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Ted Cruz: I Would Not Ban All Muslims from Entering the Country

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Asked whether he would support an absurd proposal to ban Muslims from coming into the country — including Muslim citizens on vacation abroad who would be returning — Ted Cruz said:

“Well that, that is not my policy. I’ve introduced legislation in the Senate that would put in place a three year moratorium on refugees coming from countries where ISIS or Al Qaeda can control a substantial amount of territory. And the reason is that’s where the threat is coming from,” Cruz said.

He continued, “I think that’s the approach we should take and we need a commander and chief who is focused on keeping this nation safe. And the way we do so is focusing in particular on radical Islamic terrorism which is exactly what I intend to do.”

Virtually every Republican running agrees. As do I.

UPDATE: It is worth noting, as DRJ notes in comments, that Cruz is now leading the polls in Iowa. That makes him a winner, and those who are not leading . . . losers. #winning

Photo: A Killer That Obama Let Into the U.S.

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ABC News has a photo of “vetted” visa holder Tashfeen Malik entering the country with Syed Farook.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.35.12 AM

As we consider whether to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees next fiscal year — not all “widows and orphans” despite what our Liar in Chief would have you believe — let’s keep this photo in mind. It is the photo of two mass murderers, one of whom we could have kept out of our country. (And another of whom was talking to terrorists overseas. Why do we have that surveillance again?)

Also keep in mind that 13% of Syrian refugees entering Europe are sympathetic to ISIS. Out of 10,000 people, that’s 1300.

Barack Obama let in Tashfeen Malik. How many more killers will he insist we bring within our border?

UPDATE: I’m just going to say, for the record, that I don’t approve of talk that suggests all Muslims are terrorists or should be killed. I know Muslims who are peaceful and upstanding members of American society. I want those people to know that I stand with them, without reservation.

I just felt that needed to be said.

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