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The Federalist Slams the “Fact-Checkers” on Fiorina and the Planned Parenthood Videos

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The Federalist, which is in my view one of the best Web sites out there today, has an excellent piece debunking some facts offered by the “fact-checkers” questioning Carly Fiorina’s statement about Planned Parenthood:

As regards Planned Parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, I dare Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain.

This is about the character of our nation, and if we will not stand up in and force President Obama to veto this bill, shame on us.

I knew immediately what Fiorina was talking about because I had seen the video. In my mind, I questioned whether the description was entirely accurate, but I remembered the video she was talking about, because it makes an impression on you.

The most disturbing part of the video begins around 4:08. It features an interview with someone talking about a baby that has just been aborted. She describes how the doctor tapped the fetus, whose heart was still beating. She wasn’t sure if the baby was dead. She was told to cut open the baby’s face to “procure a brain” — which she did. At about 5:56, there is stock footage of a baby lying in a metal dish, moving its hands and feet. In the bottom right part of the screen, it reads “Courtesy of Grantham Collection and Center for Bioethical Reform.”

The raging, factually sloppy feminist Amanda Marcotte writes at Slate:

There is nothing in the videos made by CMP, either in the edited or full-length versions, that has anything approaching images of legs kicking or hearts beating.*

Note the asterisk. She had to issue a “clarification” (which, as we will see, is wrong):

*Clarification, Sept. 18, 2015, 1:04 p.m.: Fiorina was evidently referring to a few seconds of footage of what appears to be a stillborn fetus. The provenance of the video is unknown, there is no audio on the video, and there is no indication that the fetus was aborted.

Wrong, wrong, and wrong. It’s not stillborn, the provenance is known (footage from an abortion clinic), and the fetus was aborted. You see, the folks at the Federalist actually bothered to, you know, do journalism and ask the people who provided it. Here is what Gregg Cunningham, the executive director of The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, which provided the footage for the video, told the Federalist:

The video clip we provided to CMP depicted an intact delivery abortion. It was filmed at an abortion clinic. It was not a miscarriage. Mothers don’t go to abortion clinics to miscarry. Had this case been a miscarriage, the mother would have presented at a hospital and her baby would have been rushed to an Isolette for appropriate neonatal care — not abandoned to writhe and eventually expire in a cold, stainless steel specimen vessel. As regards the organizational affiliation of the abortion facility in which this termination was performed, our access agreements forbid the disclosure of any information which might tend to identify the relevant clinics or personnel with whom we work. Preserving confidentiality is vital to future clinic access. I can, however, assure you that the footage in question is not anomalous. It is representative of the frequent outcomes of many late term intact delivery terminations performed at clinics of all organizational affiliations.

Marcotte may have gotten this the most blatantly wrong, but other “fact-checkers” like the geniuses at Politi[cized]Fact dutifully shrugged their shoulders, failed to do the requisite legwork, and offered up an opinion that, hey, for all we know, this could have been a stillborn fetus:

We don’t know the circumstances behind this video: where it came from, under what conditions it was obtained, or even if this fetus was actually aborted (as opposed to a premature birth or miscarriage).

You don’t know . . . because you didn’t try to find out.

Similarly, know-it-all Sarah Kliff at Vox claimed to have watched all the Planned Parenthood tapes, yet initially wrote this misleading passage:

[T]he things Fiorina describes — the legs kicking, the intact “fully formed fetus,” the heart beating, the remarks about having to “harvest its brain” — are pure fiction.

Uh, nope.

It took Kliff reading a piece by Mollie Hemingway to even figure out which video Fiorina was talking about, even though I’d bet large sums of money that, like me, most of you knew instantly which video she was referring to.

The Federalist piece has other examples of leftists getting it completely wrong.

So: Fiorina may have misstated things a bit, since the relationship between the footage of the kicking baby and the horrific actions described in the interview is more one of video illustration rather than video documentation of the incident itself. But this howling mob rushing to brand Fiorina’s comments as “pure fiction” has collectively erred far worse than Fiorina did.

