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Hillary Clinton Is Not Having A Very Good Week

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[guest post by Dana]

Terrible week for Hillary Clinton. The email scandal won’t go away in spite of her team attempting to convince us that it’s just a bunch of “nonsense” that comes with being a presidential candidate.

Except that none of the other combined 21 candidates is facing a criminal investigation into their email.

And now, on top of her already not very good week, Clinton finds herself being shamefully surpassed in the polls by a member of the white patriarchy. As if watching her lock on white women voters slip away wasn’t enough…

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has rocketed past longtime front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a stunning turn in a race once considered a lock for the former secretary of state, a new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll shows.

Sanders leads Clinton 44-37 percent among likely Democratic primary voters, the first time the heavily favored Clinton has trailed in the 2016 primary campaign, according to the poll of 442 Granite-Staters.

Vice President Joe Biden got 9 percent support in the test primary match-up. The other announced Democrats in the race, former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee and former Virginia Gov. Jim Webb, barely register at 1 percent or below.

The Franklin Pierce/Herald poll shows that most New Hampshire Democrats are lukewarm to Clinton, despite her campaign’s concerted effort to soften her image and connect with voters.

Just 35 percent of likely primary voters say they are “excited” about Clinton’s campaign, according to the poll. And 51 percent of voters say that while they could support her, they aren’t enthusiastic about her White House bid.

In the same poll taken back in March, Sanders was trailing Clinton by a by a 44-8 margin.

Further worries for Clinton:

“Washington sources say Vice President Joe Biden is waiting in the wings for the Obama administration to run her over so he can step in and run for president.”

Poor Hillary Clinton. Not only must she be on guard from that ever-present vast right-wing conspiracy, but now a left-wing conspiracy as well!

(Imagine if you will, Biden and Trump both in the race. The competition for sheer outlandishness and audacity will ramp up immeasurably…)

And speaking of Clinton, don’t miss this hilarious parody of her email scandal. Because she keeps giving so much material to work with.


These Mothers Don’t Know…

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[guest post by Dana]

The Center for Medical Progress has released a new video, Human Capital – Episode 2: Inside the Planned Parenthood Supply Site.

Although there is nothing visually graphic in the video, it is nonetheless horrible. Holly O’Donnell, ex-Procurement Technician for StemExpress opens up about the supply side of the “business:

The co-workers I had, they would not consent the donors. If there was a higher gestation and the tech needed it, there were times where they just took what they wanted and these mothers don’t know. There’s no way they could know.

[B]asically, you went in there and took her blood, and you’re going to be taking her fetus without her knowing? So… yeah, I’m not… it’s, terrifying. Imagine if you were an abortion patient and someone was going in and stealing your baby’s parts.


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