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Ted Cruz Accuses Mitch McConnell Of Lying To The American People

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[guest post by Dana]

Earlier this morning, in what the AP is calling a “stunning” attack, Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor and boldly called out Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for lying to him, to Republicans and to the American people, as well as claiming that the Senate under Republican control is no different from when Democrats were in control:

Watch the whole thing.


198 Responses to “Ted Cruz Accuses Mitch McConnell Of Lying To The American People”

  1. More Ted Cruz awesomeness.

    Dana (86e864)

  2. Hey, Cruz opened more cans of Whoopass than allowed by law.

    PCD (39058b)

  3. That sounds like a declaration of war. If he is talking like this on the stump, and can get some coverage, maybe he could win over the Trump supporters who are looking for someone who fights.

    gahrie (12cc0f)

  4. I’m willing to sign on to a Cruz/Carly ticket today, and unlike the last twenty five years, be enthusiastic.

    gahrie (12cc0f)

  5. “Like St. Peter, he said it three times.”

    DRJ (1dff03)

  6. Ted Cruz is doing what most Texans want, bringing transparency and honesty to Washington DC. This is powerful stuff. I pray Americans see what he’s doing and support him.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  7. Cruz has my vote if I get the chance.

    David Longfellow (8cba7a)

  8. Jeff Sessions should have the job, not McConnell.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  9. I find the AP write up telling:

    No senator rose to defend McConnell on the floor, as some Republicans sought to avoid engaging in the dispute and giving Cruz still more attention.

    They are assuming because no one got up to defend him they were avoiding the dispute lest they give Cruz more attention. Perhaps they didn’t feel the need to say anything and that Cruz did not defending because they recognized the power of his broadside and felt that finally, someone is saying it Out Loud.

    Further, what has this got to do with anything, other than let readers know that reckless Cruz is someone who is coming a little bit too close to the line:

    The Senate’s historian, Betty K. Koed, said that it was not a specific breach of Senate rules to call another senator a liar, but pointed to rules cautioning against talking ill of other members or imputing unbecoming conduct or motives.

    “In more recent times there’s been very little of this type of behavior,” Koed said.

    Dana (86e864)

  10. There has been very little of this behavior in recent times because, as Cruz said, the Senators are fighting for the same things — their re-election and the power of government and lobbyists.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  11. My guess is that while no one has responded yet, they will after they get their talking points. What strikes me is that no one said Cruz lied about what McConnell said.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  12. Now that’s Truth to Power.

    Sic ’em, Ted.

    J.P. (cc46f4)

  13. DRJ, Hatch came pretty close to saying Cruz lied.

    Questioned by reporters later, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, challenged Cruz’s criticism of McConnell, telling reporters, “I think it’s wrong to disclose private information, especially when the disclosure is not accurate.”

    Or at least Hatch is saying that McConnell did not say what Cruz says McConnell said.

    10.There has been very little of this behavior in recent times

    I would have to go digging for examples, but I seem to remember Congressional debates in the first half of the 19th century were, er, rather lively at times.

    kishnevi (870883)

  14. Over at HotAir, in typical snarky fashion, Allahpundit, once again, confirms his role as leading spokesman for what Ace refers to as “Team GOP” in belittling Cruz and his comments. Why do I read that blog?

    What could be more entertaining – and educational – than witnessing the sorry parade of White Knights standing up for Team GOP? I guess we know who our friends are.

    ThOR (a52560)

  15. What strikes me is that no one said Cruz lied about what McConnell said.

    Hatch did.

    Milhouse (a04cc3)

  16. Cruz/West
    We need a Military Leader as V.P.

    mg (31009b)

  17. Lincoln called Douglas a liar in one of their debates for the Illinois Senate:”

    The Judge [Stephen Douglas] has set about seriously trying to make the impression that when we meet at different places I am literally in his clutches—that I am a poor, helpless, decrepit mouse, and that I can do nothing at all. This is one of the ways he has taken to create that impression. I don’t know any other way to meet it, except this. I don’t want to quarrel with him—to call him a liar—but when I come square up to him I don’t know what else to call him, if I must tell the truth out. [Cheers and laughter.] I want to be at peace, and reserve all my fighting powers for necessary occasions. My time, now, is very nearly out, and I give up the trifle that is left to the Judge, to let him set my knees trembling again, if he can.

    In addition, in 2009 when he was Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid called President Bush a liar and a loser. More recently, Rep. Joe Wilson said “You lie!” to President Obama. But things are clearly not as bad as before the Civil War when Senator Charles Sumner was caned unconscious on the Senate Floor.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  18. Nothing quite like a decorated uniform front and center.

    mg (31009b)

  19. from Erick Erickson
    (in its entirety)

    Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 59% will not allow a vote to defund Planned Parenthood. It would require sixty votes and there are not sixty votes in the Senate. Even a few Republicans would vote against it. But hey! There are enough votes to help out the crony capitalists.

    Planned Parenthood may not get defunded, but the Export-Import Bank will get reopened so more people can get indicted on corruption charges as tax payer dollars get wasted.

    kishnevi (870883)

  20. Thank you, kishnevi and Milhouse. Do you consider what Hatch said a clear or strong denial? Sounds like waffle words to me.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  21. “I think it’s wrong to disclose private information, especially when the disclosure is not accurate.”

    Why didn’t Hatch stand up and confront him then on the Senate floor? If he could disprove Cruz’s statements, why not take advantage of a golden opportunity to shut him down? Why wait to be asked a for a comment later on?

    Dana (86e864)

  22. My guess is that Hatch couldn’t back up his claim that Cruz was lying. Further, why not put Cruz in his place while in front of his colleagues so that they could get the message, too?

    Dana (86e864)

  23. Commentaries from Erickson and Ace have been particularly insightful of late.

    ThOR (a52560)

  24. They’re not so much “waffle” words but words that are intended to put the bug in people’s ears – conservatives – that it’s Cruz who isn’t be truthful. Hatch didn’t really have to back it up with anything concrete. The suggestion, the hint of dishonesty on Cruz’s part would be enough.