Which is about par for the course for politicized leftist “fact-checkers.”

Well done by the folks at the Federalist.

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  1. Ding.

    Patterico (fecd9b)

  2. Some moron already replied to your post claiming that these videos were doctored.

    “Liar. The doctored videos are frauds and have long since been discredited. The loonies at your website link quote them as gospel. You are deluded and seek to delude in turn.”

    Guess it’s a moron that lets you live rent free in their head.

    Kaitian (fee38b)

  3. Marcotte and Kliff could have posted the videos for readers to decide for themselves.

    Funny that the only way to get the left to actually talk about the videos was in the interest of discrediting someone who was obviously deeply impacted by the grisly images, not what was happening, or happened to the babies.

    Dana (86e864)

  4. Some hack on the Tweeter said we don’t know what’s on the video, so Fiorina is clearly wrong! Wait, if we don’t know what’s on the video…

    Gazzer (058c87)

  5. I’ll say it again: every time that Amanda Marcotte opines on any topic, it should be remembered that she was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the Presidential candidacy of John Edwards. When you are so mindless that you fall that sort of homespun hokum, you forever disqualify yourself from being considered a serious thinker.

    JVW (ba78f9)

  6. Vehicles in Ma. still have Kerry/Edward bumper stickers.

    mg (31009b)

  7. I thought Kevin Drum’s take on this was sensible.

    James B. Shearer (de6a3b)

  8. mg (31009b) — 9/18/2015 @ 10:34 pm

    I used to have Gore/Kemp sticker on my upper bunk bed when I was a kid which was in the 90’s. But unlike the liberals in MA, I got rid of the bunk bed when I grew up. They haven’t obviously.

    Kaitian (fee38b)

  9. I thought Kevin Drum’s take on this was sensible.

    If you scroll down to read the comments on this piece, you will see that Patterico is setting Drum straight on the facts.

    JVW (ba78f9)

  10. Kevin Drum is a leftie I respect, unlike most of them, as he investigated the Bush TANG story back in 2004 before CBS botched it and concluded there was no story there. He wanted there to be a story but there was no evidence. That was well before the notorious Word simulation surfaced.

    Cary has the left in hysterics because they sense they are losing this battle in the public mind.

    Mike K (557d1f)

  11. To be fair, the intact fetus in the video looks somewhere around 14 or 15 weeks and could not have survived. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t human, it doesn’t excuse the tissue harvesting, and particularly does not justify hastening the death. But no hospital would have sent it to the neonatal ICU. It was nowhere near the 22-23 weeks where there is a chance.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  12. Kevin M, are you talking about the infant at approx the six minute mark of this video?

    You can probably tell I’m not singing from the same sheet of music, beginning with the fact the human being we are talking about lying in that cold metal pan is not anymore a fetus. That is a child.

    Steve57 (506e39)

  13. Yes maybe a hopeless child but still a child.

    Steve57 (506e39)

  14. 11. To be fair, the intact fetus in the video looks somewhere around 14 or 15 weeks and could not have survived. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t human, it doesn’t excuse the tissue harvesting, and particularly does not justify hastening the death. But no hospital would have sent it to the neonatal ICU. It was nowhere near the 22-23 weeks where there is a chance.

    Kevin M (25bbee) — 9/19/2015 @ 1:04 am

    The child still deserved care. And who knows what could have happened had the infant received it. Perhaps the number of weeks of certitude would be closer to 15 than 22.

    But the infant deserved more than a cold, bare metal pan.

    Steve57 (506e39)

  15. Patterico, I’m glad you share my opinion of the Federalist.

    This is an issue that gets to the core of our souls in many ways.

    I don’t look forward to the rationalizing nonsense to follow in this debate. As National Lampoon used to opine, a stroll through the ocean of some people’s souls would scarce get your feet wet.

    I like Steve’s comment very much. “A cold metal pan” should make all of us think, especially when many leaders refuse to look at this and think.

