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Cruz Rejects Ritual Denunciation

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There has been a recent absurd proposal to ban all Muslims from coming to this country — or even returning, as American citizens, from their trips abroad.

The media always plays a game when Republicans say stupid things like this. They run to other Republicans and expect them to issue ritual denunciations.

Ted Cruz says: homie don’t play that game.

I think it’s fine if you want to criticize a dumb proposal. But nobody is required to. And if I were running for President, and I were expected to issue a ceremonial condemnation, I think I’d pass — just as Cruz is doing.

Besides. Remember when Glenn Greenwald used to run around playing that game? I decided to just condemn everything. And on July 13, 2006, I did.

So, whenever you want me to condemn something, my answer to you is: I already did, years ago. What took you so long?

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield: “There have been Jewish terrorist attacks. Should we therefore ask no Jews to please apply for a visa?”

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[guest post by Dana]

No matter what you think of Trump’s ridiculous proposal, I think we can all agree that Banfield proves that putting on a pair of glasses doesn’t make you smart:


What I Wish Obama Had Said

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[guest post by JVW]

I’m a little late to the game regarding the preening p***y President’s address to the American people last Sunday night. I was having a beer at a brewery waiting for the Sunday night NFL game to commence and was a bit surprised that NBC joined the other networks in televising it. I’m sure that the administration had to assure them that President Petulance would wrap-up his speech well before the scheduled kickoff at 5:30 pm Pacific Time, and for once the blowhard kept it (somewhat) short. The television audio at the brewery was not on, so I didn’t hear what he said, though I did read the transcript later that evening.

As JD rightly characterized it, the address was vapid and the President pretty much went through the motions with his usual litany of banalities, the only real difference this time being that Obama no longer seems to have his heart in it and probably in his subconscious knows that he is a used-up gasbag just riding it out for thirteen more months. I sort of found myself trying to think up what he might have said that would have departed from his lazy and self-indulgent progressivism, and I kind of thought that this is what I would have liked to hear:

[He goes through his spiel about the victims, his resolve to eradicate the ISIS threat, how Muslims shouldn’t be treated unfairly, etc.]

I understand the anger and the frustration that many Americans have tonight that our efforts to defeat and contain ISIS have not proceeded more rapidly or achieved the sort of successes that we desire. I also understand that Congress has an important role to play in determining our policy going forward, and I am resolved to work closely with members of both parties — especially the majority party in both houses — to ensure that we present a united front in the War on Terrorism. To that extend, I want to make two major announcements:

First, I am aware that the House voted two weeks ago to place strict limits on the number of refugees we accept from Syria and Iraq, and to make substantive changes to the manner in which they are screened and processed by Homeland Security. Though I have previously stated my opposition to this bill, I concede that over two-thirds of House members voted in favor of this measure, including a significant number of members from my party. In light of this, I pledge my support of this bill and ask the Senate to pass it expeditiously at which time I will sign it in to law.

I also acknowledge that my administration’s relationship with Congress has deteriorated, and I pledge to rectify this and repair the damage. I have therefore requested and received the resignations of Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice. All three have served honorably under difficult circumstances, yet I recognize that they no longer have the support of Congress and that we can’t afford to spend the next year in an ideological or political standoff. I will be working with the House and Senate leadership in coming weeks to find replacements for this important positions who can earn and maintain the confidence of the Congressional leadership.

Thank you. Good night and God bless America.

A conservative can dream, can’t he?


People Starting to Openly Curse Obama

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Two Fox News commentators were suspended on Monday for using profanities while criticizing President Obama.
Ralph Peters, a Fox News “strategic analyst,” called the president a “total pu—” who “doesn’t want to hurt our enemies.”

A couple of hours later Stacey Dash, a Fox contributor, said the president “didn’t give a sh–” about Sunday night’s terrorism speech.

All I did was call him a “punk” — a term I never thought I’d use to describe an American president back in 2008.

People are getting fed up.

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