    I find it almost more reprehensible than McConnell’s lies (other than his lies cost votes) because it confirms exactly what Cruz said: the Senate under Republican control is no different from when Democrats were in control:

    Dana (86e864)

  25. Team establishment and it’s voting flock are a laughing stock. Soon, those same republicans will be coming after our guns.
    Standard Operating B.S.

    mg (31009b)

  26. I saw that over at Ace’s just a few minutes ago. I was seriously considering taking up smoking just for that speech…..

    Bill H (2a858c)

  27. So, the MSM wants reader take away to be Cruz lies about vowing not to attack Republicans as he attacks McConnell…

    That he made the claim specifically about his GOP rivals is superfluous.

    Dana (86e864)

  28. This Senate floor speech and the Code Pink incident are about Cruz telling the truth about Washington and taking on powerful Democratic interests. They are also about Cruz making sure people realize he’s a fighter, like Trump, before the first debate on August 6. We know what the debate moderators are going to ask Trump, and it will involve his more inflammatory remarks and actions. IMO Cruz wants to make sure the moderators ask him about things that show he is a fighter, too.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  29. The difference of course is the type of fighters they are. Trump is intentionally inflammatory and to put it nicely, an impulsive reactionary. Cruz is a thoughtful, concise and fierce fighter who wields his knowledge and insight with piercing precision.

    The contrast between the two at the debates will be just what the voters need to see. That, I think, will put Trump supporters away from his craziness to Cruz’s solidness.

    Dana (86e864)

  30. Rand Paul is trying to block McConnell’s efforts to stop the defunding of Planned Parenthood. It’s nice to see the Senate get shaken up like this. Your turn, Marco.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  31. how do you know when a republican is lying? his lips are moving!

    latina voter (ab9d7c)

  32. 24. They’re not so much “waffle” words but words that are intended to put the bug in people’s ears – conservatives – that it’s Cruz who isn’t be truthful. Hatch didn’t really have to back it up with anything concrete. The suggestion, the hint of dishonesty on Cruz’s part would be enough.

    I find it almost more reprehensible than McConnell’s lies (other than his lies cost votes) because it confirms exactly what Cruz said: the Senate under Republican control is no different from when Democrats were in control:

    Dana (86e864) — 7/24/2015 @ 12:41 pm

    Exactly. So Hatch can tut tut all he wants about Cruz disclosing private information, and lying abut it. The fact that we see McConnell and the establishment Republicans doing exactly what Cruz accuses them of doing is devastating against Hatch’s feeble push-back.

    As an aside, I wish someone had flat out called Kerry a liar when Kerry was lying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about the Iran betrayal. I enjoy it when Cruz takes on the GOP establishment and its lies, but the congenital liars on the other side of the aisle provide a far richer vein of ore to mine.

    We need to tap into that, too.

    Steve57 (7aa1f2)

  33. I think it is more credible for Cruz to be able to say “McConnell lied to me” and explain what McConnell said that was a lie. It is less credible for Cruz (or anyone) to say “I think you are lying” and here’s why I think that.

    The first example is based on direct facts that Cruz can testify happened, under oath if necessary. The second is based on opinion, not fact, so it’s harder to prove even if it’s right.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  34. In other words, Cruz can say “McConnell said these words to me” and it was a lie. That’s powerful evidence, not mere opinion. Some people seem to think this is Cruz getting offended because he was lied to, but I think it’s Cruz getting offended that an American leader would lie to everyone.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  35. Dana

    Cruz has a history of telling lies about his opponent. In the Dewhurst race – his lies were so broad that I doubt they will survive the scrutiny in a national race – we cannot take someone seriously who aided one of America’s most notorious criminals – who preyed on children for profit. (Also lied about it)

    Cruz has serious family problems as well that are coming to light. I cannot wonder at the waste of a brilliant mind who has a direct path to at least the nomination, who privately is a very warm person, going to such extremes and opening himself up to onslaught from both sides Wow, and in just 20 minutes… (Actually less)

    Cruz hasn’t accomplished a thing, IMO never intended too. He’s too smart, too willing to work for democrat judges and their criminal minders in Penn. work with democrat judges in texas yet, fail to bring that ability to the senate…..

    He is too smart to let emotions and frustration with the long game cause him to throw away the hopes of his loyal supporters. He never embraced the responsibility to act in their best interests instead of giving into the dark side.

    EPWJ (b31c95)

  36. That first debate is going to be an embarrassment to America and American politics.

    Leviticus (f9a067)

  37. I have never been so eager to watch a debate in my life.

    ThOR (a52560)

  38. 36. That first debate is going to be an embarrassment to America and American politics

    Leviticus (f9a067) — 7/24/2015 @ 1:07 pm

    After the Iran debacle Obama has wrought nothing could embarrass America or American politics.

    The first debate will be a step up.

    Steve57 (7aa1f2)

  39. Inside sources say it will be Bush Walker and Rubio will do the first hour and the second hour will be the lesser candidates – 4 at a time half hour per group.

    Of course this is a rumor but makes sense.

    Every candidate is going to complain but if the front 3 have the lions share of fundraising – that it what seems to be driving this “latest” revision

    EPWJ (b31c95)

  40. Don’t faux-fret, Fredo… given the results of the 2012 election, most of America doesn’t embarrass easy.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  41. … government of the lobbyists, by the lobbyists, and for the lobbyists …

    My God. A politician actually said that. Cue the flying pigs!

    htom (4ca1fa)

  42. chamber of commerce brothers {bush/rubio] are your chosen fruits. eat it and shut up.
    I have no intrest in watching any debate that has the attendance of bush, rubio, graham, christie, kasich or candy crowley.

    mg (31009b)


    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  44. Read Cruz’s book. What a tremendous American story. He goes out of his way to limit harshness.

    His chapter on the Bush/Gore court fight is as clear and concise explanation of what SCOTUS did as I have read.

    He also did an excellent job discussing the very tactics he decried on the floor today. He had McConnell and the boys pegged within two months. You see where McConnell refuses to allow a vote on PLanned Parenthood because he lacks 60 votes, but he is pushing a vote against Obamacare which is similarly fated?