    Simon Jester (28a3da)

  16. But the infant deserved more than a cold, bare metal pan.

    No he didn’t, Steve57. The important issue here is the right for a person to terminate another. The left wants us to get used to high volume death and death by legal edict. That’s how they’ve rolled since the 1930’s. That’s why this wave of anti-abortion stuff is so tedious to leftists. They thought all the pro-life talk was over but surprise, it started up again much to their chagrin.

    It’s also why partial-birth abortion is so important to the Party of Death. If the democratic socialists of America can convince people and by extension the law that partial-birth abortion is okay then the next step is post-birth abortion. Then infant abortion. Then baby abortion. Then pre-pubescent abortion. They’ll throw in a feeler for “quality of life” abortion to eliminate defectives such as physical deformities, blindness and any mental problem deemed unworthy. They can also turn their eyes toward assisted suicide and encourage people injured in accidents or war to do society a favor and end it. Then finally we get to those worthless dogs over 65 who no longer produce enough revenue or taxes to justify their existence and should, for their own sake and society’s, be surreptitiously exterminated. Mission accomplished.

    I find it amusing that our country has devolved into one where it’s the law that two persons with psycho-sexual disorders by law can be married and babies by law can be murdered and parted out. How compassionate, noble and enlightened we’ve become thanks to leftists.

    One important point for Patterico. You keep saying in your post that the fact-checkers are wrong and folks like Marcotte are sloppy. Neither is correct. They are all liars propelled to lie continuously and disingenuously by a deep seated entrapment into leftism which allows no escape for personal morality. It has nothing to do with honest errors, or even sloppy reporting. It has to do with the very nature of leftism. The idea that nothing is more important than the State. It’s the reason they are mostly antitheists, atheists, agnostics, heathens and pagans. No God can exist that is higher than the State and they have evolved to the point now where they have learned how to use our own law against us to eliminate any higher moral imperative than their own selfish desires. No, Patterico, they are neither wrong nor sloppy they are devious leftists out to destroy America and to do that they must destroy faith based morality and to do that they must destroy Christianity. So they’ve set the law to the task every way they can think of to do it.

    Rev. Barack Hussein Hoagie (f4eb27)

  17. I don’t really disagree with you, Hoagie. Teh Narrative™ uber alles, after all. All political types need to guard against reactive sloganeering, right?

    But many people have asking what Republicans stand for, as a brand. It’s a good question. People tie themselves up in knots about it on the Right.

    Not so the Left.

    This reminds me of the (sadly apocryphal, I’m told) story about Churchill’s comment about the grand traditions of the Royal Navy being “rum, sodomy, and the lash” (with a hat tip to the great The Pogues of the 80s).

    The Democrats will not yield on any restrictions, at all, on abortion. Period.

    When folks on the Right see this, correctly, as thoughtless bumper sticker reaction…we need to guard against the same.

    Again, a horrible story.

    Simon Jester (28a3da)

  18. At the risk of blathering on too much, I would like to add one more thing. It’s very relevant to this discussion, when you think about it.

    When I left the biotech industry and returned to academia, I worked in Los Angeles. I wanted to fit in and learn about departmental culture, so I went to visit all my colleagues’s classes and labs. There was a rather elderly professor in my department, who taught “old skool” physiology. He was quite forbidding by nature, brusque, sarcastic, and wore a clearly bloodstained smock when he taught lab.

    I visited physiology lab one day. This professor had anesthesized a big white rabbit. The bunny was on its back, and the professor had its chest open. He would administer drugs, and point out how heart function changed, linking it to various other organ systems and medical issues. Students were crowded around.

    At one point, the rabbit stopped breathing, and this large, brusque man used a soda straw to do artificial respiration on the bunny, to get it breathing again to continue the lesson.

    A surfer type dude of a student giggled. I have never forgotten what happened next.

    The big professor turned instantly, his eyes blazing.

    This animal is dying so you can learn something. Show it the respect it merits!,” he thundered

    You could have heard a pin drop.

    It’s all about respect, isn’t it? It’s easier to make jokes or giggle or not look.

    But I think the old professor had the right idea.

    Your mileage may vary.

