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A Telling Moment from the Democrat Debate

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Feel the Bern!!!

COOPER: I want to talk about issues of race in America, for that I want to start of[f] with Don Lemon. [Well of course you do. — Ed.]

LEMON: Alright, Anderson, thank you very much. I’m not sure how to follow that, but this question is about something that has tripped some of the candidates up out on the campaign trail. Can you hear me?

Can’t hear me in the room. OK, here we go again, as I said…

WILKINS: …law school. My question for the candidates is, do black lives matter, or do all lives matter?

COOPER: The question from Arthur…

LEMON: …There we go…

COOPER: …Do black lives matter, or do all lives matter? Let’s put that question to Senator Sanders.

SANDERS: Black lives matter.


SANDERS: And the reason — the reason those words matter is the African American community knows that on any given day some innocent person like Sandra Bland can get into a car, and then three days later she’s going to end up dead in jail, or their kids…


SANDERS: …are going to get shot. We need to combat institutional racism from top to bottom, and we need major, major reforms in a broken criminal justice system…


SANDERS: …In which we have more people in jail than China. And, I intended to tackle that issue. To make sure that our people have education and jobs rather than jail cells.


Not one of the Democrat candidates said that all lives matter.

UPDATE: Another telling moment: for Jim Webb the real enemy was the Viet Cong. For Hillary? The Republicans.

Democrats Get Fact-Checked

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Kevin Gutzman on Facebook:

When Bernie Sanders says the US has more income inequality than any other country, when actually it’s #42 on that list, is he lying, or is he ignorant? When Hillary says she “hoped” the TPP would be the “gold standard” for such agreements, when actually she said it *was*, is she lying, or is her memory failing her? People that old commonly do have memory problems, but these two always “err” in the direction that helps their case.

Hmmm. The fact-check he cites is here. I didn’t watch the debate, so I’m sure this “fact-check” left several howlers uncorrected. Any that you guys noticed?

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