    I can’t stress this more: Read his book!

    Ed from SFV (3400a5)

  45. I agree with Ed from SFV. This is A Time for Truth.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  46. Ted has made me hungry for red meat.
    2″ thick ribeye reverse sear rmr
    Just picked the first Kentucky Beefsteak – 1 lb. 2 1/2 ounce orange beauty.
    Fresh basil salt pepper and balsamic

    mg (31009b)

  47. Don’t let Ted lead you to a heart attack on a plate, mg!

    elissa (69921c)

  48. elissa- my wife has taught me to enjoy fats in moderation – with an occasional splurge.

    mg (31009b)

  49. “Why wait to be asked a for a comment later on?”

    Exactly. Cruz went up in my estimation and I have not previously been a fan.

    Mike K (90dfdc)

  50. 36. That first debate is going to be an embarrassment to America and American politics

    Leviticus (f9a067) — 7/24/2015 @ 1:07 pm

    Why do you think this, Leviticus? What do you see Trump as the cause for the embarrassment, or something/someone else?

    Dana (86e864)

  51. Not Leviticus, but I think he may be right.
    Ten candidates who each need to break out of the pack.
    A field in which everyone is relatively close together in poll numbers and general agenda.
    A subset consisting of RINOs who will feel compelled to talk like conservatives and say stuff conservatives want to hear*.
    Probably the Donald.
    Result, a plethora of soundbites distorted and edited by the MSM to make the whole crew sound horrible.

    *Of course what conservatives want to hear from those RINOs is that they are quitting the race, but we are not going to get that.

    kishnevi (91d5c6)

  52. You don’t want to like a politician — any politician — too much. It’s a reflection on you. Like having a favorite at the (ahem) dancehall.

    Cruz does know how to talk pretty. (I listened through the whole thing.) But a Republican complaining about big corporations? It’s LOL funny.

    nk (dbc370)

  53. TIL: “Madam President” is obviously Shelley Moore Capito. The presiding officer of a day-to-day Senate session is very seldom the Vice-President or the President pro tem but a junior senator from the majority party.

    nk (dbc370)

  54. As LOL funny as Democrats complaining about them, too.

    Seriously, Cruz has made it very clear that crony capitalism is an affliction damaging to both sides of the aisle.

    Dana (86e864)

  55. There aren’t 51 votes in the Senate to vote against Ex-Im Bank?

    This is a case where i have to side with the person making the charge, especially since no one was willing to go on the Senate record to defend Mconel.

    Are there still people here who think the GOP hierarchy is even marginally better than the Dem’s?

    seeRpea (65ab7f)

  56. Here:

    Senator Harry ReidVerified account

    I commend @SenateMajLdr for setting up a vote to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. This bill is critically important for U.S. businesses.

    Dana (86e864)

  57. To be fair to Cruz, he was rock solid on immigration long before Trump began running his mouth about it.

    …“President Obama has decided this election will be a referendum on amnesty,” Cruz asserted. “We cannot solve this crisis at the border until we end President Obama’s amnesty.”

    …“I understand the immigration groups that, when they hear a promise from the president, they have reason to doubt it,” Cruz said. “It’s the same reason abroad that both our allies and our enemies have reason to doubt the president’s resolve. When you don’t follow through on what you say, that causes people to call into question what you say.”

    But, he said, Congress must preclude any presidential action that would let millions of immigrants stay in the country after arriving without permission — action, he warned, that would serve as a “magnet” for millions more in the future.

    Cruz argued the Jose Medellin case before the Supreme Court after Mexico interfered with Texas’ attempt to carry out his death sentence and President Bush directed state courts to review the cases of Mexican nationals on death row in accordance with an International Criminal Court of Justice ruling. By a 6-4 margin Cruz won a Supreme Court decision that the Texas had the right to ignore the international court and President Bush.

    Greasing the skids to execute Jose Medellin, Mexican citizen, rapist, and murderer, in 2008.

    So I don’t think he’s coopting the issue. It’s always been one of his issues. He’s just making sure no one gets to the right of him on anything.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  58. Dana, I know! But you know, we call Obama the Goldman Sachs President and Mrs. Cruz was a Goldman Sachs vice-president on leave of absence. (Managing director is her title but vice-president is more euphonious. 😉 I don’t know which ranks higher.)

    nk (dbc370)

  59. *was is*

    nk (dbc370)

  60. Whoops, too many tabs open. Wrong thread.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  61. The Medellin case is important in the Iran-Nuke Israel deal. It held that memoranda of understanding not ratified by the Senate are not treaties with the force of law.

    nk (dbc370)

  62. well , like Kevin Bacon they all tie together, McConnell fought for amnesty and obamacare, through his support of the continuing resolution, much more than he was against,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  63. Seriously, Cruz has made it very clear that crony capitalism is an affliction damaging to both sides of the aisle.

    It’s disgusting, and I’m sick of it. In general, I’m tired of the political correctness, the kiss-kiss, kinder-and-gentler, phony-baloney “sophistication” (or nihilistic, Euro-sclerotic liberalism) that has embroiled this society over the past many years, made far worse by all the voters out there who give more benefit of the doubt to corrupt, crummy liberals/Democrats and milquetoast “centrists,” far less, if any, to conservatives/Republicans.

    Squishes like McConnell can sense that, flat-out nutty leftists like Obama can happily exploit that, greedy limousine liberals like Hillary can make hay of that, and clueless, self-entitled dolts like Jeb Bush — and certainly the Lindsey Grahams of America — can get some encouragement from that.

    Meanwhile, looking on from the sidelines, the Planned-Parenthood-GLBT-NAACP-IRS-federal-employee-union crowd, the Nidal-Hassan-ISIS-Iran crowd and the Mexican-smuggling-and-cheap-labor-Wall-Street crowd are snickering and laughing their heads off.