    Simon Jester (28a3da)

  19. Simon Jester, you say we need to guard against the thoughtless bumper sticker reaction of the type the left puts forward. You correctly note the left will not yield on any restrictions on abortion, true enough. But the left won’t yield on anything, ever. It won’t yield on abortion, man-made global worming, the fact that a male can want to be a female but no matter what he does, he’s always gonna be a male, Islam is a theocracy by design, millions of moslems are terrorists, Illegal aliens are illegal, and a million more stupid ideas they ” will not yield” on. And over the last 50 years they’ve managed to take over law, the courts, pre-school primary and secondary education up to and including doctorates, the media, entertainment including movies and TV and now they’ve not only got gays in the military but they are friggin’ generals! Every sexual and moral perversion known and every Constitutional law reversed or eroded by leftists. So they’re doing something right that we need to emulate, copy and jam back down their pagan, anti American throats.

    I wish we had some sloganeering half as good as these evil bastards. Look at what these pigs can accomplish with just “Hands up, don’t shoot” and “Black Lives Matter”. The first slogan is a lie and the second is racist. But for them they work. But they fit on bumper stickers next to coexist and stop global warming.

    Rev. Barack Hussein Hoagie (f4eb27)

  20. You are right, Hoagie. I have long feared the social engineerings really understanding memes. And I think they are getting it.

    Truly politically weaponized propaganda. The solution, of course, is for people to read and think about a variety of perspectives. Ain’t going to happen.

    The SF writer Dean Ing had an interesting idea in a story of his, “Silent Thunder”: the Donnersprache.

    I think we face more of a Aldous Huxley future than a George Orwell future.

    Simon Jester (28a3da)

  21. Yeah, they’re going to keep trying to brazen this out.

    Wherever you go, mention that specific minute mark in the unedited video. Some of the readers will try to look for themselves and the truth will get out.

    Gabriel Hanna (2ca835)

  22. Hoagie & Jester,

    In some ways, many ways, you are spot on. Where the Left fails is their contempt for their opponents, they are used to thinking of the Republican Establishment as ther serious opposition, and the rank-and-file as rabble. So they are constantly surprised to encounter serious grass-roots opposition. They also live in an echo chamber, so they are always surprised at the reaction when they touch a nerve. Nobody THEY know thinks a fetus is human, and in between blunders they tell each-other that the people whp were outraged last time were cardboard cut-outs. So when they encounter real passion the next time their surprise is new all over again.

    C. S. P. Schofield (2b5655)

  23. One of the comments I saw immediately following the debates was along the lines of “there are no winners to the debate; it’s a matter of who the viewer liked to begin with.”


    The winner of the debate will be the candidate that draws the most fire from the shrieking, hair-on-fire Left.

    Karl Lembke (b8496a)

  24. Truly politically weaponized propaganda.

    Perfect description, Simon Jester. The left is now pushing for and promoting a pre-K program because not getting their claws into children before they can talk has proved unacceptable to the reich. To the left those first few years of unsupervised development can cause future problems with some independent thought sneaking in. Can’t have that!

    They are also promoting “free” college. How brazen is that? A house painter making 38k a year pays taxes to send the son of a doctor to college to get a degree in law and earn 250k a year. Meanwhile the house painter’s kids wear hand-me-downs and eat hot dogs. But the left has a lifetime guarantee of votes from the lawyer while they get the same guarantee from the painter because they will provide that pre-k babysitting service….for free too.

    Rev. Barack Hussein Hoagie (f4eb27)

  25. this is why you should always get the facts and not rely on sleazy propaganda

    rely on the facts

    carly didn’t i will

    watch the video carefully

    carly didn’t i did

    mindlessly regurgitate propaganda

    carly did I won’t

    happyfeet (831175)

  26. The Left had won when a divorced Irish actor became, and remained, the Iconic Conservative Of America. And it’s been a rout (that’s a technical term for poop-in-the-pants running away as fast as you can) for conservatism since.

    nk (dbc370)

  27. No the ascendance of transplanted dynasty of east coast bankers did us in.

    narciso (ee1f88)

  28. The pro-abortion left will not actually watch the unedited videos, but they will blather on happyfeet-like about “editing” that does not change the context of the inhuman, bloodthirsty brutality that goes on in abortion mills.

