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Water on Mars?

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There’s a big NASA announcement coming tomorrow, and the (seemingly accurate) speculation is that it is about the discovery of liquid water on Mars:

NASA says it has big news for us Monday. “Mars Mystery Solved,” the agency’s news release touts without offering even a hint as to what mystery they mean.

For those who just can’t wait, a little Googling may solve the puzzle — and it’s not Matt Damon, little green people, or any other clear indication of life. It appears to be a confirmation of periodically flowing water on the planet’s surface.

Three of the scientists slated for the news conference are listed as authors of a new paper to be delivered at this week’s European Planetary Science Congress.

In it, the researchers say analysis of imaging from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter proves that seasonal dark streaks on the Martian surface are the result of briny water periodically flowing across the planet’s surface.

How about that.

Keeping It Classy: Protesters Throw Condoms At Carly Fiorina

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[guest post by Dana]

While Carly Fiorina campaigned at a tailgate party in Iowa yesterday, she found herself being pelted with condoms by protesters. Note that the condoms thrown were no ordinary over-the-counter prophylactics, but were Planned Parenthood’s own special brand:


PROPER ATTIREĀ® condoms, available in Planned Parenthood health centers, are just one example of new condoms available to consumers. With fifteen glamorous styles, PROPER ATTIRE condoms are a safe, fun and stylish way to protect against pregnancy and STDs.

Protesters, still studiously ignoring the abject depravity of the CMP videos, chose to focus on what they believe to be Fiorina’s debate video misrepresentation as they sought to put her in her place:

The protesters, some of whom were affiliated with the women’s health group and others who were supporters, were dressed in pink and waved pink pom-poms as they followed the Republican presidential candidate around the tailgate, chanting “Carly Fiorina offsides for telling lies” and “women are watching and we vote.”

Because nothing says Take me seriously! like a pom-pom waving woman dressed up as birth control:


Nonetheless, Fiorina remained calm and poised in the face of such classless buffoonery, and in classic Fiorina-style, took advantage of the opportunity presented to her:

Joining the protesters was a patient of Planned Parenthood, Cindy Shireman, who pushed through the crowd to confront Fiorina directly and told her she doesn’t support women’s health.

“Oh I support women’s health,” Fiorina quipped back, while grasping Shireman’s hand.

“You need to ask yourself some questions [like] why is it that fetuses are butchered alive to harvest their brains. Why?”

The questions, of course, present themselves: If birth control is a throw-away item (just like a baby!) as demonstrated, then why on earth are taxpayers forced to subsidize Planned Parenthood?? Further, can you imagine the howls of outrage if Hillary Clinton was pelted with condoms??

(Photos via ABC News Reporter Jordyn Phelps)


Fun Stuff on a Sunday Morning: President Trump Addresses the Nation

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Bring the death penalty to Norway!

We’re a bunch of fools, and we’re being led by a fool. Let’s see if we can do it again!

And to cleanse the palate, here is a fun cover of an old Northern Pikes song, performed by a pal of Jay Semko’s named Ray Whitton. Love his voice. Jay sings on this track too. I got Whitton’s album on iTunes this morning. His original stuff is worth checking out.

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