    Mark (69948d)

  64. nk @62, indeed. Which is why the JCPOA contains this text in paragraph 25 of the Preamble and General Provisions:

    If a law at the state or local level in the United States is preventing the
    implementation of the sanctions lifting as specified in this JCPOA, the United
    States will take appropriate steps, taking into account all available authorities,
    with a view to achieving such implementation. The United States will actively
    encourage officials at the state or local level to take into account the changes in
    the U.S. policy reflected in the lifting of sanctions under this JCPOA and to
    refrain from actions inconsistent with this change in policy.

    The Corker/Cardin bill merely allows Obama to provide sanctions relief if Congress approves of or fails to act on the JCPOA within its review window (and since that bill which Obama signed into law specifies that Obama must provide Congress with copies of all side deals, among other things, and Obama admits to side deals but refuses to provide copies, the review clock arguably hasn’t started).

    But it isn’t a binding treaty and the states are free to ignore Obama. And I’m sure our current Texas AG could defeat any of Obama’s attempts to force compliance at the SCOTUS again. Because Obama and his lackeys suck.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  65. Kev-

    Session has has been Baptist-like on a host of issues for a long time-immigration,debt, trade deals. Sessions is not running for the top job, but he might look very good on a ticket with Cruz. Can dream of Prez Cruz and VP Sessions telling McConnell and Boehner to box up their offices up and get the hell out of DC. Simply every 2 or 4 years the GOP sells us they are in fact serious about limited conservative governance. And then,once they’re safely back in office, we get the likes of even Paul Ryan taking a Liston-like dive .

    Bugg (5f4a83)

  66. Dana and nk…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  67. EPWJ’s nonsense trashing Cruz with BS rumors, insider knowledge, and outright fabrications is just special.

    JD (3b5483)

  68. just another day ending in y, there’s a reason 41% of the party is dissatisfied with it, and it’s not cruz’s doing,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  69. EPWJ’s nonsense trashing Cruz with BS rumors, insider knowledge, and outright fabrications is just special.

    JD (3b5483) — 7/24/2015 @ 8:16 pm

    The way I look at it JD, he brought the charges, now he needs to show the proof.

    Bill H (2a858c)

  70. I’ve been telling you, Ted Cruz is the real deal of lost causes.

    Can he be elected? Let me give you a scenario: Cruz is nominated and is interviewed and appears on national shows as the GOP candidate. Hillary is nominated and is interviewed and appears on national shows as the Dem candidate. Perhaps they could meet in a debate if Cruz fights through. Take into consideration that the media is already in the tank for Clinton. What would happen?

    Cruz would wipe her off the floor and do a spot check for any remaining stains.

    The scenario will never happen.

    Cruz will not be nominated nor elected. Most of America is irrational and delusional. Americans don’t vote for leaders, they vote for hope and change and villages and caring and unscary people who lie so everyone can sleep because nothing bad will never ever happen again. Americans despise people who tell the truth because the truth is hard and it hurts.

    Hence, another darned Clinton as President and the ensuing long decline of a once great nation.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  71. well Hillary may not get the nomination, because she’s not but fracking nutz enough for her party, as for the Medici, I think we’ve learned something for the last two campaigns,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  72. Most of America is irrational and delusional.

    Certainly the nonsensically liberal part, which regrettably can be glimpsed all around us, in the feckless, two-faced, disingenuous left-leaning impulses evident in a variety of members of our family, our friends, neighbors, acquaintances and colleagues. Truly among the most immature and thoughtless aspects of human nature.

    Mark (69948d)

  73. Mark, the the nonsensically liberal part concentrated in the East and West coasts unfortunately represent most Americans in elections. The right has a rare majority in Congress right now that it is quietly, determinedly casting away for the opportunity to remain in office or graduate to a sweet lobbying position later.

    Ag80 (eb6ffa)

  74. The chamber of republican commerce will let a democrat win an election before they back a conservative. 2016 could be the lowest conservative turnout of all time. I will vote for bernie in the primaries, to stop bill’s wife. Ma. republicans will callous their knees for booosh\rubio. no thanks, chamber of commerce dolts.

    mg (31009b)

  75. He realizes he has to compete with Trump for the lunatic fringe vote, so he’s going all in. It’s not like he’s forged any alliances in the Senate or tried to work within the caucus at all since he’s been there.

    Just as when he suddenly switched from a reasoned approach to the TPA ( six weeks ago to opposing it, political expediency and demagoguery is the rule for Cruz. He knows he already carved out this subset of GOP primary voters and thought he had them in the bag before Trump. Without them, he has no chance at all.

    I wish him well in his battle with Trump. I’ve seen no leadership qualities from him at all, and his willingness to follow the mob instead of his own good sense does not speak well of his character, but at least he is a lifelong Republican who doesn’t praise the Clintons and Pelosi.

    Estragon (ada867)

  76. 71. Americans don’t vote for leaders…

    Ag80 (eb6ffa) — 7/24/2015 @ 9:29 pm

    Most Americans have never seen a leader in their lifetime.

    Compare Cruz at this link…

    …to this thing:

    …The Speaker revealed a lot about himself when he said, “you learn that a leader without followers is simply a man taking a walk.”…

    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

    Boehner has no clue about leadership. He thinks it means sticking your finger in the air and figuring out where the assembled herd was going to head off to, regardless of whether you were there or not. Boehner thinks as long as he’s at the head of a parade that he didn’t create, marching along a route he no role in setting, but just as long as he’s sitting in the convertible at the front of waving he’s a leader.

    Cruz, at least, knows leadership means being able to shape the course.

    Cruz just may have leadership qualities, and if he does, people will vote for him.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  77. 76. …I’ve seen no leadership qualities from him at all…

    Estragon (ada867) — 7/24/2015 @ 10:50 pm

    Then you aren’t very observant.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  78. Cruz took charge of a group of disruptors, coopted it, and and turned it to his advantage.

    Those are leadership qualities I doubt you possess, Estragon.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  79. the lunatic fringe vote

    Make sure to bring up that characterization when dealing with all the unsavory leftwing nuts occupying the current US presidential administration, from the top on down. Nothing is truly more lunatic than a group of people, including those who vote to those they put into office, whose preferences and policies result in failed places — in never-ending dystopias — like a Detroit, Michigan, or a Venezuela or Mexico, or Argentina, etc. Such examples truly exemplify the epitome of “lunatic.”