    If the pro-abort left actually cared about women, they would not oppose laws that mandate abortion mills meet the same medical and safety requirements that all other outpatient surgical facilities must meet.

    If the pro-abort left was sincere in their false position that abortion is a matter of personal choice, they would readily agree to prohibition on the use of tax dollars for abortion, and insist that the person choosing to abort her baby pay for it entirely on her own.

    The pro-abort left is enthralled with the inherent racist eugenics of Sanger’s vision, and they are so greedy they want to squeeze every possible ducat that they can out of the slaughter of humans in the fetal stage of the human life cycle.

    This latest video – in which the PP thug admits to the “PR problem”, while still wanting to maximize profits from the sale of organs and tissue from fetal abortion victims – crystallizes the stark, soulless evil of those who work for PP and the companies who buy these aborted human fetal remains.

    Pete (ceb4bf)

  29. The issue of abortion will never be resolved. I knew of women who got abortions when it was still illegal. Some people will always argue for it and some against it.

    The question here is government funding. That would be taxpayer funding, really, funding by me. I don’t want to pay for it. I don’t want to be forced to support it. If women are so equal and strong, then why can’t they handle it themselves? Stop asking me for sympathy and money.

    That’s why the left is fighting this. They fear a societal shift of sympathy that might reveal that 95% of abortions are for convenience (agreed to by both sides of the issue). And maybe women who have multiple abortions, like the one who was a regular with Dr. Gosnell, are bad people, not victims.

    Defunding PP is the first step of the societal shift, and that’s why I passionately support defunding.

    Patricia (5fc097)

  30. To be fair, the intact fetus in the video looks somewhere around 14 or 15 weeks and could not have survived.

    Maybe but in 1969 I operated on a baby that weighed 1 pound 10 ounces and she survived.That was before we had infant respirators or even neonatologists.

    A friend of mine who was an OBGYN resident had a woman come in one night with what he thought was a miscarriage, what we call a “spontaneous abortion.” The infant was lying between her legs and he picked it up and tossed it into an emesis basin and sent her and the fetus upstairs. He was sure it was dead.

    Two years later, he was in GYN clinic when the woman came up to him and thanked him for “saving my babies life.” Standing next to her was a two year old kid looking at him. It was the baby he thought had no chance to survive. That was also in the 60s when we had much less ability to treat very low birth weight infants. He told the story on himself to show how dumb he had been.

    We are nearing the point where there is going to be a real ethical crisis with this stuff. Public opinion is shifting and the left is scared shi*less about it.

    Mike K (557d1f)

  31. You know how college football players are trying to organize to be paid for their “work”? They risk concussion and permanent brain damage so that rich alumni can brag about “their team” etc?

    How long before the young women who are patronizing Planned Parenthood organize and lobby to be paid for their own “Labor”? If PP is getting paid for the tissues created in the woman’s body, why doesn’t the woman herself get (you will pardon the expression) “a cut”?

    The researchers think the tissue is valuable. Emily’s List lobbyists go on CNN and say it is “INvaluable”, irreplaceable, totally necessary to (continue?) making polio vaccine, Alzheimer’s vaccine, all kinds of wonderful drugs. Carly sez it’s horrible but Emily’s representative says that the women who choose to donate are doing a great public service. So, shouldn’t those women be paid? If not, why not? Why should the PP team be paid and the women not? If the law prohibits the sale of such tissues and bans the techniques to harvest such tissues, isn’t the law depriving these women, these VICTIMS, of control of the fruits of their own bodies? Aren’t PP, fetal tissue research industries, and the rulers of the land in a conspiracy or cartel to fix the price and restrict the supply of this resource?

    Choice, yes, but economic freedom as well. Women in control, right?

