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Hillary Clinton: Sure, Ninth Month Abortion Is Okay With Me!

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[guest post by Dana]

I wrote a big, long, detailed post about Hillary Clinton’s disgraceful support of late-term abortion and her claim that the videos released by the Center for Medical Progress – videos that she admits she has not watched in full – were “misleadingly edited” because Planned Parenthood told her they were, but I ended up so disgusted with this vile creature spewing forth so much bullshit, I cut to the chase and posted this instead. Given how utterly unfamiliar with character Hillary Clinton is, it only stands to reason that the concept of a nation’s character would be completely lost on her.

(Video contains graphic images)

(Interestingly, another old, iconic, white feminist ghoul emerged from her crypt long enough to blast Fiorina for daring to fight to protect unborn women – and their rights to choose.)


Trump Threatens Critic with Frivolous Lawsuit Designed to Squelch Speech

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Well, he just lost my vote. (Oh wait: he was never going to get it anyway.)

TPM has the cease-and-desist letter, in which Trump’s lawyer threatens Club for Growth with a lawsuit for telling the truth about Trump’s record. Trumpie-pie is upset that they pointed out that he has supported higher taxes, nationalized health care, and the bailouts.

Sean Davis at my new favorite Web site the Federalist gives us the facts regarding Trump’s tax hike proposals:

Garten’s assertion, however, appears to have little basis in reality. For example, Trump has repeatedly called for higher taxes on certain types of investment income. Garten only needs to spend a few minutes on Google to see the mountains of evidence supporting the charge that Donald Trump wants to raise taxes. Here is but a small sampling of headlines highlighting Trump’s ongoing support for higher taxes:

ABC (Aug. 6): Donald Trump Once Proposed the Biggest Tax Hike Ever
Bloomberg (Aug. 26): Donald Trump says he wants to raise taxes on himself
CNN (Aug. 27): Donald Trump: Tax the rich more
New York Times (Aug. 31): Increase taxes? Talk by Donald Trump alarms G.O.P.
International Business Times (Sept. 8): Elizabeth Warren Praises Donald Trump Tax Plan

The Club for Growth wasn’t exactly going out on a limb by noting that Donald Trump supports higher taxes.

Visit the post itself for all the links.

I have little more to add to that, but I did want to embed the attack ad itself, so that readers can see the ad for themselves and determine whether it is accurate or not:

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