    Mark (69948d)

  80. Trump, with 20+ percent support in recent polls, may represent Republican “lunatics”, but it is hardly a fringe. If you add Cruz’ support percent to Trumps, we’re talking something like 1/3 of Republican voters. If anything, Trump critics like Perry and Graham occupy the fringe. Will they even make the stage in Cleveland? Doubtful.

    I can hardly think of a better rationale for a third party run than a party that treats such a large segment of their constituency as a lunatic fringe.

    ThOR (a52560)

  81. Proud to be a fringe lunatic if it means following someone who has balls to lead. The chamber of commerce republicans will vote democrat before voting for Cruz. Establishment republicans are the worst people in the world.

    mg (31009b)

  82. Conservatives need their own party, too many liberal people in the republican tent.
    The chamber of commerce finds it profitable to pay off republicans for their backing of amnesty, rather than pay American Workers what they deserve.
    This really t’s me off.
    Traitorous scum, the republicans.

    mg (31009b)

  83. I doubt the republicans will defund p.p.
    They will never win in 2016 if they don’t defund p.p.
    Republicans truly hate conservatives.
    obama must have photos of boehner and mcconnell with farm animals. Or worse.

    mg (31009b)

  84. Goin’ after The Turtle? Lotsa luck.

    Cruz will be punished. Harshly.

    mojo (a3d457)

  85. JD

    You know better, Cruz will not survive the exposure of his work for a notorious criminal. Cruz lies about his opponents – maybe Cruz should show proof – since he is the one making the allegations

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  86. Good Allah, here we go again.

    JD (3b5483)

  87. You should contact the FBI with your concerns, EPWJ.

    JD (3b5483)

  88. Bill H,

    The case AGAINST Cruz is well documented, however, watching the Dewhurst debate – or when Ted Cruz phoned in to State Senator (Now Lt. Gov) Dan Patrick’s radio show – should tell you how he is going to do in a debate – not bad not good – he’s not superman, and he comes off, even when he is in the right – as disingenuous, testy – he hqas the personality of Al Gore, and its not going to play well across America

    Dewhurst was going to be beaten, by any republican, he was vilified for over a decade, he was not a politician, and was clearly tired of office. Before you listen to the professional JD, AP and Ace had said basically the same thing.

    Does Cruz really think all those verbose bullcrap stupid interviews he gave in small radio markets where he rightly guessed he could get statewide attention – some of those are breathtaking in the crazy department. Also remember Texas almost sent Debra Medina and a drunk racist Cowboy singer into statewide office as well – during Cruz’s time in Texas, so his beating Dewhurst was written long before Ted had to do anything more than spout – “BORDER” ands other button words for the crowd.- do you think the democrats or Trump is not going to emblazon those across the screen and airways? Radio and the internet is forever, Cruz forgets that

    Ted says the stupid stuff – like Ron Paul – neither man is stupid – but the level of just-below-the surface/right-behind-the-eyes crazy is right there – with Ron Paul – it was the natural state – with Cruz – its an act, mostly.

    Anyone want to defend his abolish the IRS and send them to the border claims – that he is still making? Sure anyone can pick apart a democrat in charge of this or that – Fred Thompson – makes Cruz look like a 10 year old and was a force in the Senate doing just that.

    YEs I am glad Ted does conservative things – is he doing it to do the right thing or is he doing it for himself? Is Cruz going to alienate the squishy middle?

    Anyone thinking that Cruz has any shot at winning the presidency – honestly – doesn’t care about America, we are a nation that has to be brought together – not look at one sentence in a 250 year old document and declare that they are the overriding arbitrator of the American way.

    Cruz is done, he’s in the back of the crazy train – whatever chance Ted had he blew up yesterday – folks that’s his way of saying – hell I’m too good and pure for you guys – that’s Ted speak for – “I failed”

    Yep Ted you did… oh and your loyal supporters who wanted soo much for you to do something.

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  89. Reagan was opposed to the export import bank, because it profers cronies over free trade, what one use to call mercantilism,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  90. Thank you for expressing your interest in national defense, EPWJ. Bless your heart.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  91. Yeah, the mercantilism that Adam Smith opposed would have seemed benevolent to him compared to what we have now. His merchants brought the wealth to England. Ours give it to the People’s Liberation Army.

    nk (dbc370)

  92. JD,

    In other words – your broken ted cruz signs are in the rubbish heap above your tattered Palin Forevah signs? 🙂

    Ted is only to blame, don’t blame me or the other non crazies for pointing out the obvious.

    Heck even Beldar being far more gracious than I essentially said the same thing yesterday.

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  93. Regan took three turns at the apple, the exploratory in ’68, the primary challenge in 76, and the nomination in ’80

    narciso (ee1f88)

  94. Steve57

    Let me know when you are over Ted and you can emotionally move on – WE ALL KNOW – ohh caps – WE ALL KNOW – he blew it yesterday – or 2 days ago – its over –

    The Internet refuse service has scheduled next Thursday as a heavy items day, unload all your Ted Cruz signs, plushy toys, lifesize cardboard cutouts, and expectations of miracles qt the end of your internet driveway…..

    Also they wanted me to tell you that they cannot pickup the items if you are still clutching them to your chest..

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  95. I though he would make it to the first debate – see I was wrong…

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  96. Eric, why do I get the feeling that it’s personal with you? That you are/were tight with a politician that Ted derailed and along with him your patronage?

    nk (dbc370)

  97. Narcisco,

    Sure, but Reagan was a weak moderate and that was why it took him three times in a very conservative Republican party of the 60’s and 70’s. He also won against the worst president in American History and was losing badly to Mondale, until Mondale said he was going to raise taxes.

    Even his won soon writes today that Reagan was too moderate and our immigration problem is directly related to the man, also our out of control spending he raised social security 14 fold, largest tax increase in human history it went from 5% on the first 10K to an almost unimaginable number.