    Just a modest proposal, you know… Moloch awaits

    Pouncer (d90bef)

  32. You are lying again, Happyfeet.

    JD (3b5483)

  33. i am not i am telling the truth i promise

    happyfeet (831175)

  34. this post is a clever bit of misdirection I think Mr. JD

    making it out like the big lie carly told in the heat of the moment to score cheap political points was about the video clips the propagandists took from that lifeydoodle porn site grantham whatever

    (that’s a site what has pro-life porn on it what’s so gross and vile you can’t even link it here!)

    no the biggest egregious lie carly told was this part:

    “while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain”

    which is a completely dishonest characterization of the propaganda video’s contents

    shame on you carly you big lying poopface

    all this video has in it as far as actual evidence goes is the bwap bwap bwappings of an exotic multi-hued holly frog (who’s a disgruntled ex-employee of the company the propagandists are targeting!)

    but there’s nobody in the video what tells holly to do any face-cuttings

    carly is playing fast and loose with the truth, and shamefully so

    she should apologize to Jeb’s wife I think

    happyfeet (831175)

  35. what will it be, leftwingers… will you believe the Center for Medical Progress investigative tapes? or will you believe your lying eyes?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  36. Well. It’s important to have people look at the videos. Name calling is pretty juvenile, especially with such an important topic. Folks with strong feelings should follow up on the Federalist’s sources. It’s easy to reject things based on person feelings. But facts are fundamental.

    I hope that folks think about what is important to them, and what is not. In clear, honest prose.

    Me, I think breaking down fetuses for parts in exchange for money, even a little bit of money, is wrong.

    Reasonable people can differ.

    But even from a libertarian standpoint— if both the mother and father agreed, we could discuss it. Because if the mother is carrying the fetus, a father had something to do with it, genetically.

    Both opinions would only be fair, right?

    I do think that this topic is an odd litmus test to the Left.

    In the meantime, it’s important to remember what might be behind approaches to cover things up, and encourage people to not engage the topic. Both MD and DRJ have the right idea. There are some approaches that should be avoided, and honest clear discussion preferred. Instead of…

    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  37. narciso, I don’t blame Reagan. I bemoan that he was the sharpest knife conservatism brought to the gunfight.

    nk (dbc370)

  38. You interest me with that, nk. Do you mean a “standard bearer” for conservative thought? Who would you have liked? I don’t worship Ronald Reagan, but I was surprised from reading his letters how sharp and interesting he was. Though, of course, the Clerisy didn’t want people to think that.

    If you mean conservative-style thinkers to be brought up during the debates, I would be pushing Milton Friedman for economics, and Condi Rice for foreign policy (in terms of ideas to discuss).

    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  39. As with the iron lady from finchley, a decidedly downscale domicile, whose work Jas been squandered by the etonian Cameron.

    narciso (ee1f88)

  40. happyfeet protests
    too much I think does he think
    they have right to life?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  41. I can’t think of a one, Simon. Santorum, I suppose, he could be my father’s ’67 Biscayne. Walker could be the ’78 Oldsmobile but I fear he’s the ’91 Caprice. You can be conservative-conservative or you can be elected to an important office, but not both.

    Remember Ford saying “Nobody to the right of me can be elected President”? He would have been correct had he added “unless he’s running against Jimmy Carter in 1980”.

    nk (dbc370)

  42. Across Our Universe

    Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
    Left blathers wildly as we slip away across the universe
    Pools of sorrow and despair are drifting through my opened mind
    Possessing and distressing me
    Our young must have the Right to Life

    Something’s gotta change our world
    Something’s gotta change our world
    Something’s gotta change our world
    Something’s gotta change our world

    Images of taken lives which dance before me like a million eyes
    They call to us as we move on across the universe
    Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside an empty heart
    We stumble blindly as we make our way across the universe
    Our young must have the Right to Life

    Something’s gotta change our world
    Something’s gotta change our world
    Something’s gotta change our world
    Something’s gotta change our world

    Sounds of laughter, shades of life are things that they will never know
    Incites me and enrages me
    Limitless undying love should shine around us like a million suns
    We’ll lose our souls instead if we should turn away
    Our young must have the Right to Life

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  43. Simon Jester, I thought immediately upon reading the story of your physiology lesson that the girl who giggled could grow up to be one of those cackling ghouls from Planned Parenthood.

