avoid conducting background checks before making sales.

Congress would still need to act in order to make background checks fully universal. But advocates and administration lawyers have struck upon a provision in the law that could allow for Obama to expand the background check requirement to additional sellers.

The president, believing that he Must Take Action to save American lives has yet to explain exactly which lives would have been saved if these restrictions had been in place. Nonetheless, he is convinced lives will indeed be saved, and he is pushing to convince voters of this:

“This is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. It’s not going to prevent every mass shooting. It’s not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal,” he said. “It will potentially save lives in this country and spare families the pain and the extraordinary loss that they’ve suffered as a consequence of a firearm being in the hands of wrong people.”

It is expected that the president will make a formal announcement tomorrow from the East Room of the White House. The president will also be holding a town hall this Thursday on CNN in a last ditch effort to convince us of the legality and viability of his desperately sought after legacy plans to protect the American people.


Hillary Clinton, Noted Champion Of Women, Shuts Down Rape Survivor At Town Hall Q&A Event

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[guest post by Dana]

Yesterday at a townhall in Derry, New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton continued to lead the Democrats and their war on women by shutting down former Democrat and rape survivor, Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien (R). The representative confronted Clinton about Bill Clinton’s abuse of women and the candidate’s own subsequent war on women. Instead of meeting Prudhomme-O’Brien head-on about accusations of hypocrisy, the leading Democratic candidate made a stunning disavowal of her claims as a champion of all women by bitch-slapping the rape survivor questioning her:

The Washington Post amusingly comes to Clinton’s defense, first by providing the media narrative dismissing Prudhomme-O’Brien as nothing more than a “heckler”, as well as making no effort to follow up on the representative’s questions about Clinton’s hypocrisy like you would expect hope professional journalists would:

Prudhomme-O’Brien has for years followed the former first lady, peppering her with questions about allegations of past sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton. The state lawmaker’s outbursts startled an otherwise friendly and even-tempered town hall audience. It is unclear whether Clinton was able to hear her comments.

Well, considering Prudhomme-O’Brien was shouting from the third row directly in front of Clinton, if Clinton didn’t hear her, then I would suggest this grandmother has experienced some severe hearing loss. (Which begs the question, how could she even answer that 3:00 am phone call if she can’t hear it??) Moreover, if Prudhomme-O’Brien was already known to Clinton for having dogged the candidate about her war on women, it stands to reason that Clinton would shut down any effort made by Prudhomme-O’Brien to confront her, and it really wouldn’t matter if she heard her questions or not. After all, forewarned is forearmed. It has become apparent that the woman who believes she deserves the presidency has no intention of either letting up on her war against women, nor answering any questions about her obvious hypocrisy. And it doesn’t matter if those making inquiry are the very survivors of sexual assault that she claims to care about. Disturbing, yet expected, Clinton continues to reveal that she does not believe all sexual assault survivors are equal.

Interestingly, it’s not just Hillary Clinton waging the war against women. Notice the women around Prudhomme-O’Brien booing her efforts to get the candidate to explain herself on one of her signature campaign issues.

Note to Democratic women: It is weak and timid of you to not champion anyone who demands accountability from any candidate seeking to become your president. Time to lean in, little girls, and stop showing your frilly fearful underpants and clutching your pearls because an assertive woman demands answers from your candidate. This is what true equality looks like. When you boo an assertive woman for demanding answers and simultaneously treat Hillary Clinton with kid gloves, you make it very clear you are absolutely nothing about equal treatment and equality of the genders, but rather see yourselves, and all women, as the gentler sex and expect to be treated as such. Shame on you, and shame on your candidate for trying to silence even one woman. After all, it was Hillary Clinton herself who smugly explained to fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders:

It’s just when women talk, some people think we’re shouting.”

Prudhomme-O’Brien cited Clinton’s own claim made last month on the campaign trail (and tweeted the previous month) as the basis for her effort to get Clinton to explain herself: “Today I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault, don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed and we’re with you.”

Prudhomme-O’Brien later pressed her point to reporters:

I asked her how in the world she can say that Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey are lying when she has no idea who Juanita Broaddrick is,” O’Brien said. “She told me this summer she doesn’t know who she is and doesn’t want to know who she is. How can she assess that they are lying, which she told someone last month?”

Instead of Prudhomme-O’Brien being congratulated by the media, Democratic voters, and especially female voters for demanding that a presidential candidate address accusations of hypocrisy and double standards, Prudhomme-O’Brien instead found herself doxxed by a female reporter from NBC.

It remains to be seen whether Clinton takes a private meeting with Prudhomme-O’Brien and any other women who protest and disrupt her campaign stops as they demand answers for her double-standards and hypocrisy. After all, she was willing to do exactly that with Black Lives Matter members after they disrupted her campaign forums demanding answers. Wouldn’t equality demand she do that in this case too? Because certainly all women’s lives matter, right?

The bottom line is that the Democratic war on women continues unabated, and leading the way is the very pioneer of the movement, Democratic front-runner for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, who has for decades enabled her husband’s abuse of women and attacked and impugned the reputations of his accusers. The very woman who wants us to believe that if elected, she will be the champion of all Americans.


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