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  98. have to switch my Korean phone back

    even his one son…. 🙂

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  99. history does rhyme, Nixon ran on a center right path to outflank Rockefeller’s minions and then signed up much of his crew, Moynihan, Kissinger, in practice, which led to the price control snafu and detente

    narciso (ee1f88)

  100. EPWJ, take a deep breath. Calm down. Ignore sites like “Forward, Progressives!”

    Form you thoughts.

    I’ll be here. It was such a nice morning I went outside to drink my coffee and I was inspired. So I put down my coffee cup, picked up the sledge hammer, and did twenty Gama casts, ten Barbarian Squats, and then I dropped the sledge and did five Burpees.

    Five. That’s it!

    Now it’s fifty – fifty as to me getting off the sofa for the rest of the day. I’m still getting used to the idea that when you pass the half century mark you shouldn’t give in to these bursts of enthusiasm.

    But, like I said, I’ll be here. As Shakira noted, my hips don’t lie.

    I can’t dispute a word of their indictment.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  101. #83, mg wrote: Conservatives need their own party, too many liberal people in the republican tent.

    Trump has been clear that if he doesn’t get a fair shake from the GOP establishment he’s willing to go his own way – he’s got the balls, he’s got the bully pulpit, and by jingo, he’s got the money too.

    Trump already has more conservative grassroots support, enthusiastic support, than any other announced candidate. MSM’s attempts to knock him down have backfired, he’s more popular than ever, and he’s retaliated against the des Moines Register for trying to push him out of the race: he’s making the news and they can’t come to his party.

    If push comes to shove, and The Donald decides to go third-party he’ll take enough conservatives with him to sound the death knell for the GOP, and to form the core of a new political party. And, he’ll win the 2016 presidential election.

    ropelight (483706)

  102. I’ve given up trying to decipher Yosemite Ed, Nixon was the rising star back in 52, he was outflanked by successors in the form of Goldwater, and the like, in ’68, he caught the car, like the proverbial dog,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  103. NK

    I never liked Dewhurst – never – but he wasn’t a bad man and would have been one of the best senators, I was profoundly disappointed with his early (yet correct) opposition to Dan PAtricks bills for increased voter ID and school board election reform.

    ted – I followed him, his wife, his career, he had SOO MUCH TALENT, but after seeing his dad, I can see some problems. His wife, – its been reported to having severe emotional problems – one report was that she was walking around in a state of undress – near 610 recently and there is the documented case where she was again in a state of undress (Buzzfeed masterfully handles it as it was not clear in the police report whether she was fully clothed…) in this article:

    I worked on the campaign with thousands of people and at times with the both of them and I can tell you they are a brilliant couple, wonderful people and wish them all the best – TED is too smart to have been on the GWB train and act the way he is and act surprised – I’m calling bullcrap on it

    For Ted too know his wife all working women struggle with kids, family, work career and now politics, that things can happen. For him to self destruct – hurts his wife – has ruined her career and made his kids pariahs – really – accusing everyone of corruption? When they both worked for big corporations all their lives?

    You have to ask yourself the question, why is Heidi wandering around in a long pink shirt at night in traffic?

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  104. Steve57

    I was just kidding – I know you’ve been in the navy and have a system to pick leaders, problem with politicians is that most we don’t get to work with – and my experience wasn’t anymore than superficial, but being in that organization there is NO WAY that Cruz should have gone to Washington and declared that he is shocked! Shocked! that there is gambling going on in a casino…

    there are 3 kinds of people working in political campaigns

    the paid
    the patriots
    the “next politican”

    His wife was one we know who the other was

    Heidi I’d vote for her for president and I hope she can handle the enormous pressure that’s got to be going on in the house right now after Ted’s self destruct – its got to be crushing for anyone and I wish Ted would relax and be the brilliant high energy charmer and compromiser that he was in Texas.

    You can say Washington changes people

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  105. what do they have to show for 6 months in the majority, no appreciable move against Obamacare, they hid behind Judge Hanen on amnesty and the Corker bill,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  106. EPWJ is back on the sauce. Beldar didn’t remotely say what you are claiming – Beldar stated his opinion, and wasn’t spitting out accusations and innuendo. This is the same crap you pull every time. Everyone sees it.

    JD (3b5483)

  107. that was a disgusting hit piece on Mrs. Cruz, PeeWee. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  108. Colonel – that is what EPWJ traffics in.

    JD (3b5483)

  109. I am pretty unhappy that incompetent and criminally inclined Hillary is probably going to win in 2016 because so many people on the right openly hate each other more than they hate her and the other socialists, progressives and communists waiting eagerly in the wings for four more years of power.

    elissa (b21e57)

  110. Cruz wrote in his book about his wife’s depression at giving up her career and moving to Texas. My mother had the same experience in 1949 when she gave up her career and moved to West Texas. She adjusted and so did Heidi Cruz, as well as many other working men and women who find that things like marriage and parenthood can affect our lives and change our priorities. Usually, for the better but that doesn’t make it easy.

    PS to EPWJ – I’ve wandered around Austin in an oversized T-shirt, especially in July and August when it’s so hot. Women wear them like dresses. Its all the rage now and it has been in Austin for years and years.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  111. was that what happened in 2012, or was the fact the IRS, the DOJ all waged war on the Tea Party, and left a little of their leftover fury for Rove’s outfits,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  112. Sure, but Reagan was a weak moderate

    In that context, therefore, most other politicians (including presidential campaigners) in 2015 — Republican or certainly Democrat — are liberal to ultra-liberal. Squishy, at best, to the max.

    Republican Herbert Hoover has long been reviled as the face of the Great Depression of the 1920s-30s, and I originally incorrectly assumed that caricature was easy to apply to him due to his being a survival-of-the-fittest, laissez-faire conservative. But he, in reality, was ideologically a clueless tax-and-spend (and therefore left-leaning) politician and merely initiated the policies of out-and-out liberal Roosevelt.

    The most notorious Republican of them all, Richard Nixon, was a political chameleon, full of so much squish-squish he could easily outdo liberals in the leftwing category when it suited or pleased him.