    Patricia (5fc097)

  44. “A surfer type dude of a student giggled.”

    I’m ashamed to admit that Jeff Spiccoli immediately came to mind.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  45. I think that people too often “travel light” mentally. It was easy for the kiddo to giggle about the professor trying to get the bunny breathing. It was comic. Silly. Ironic.

    Except it wasn’t to the bunny, and not to the professor.

    I think that the class learned a lot that day. Heck, I did.

    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  46. What we see Happyfeet doing here is what I expected the “Pro-Choice” side to do, but hoped they wouldn’t.

    Happyfeet; it doesn’t F$#%KING matter if Fiorina was technically wrong about the video. To people who believe that a fetus is human, she was emotionally right. That is what the video looks like to them. Arguing minor points doesn’t convince them that you are right, it convinces them that you have no empathy, and also causes them to look at the video again, which you don’t want. This is an absolutely CLASSIC example of a situation ripe for the Streisand Effect.

    IF, and I repeat IF, Planned Parenthood has broken no laws, then their supporters need the public interest to blow over. Criticizing Pro-Lifers on minor points doesn’t achieve this. It keeps the videos in the public eye.

    IF Planned Parenthood has broken the law, then the Pro-Choice forces need to cut their losses and accept that Planned Parenthood is going to lose a lot of funding for the foreseeable future, and may even die.

    We saw this (only worse) after the news about Kermit Gosnell and his abattoir broke. We had Pro-Choice activists DEFENDING Gosnell and his operation on the grounds that he and it were necessary in order for poor women to have access to abortion. I freaking couldn’t believe my ears; they CAN’T have been thinking. If Gosnell is what is protecting poor women against back alley abortionists, then there is no F*cking POINT to legal abortion.

    Damnit, THINK, Happyfeet.

    C. S. P. Schofield (ab2cdc)

  47. nonono Mr. Schofield I don’t care if people watch the videos

    my feeling is a failmerica what can cut off fundings to planned parenthood would be a failmerica what could cut off fundings to all matter of nonsense

    and how is that not exciting?

    my feeling also is if a woman what goes in for an abortion wants to donate the tissue for researchings then that’s her business not my business – how on earth is this any business of mine?

    but carly says nonono happy you’re wrong the emotional TRUTH is it’s much better to put the fetuses into plastic bags and shove the bags into a medical waste incinerator than to let people do research to learn how to help sick people

    and I’m like I don’t follow your reasoning, carlycakes

    but i wonder

    i wonder but that the real emotional truth might not be that carly doesn’t really care about fetuses she just wants to build boats

    NEEDZ MOAR BOATS says carly, and the emotional truth of her claim no man or woman would deny

    happyfeet (831175)

  48. 46. Damnit, THINK, Happyfeet.

    C. S. P. Schofield (ab2cdc) — 9/19/2015 @ 12:50 pm

    Yeah, I wasted a lot of time imagining that he was an intelligent, persuadable person. So what you need to understand, Mr. Schofield, is that he has thought and decided and happyfascist has chosen sides. He just pretends. He is a troll.

    Now I just scroll past his worthless s***.

    Steve57 (506e39)

  49. establishment Republicans want to bust the caps on defense spending

    carlycakes wants to bust the caps on defense spending

    happyfeet does NOT want to bust the caps

    but carly would rather argue the minor points about some lil handful of abortions and oh gosh oh golly how should we dispose of the dead fetuses

    i would rather argue the major points of why is failmerica spending more more more even as it circles the debt toilet

    and barbra streisand omg

    look at that face

    happyfeet (831175)

  50. I am not so sure that even if a dyed-in-the-wool leftist were to view the video, that anything but the predictable reaction would come about. In fact, some would even see it as “nice.”