    With that in mind, EPWJ, you better remember to never dare repeat your mistake of supporting a flat-out flaming liberal like New York’s Republican Dede Scozzafava.

    Mark (69948d)

  113. he was caught doing many of the things, Kennedy and Johnson had done almost involuntarily to their political rivals, notorious, snorfle,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  114. Conservatives need their own party, too many liberal people in the republican tent. The chamber of commerce finds it profitable to pay off republicans for their backing of amnesty

    Due to conservative biases or not, the insanity of modern-day political correctness has gone so far beyond the pale that anyone with more than an ounce of common sense should be both disgusted by and now totally impatient about current socio-political trends. Trump has a history of being a New-York squish-squish, but so far he (along with Cruz pulling up the rear) has flipped off the wide variety of people in the political establishment who are the reason even the US military is guilty of Nidal-Hassan-ity.

    Mark (69948d)

  115. The establishment republican herd deserves this, elissa. One has to rebuild from the dirt.

    mg (31009b)

  116. EPJW,

    Wow, what a great link about Heidi Cruz! She is exactly the type of woman any progressive woman could admire and respect. A well-rounded, accomplished woman, wife and mother who has also experienced what a lot of us in life have experienced: coming to terms with life not going exactly the way we planned. Most of us learn and grow from the experience and as a result, become more well-rounded, seasoned individuals. Clearly, Cruz did. What’s not to admire?

    Heidi Cruz is the epitome of one having leaned in and come out the better for it. And as a result of her exposed vulnerability, I believe voters will appreciate and identify with the struggle of life that she, and they, experience.

    p.s. It is a shame the article’s authors have no working knowledge or understanding of Republican women in 2015 given their amusingly antiquated (and ignorant) notion: But while such full-throated defenses of professional women have been commonplace in Heidi Cruz’s past, comments like those could prove combustible in a Republican primary.
    Some people’s narrow-mindedness really gets in the way of reality, no?

    Dana (86e864)

  117. Sometimes leadership requires telling the likes of losers like McConnell that the usual SOP is irrevocably broken and the status quo is not n]merely unacceptable but destructive. Let understand-Cruz is not a leader because he doesn’t listen to the party line from the likes of Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and John Boehner? That’s a criticism?

    Bugg (5f4a83)

  118. it’s journolist trash, two steps up from gawker, but still trash,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  119. JD,

    Did Ted offer any proof during his 20 minute speech, any video? Any audio? Any documents?


    I cannot unring the bell of a wife admitting to drinking wearing a shirt wandering in traffic at night, and this was BEFORE kids, politics, national exposure…..

    I didn’t tell Ted to – “hey go and wreck all that you and your wife worked for” in 20 minutes
    I am sorry for everyone’s loss – tried to warn you but, greatly disturbed by his behavior in the Dewhurst campaign, then the revelations of working for heinous criminals, then this – decrying the party that gave him everything and the big corporations that gave him and his wife the wealth they enjoy today, basically crapping on the American people

    Well. its sad to see him flame out

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  120. was that a rush to judgement, PeeWee, or just a drive-by?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  121. #GrassyKnoll #Shootin’Blanks #WeakSuck

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  122. I know who the enemy is. Eyes on the prize, before it’s too late.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  123. I don’t think they being the Chamber, does, or they don’t care,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  124. criminally inclined Hillary is probably going to win in 2016

    That such an assumption is being made across the socio-political spectrum in 2015 is a sign of just how exhausted and philosophically (or traditionally—ie, dishonest creature-comfort greed) corrupt — and cynical, at least among folks on the right tuned into that assumption — this nation has become.

    I admittedly was quite naive over 8 years ago in believing the US electorate would never be so foolish and blindly liberal to elect a scroungy, leftist oddball like Obama. D’oh! Damn, was I wrong.

    Mark (69948d)

  125. or just a drive-by?

    I think I saw Dede Scozzafava at the wheel.

    Mark (69948d)


    The link to the audio has been taken private which is odd, but this is a really balanced article amazingly for the Texas Tribune, must have been a mistake or an intern that was later fired for not lefty spinning it but for all of you who think that Cruz had anything to do with the republican party until he wanted something – here is his interview with Dan Patrick – the man who (some credit) INVENTED THE TEA PARTY, who started Rush Limbaughs career, and who is considered one of the most conservative people in American politics today – he also got bill Mayer fired and a very young Laura Ingraham was one of his early guest hosts………

    Dan basically called Cruz a Liar and if anyone lived in Houston you absolutely know that Dan used to drag Dewhurst through the fires and so did his co host Edd Hendee, owner of Taste of Texas, so for Cruz to say Dan was in anyone’s camp is a bag of crazy.

    These two were among many who appreciated Ted but were shocked that he was a liar –

    Like I said Dewhurst was conservative but frustratingly slow to act, not a politician, there was much to make of what he didn’t get accomplished than to lie about his record

    Face it ted lied yesterday and he’s been doing it since he started running for office..

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  127. Oh, stop it, EPJW. Did you even read the article you linked, or are you just trying to deeply insinuate something in a desperate attempt to try to fill your agenda?

    You write:

    wife admitting to drinking wearing a shirt wandering in traffic at night,

    yet the article clearly says:

    She went on to tell Davidson that she was not on any medication and that she hadn’t been drinking, aside from “two sips of a margarita an hour earlier with dinner.” He wrote that he “did not detect any signs of intoxication.”

    If that’s a woman “drinking”, then I’m a falling-down drunk.

    Dana (86e864)

  128. Eff the Chamber and the BBB they rode in on…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  129. #WhoCares

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  130. I appreciate your thoughts, EPWJ. You help Cruz with every comment.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  131. narciso and mg– from your responses for some reason you seem to have gathered I was only addressing Conservatives fighting establishment R types in my comment @t 111. I was not. In these times the fault clearly goes both ways on the right as far as I am concerned– an important point I had hoped to make and which I think a careful and open minded re-reading of my comment will demonstrate.