    Satan is not strikingly evil to those who are evil already. In Signorelli’s insightful mural, it’s not possible to distinguish if the pointing hand of the Antichrist is really the directing hand of Satan. But that’s precisely how we know who the Antichrist is. There is never a “fine line” in noticing the Antichrist, no risk in mistaking him for the real Christ. They could be twins — Christ and the Antichrist — to look at them, but by their fruits you will know them. Take a look at the Dominican Martyr, who lies dead just below the Antichrist in the mural. Those not with Jesus cannot take notice of any particular evil as distinguished from that which is good, for everything that the followers of the Antichrist see is evil, a projection of Satan, a projection of themselves, and they like any projection of their Satanic selves that they see. It’s “nice.” As our Lord says, if the eye is dark, how dark will the darkness be (see Mt 6:23; Lk 11:34).

    From George David Byers

    felipe (56556d)

  51. Hopefully, the revelation that elective abortion is, in fact, premeditated, indiscriminate killing, and, apparently, torture, harvesting and trafficking, will destroy the Democrat Party, the party of pro-choice; and any Republicans who have difficulty reconciling and defending individual dignity, intrinsic value, and natural imperatives.

    That said, acknowledging the unprecedented scope of the genocide committed under the selective-child policy, it may be prudent to forego punitive measures and seek instead that pro-choice cult members repent for their crimes committed against Humanity, Nature, and Nature’s God.

    n.n (f6adfa)

  52. there was an interesting lecture at the University of Texas, on late 19th and early 20th century america, among the issues raised, was the rise of US Naval power, proposed by Mahan, and implemented by Teddy Roosevelt, he also noted the irony of the phillipine war, an engagement that came about precisely because the army was averse to major land wars, another rhyme that carries into the present day,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  53. Happy,

    Fix the culture and we will easily fix the spending.

    Don’t fix the culture (e.g., making insane comments like “minor points about some lil handful of abortions “) and the spending will never be fixed.

    We have a Culture problem moreso than a spending problem in “FailAmerica.”

    Rodney King's Spirit (ab8c0d)

  54. 18.The big professor turned instantly, his eyes blazing.

    “This animal is dying so you can learn something. Show it the respect it merits!,” he thundered

    You could have heard a pin drop…

    Simon Jester (28a3da) — 9/19/2015 @ 6:47 am

    He sounds like one of the guys who taught me hunting ethics. I won’t use euphemisms. You killed the whole animal, you will use the whole animal. It’s one of the reasons you’ll see me trying to suck the meat out of Maryland Blue Crab’s legs long after it might seem to make sense.

    The whole crab was killed, right? I’m eating it.

    I probably would have hit surfer dude. Anyone who has killed a deer in the A zone in Kali at the height of Summer has earned that right.

    Steve57 (e812c3)

  55. There is still a working cattle ranch between my house and Kroger. It’s not a long walk, but it’s a walk.

    The cows want to know, how come Cecil gets all the press?

    Steve57 (e812c3)

  56. I passed by the ranch to get my cheeseburger from Mickey D’s, if you are incapable of irony.

    But hey! Killing Cecil is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Steve57 (e812c3)

  57. Maybe but in 1969 I operated on a baby that weighed 1 pound 10 ounces

    Sure. But it was probably well past this point. It’s not the weight, but the lack of development that makes this particular child doomed. As I understand it, the 10% point is 22-23 weeks and at 26 weeks the chances are excellent.

    As I said though, this doesn’t excuse the treatment, but it is unreasonably to say that this child died because of the treatment when no treatment would have saved it.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  58. To be perfectly honest, if the hacks at Slate, PolitiFact, and Vox said the sky was blue, I’d be very skeptical.

    “shame on you carly you big lying poopface”

    Ah, I see Donald Trump has been giving happyfeet pointers.

    tops116 (d094f8)

  59. Cmp has cataloged a whole chronicle of horrors, it’s hard to pick just one.

    narciso (ee1f88)

  60. my favorite is where the one chick orders beet salad

    that’s just so classic

    happyfeet (831175)

  61. And the wine.

    mg (31009b)

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