    But it increasingly appears we’re going to need one of two outcomes on the Right. (1.) A big tent in which right leaning northern and southern, eastern and western, city and country cats and dogs ultimately realize they must uneasily live together and work together in order to protect the country from the greater leftist vermin threat. Or (2.) get a third party going. Trump? Cruz? Paul? somebody else? that’ll either kill off what remains of the America we grew up in or save what’s left of it.

    elissa (b21e57)

  132. Here’s another first hand account of Ted

    By a loyal supporter of his until he attacked her……….

    Read the comments and look up these people – these are not wing nuts

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  133. the money and the media, seem to be rather resolutely focused on stamping out the insurgents, strikingly
    then they can’t rely on the base to carry them across the finish line, while the Dems kneecap with all their resources,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  134. #AllLivesMatter #GetYerSh*tTogether #DemsGoingDown

    whether we’re Cruz’n
    or just using our Walker
    win or we lose BIG

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  135. ‘i’m more measured in my responses, wouldn’t you agree, lets analyze what the real problem is,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  136. decrying the party that gave him everything and the big corporations that gave him and his wife the wealth they enjoy today,

    Highly paid executive managers in large corporations are not given anything. The corporation has to bid for their services at a level that discourages others from hiring them away.

    Anyone who thinks that the guys who run our corporations, who work 60 hours a week or more and see their families two or three days out of the week, are like Rockefeller or Kennedy trust babies, has no idea what life at that level is like. The same is true for many professionals.

    epwj you’ve outed yourself.

    Regrettably, the new $15/hr minimum wage will allow more people like epwj to lurk in our blog as they are now in the position of having to work even fewer hours least they disqualify themselves for food stamps, rental assistance, and forty or fifty other “entitlements”.

    bobathome (d0d4f6)

  137. Dewhurst was a strong politician but his political decline reflects a substantial change in Texas politics. Thanks largely to Obaama, Texas is moving toward a Tea Party Republican state instead of an establishment Republican state. That’s hard for some establishment Texas Republicans to stomach.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  138. A reporter is interviewing the world’s oldest man.

    Reporter: Sir, to what do you attribute your long life?
    Old man: I never argue with idiots.
    Reporter: That could not possibly be the reason.
    Old man: You’re right.

    nk (dbc370)

  139. heck just google ->Dan Patrick Ted Cruz radio interview<- a wealth of articles – some good some bad but I am still amazed at the exchange

    And Patrick has endorsed Cruz for President – he's a loyal Texan.

    Ted lied though he was materially mistaken on how bills were being passed the data Ted exchanged in the interview was 100% false.

    That's what is disturbing

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  140. elissa,

    I hope conservatives will ultimately come together, but the primaries are the time to hash out problems and disagreements.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  141. It would be interesting to know why EPWJ hates Cruz so much. It seems personal with him. I doubt he will ever tell us but he should.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  142. the acumen and clarity of Fiorina… the fearlessness and testicles of Cruz… the courage and accomplishments of Walker

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  143. By a loyal supporter of his until he attacked her……….

    I’ll admit the blog entry about Cruz and Dewhurst and its author seem credible. Then again, I’ve seen small disagreements in this forum amongst fairly like-minded people break out into petty clashes, each side convinced the other is full of crap and maliciousness. So the Rashomon effect has to be kept in mind too.

    To shake off all the politically-correct, shhh-don’t-be-too-candid decorum upheld in the public arena (and most admired particularly and ironically enough by people who excuse the otherwise loud-mouthed-gangsta-rap-tattoos-hipster-berserk culture all around us) may necessitate someone with the in-your-face demeanor of Cruz.

    Mark (69948d)

  144. EPJW,

    While I am not taking your comments seriously because it’s clear you’ve got an ax to grind, I want to make it clear that when you link to an article that exposes Heidi Cruz as a remarkable woman and yet you manipulatively misrepresent her personal struggles as a way to smear her husband, you have solidified in my mind that you are not to be taken seriously. If you’re willing to do that with something that is really not important, then how much more are you willing to do that with the things are really are important?

    Dana (86e864)

  145. the texas tribune despises perry, probably more than the austin statesman, which is saying something,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  146. Buzzfeed “credible”? how squishy is that?!?!?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  147. Dana

    Clear? Read the reviews of Cruz himself, then get back to me – Cruz lied – there’s no doubt about it to get elected – he and his wife worked for the same corporations that he was accusing two days ago for corrupting everyone who doesn’t agree with him or act 100% to his wishes in a senate and congress made up of 3 branches 320 million people

    Maybe its time to ask Ted what’s his problem?

    I have been consistent for years departing this information with links to it on this very blog.

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  148. Mark,

    EPWJ’s Cruz critic still disagrees with his tactics but seems to have mellowed on Cruz in the past 3 years.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  149. Just remember – he’s not going to be debating a non politician, if by some small miracle he gets to the stage – he will be up against people who have accomplished conservative things under difficult conditions –

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  150. EPWJ has played this deceitful game with all sorts of candidates that had the temerity to buck the establishment. He has pulled this same act repeatedly, over years here. It is the same nonsense every damn time.

    JD (cff2cb)

  151. Absolutely true, EPWJ 152. I think the debates will show us who are the best nominees, but everyone gets to choose for themselves.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  152. EPWJ,

    Are you a Perry supporter like the Cruz critic at your link? Is that what this is about?

    DRJ (1dff03)

  153. Perry gave it his best shot and he has performed admirably, but his timing was off. That happens in politics but lashing out like this is not serving you or Perry well.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  154. EPWJ – wannabe elephant stone

    mg (31009b)

  155. I see no reason for conservatives to give in on anything, elissa. Giving in is a trait of go along get along, which in my humble opinion is why team r is teetering on extinction. A third party could never be as foul as the two in charge now.

    mg (31009b)

  156. DRJ, the blogger bnuckols (“Conservative Christian Family Doctor, promoting conservative news and views”) says that “most people either love or hate Ted Cruz…,” which is quite a non-gray characterization of him. Not totally sure what is behind such absolutist sentiment in folks familiar with Cruz (some of them undoubtedly squishes like McCain bothered by the “crazies” out there). But since we live in such pathetic, ridiculous times, I personally try not to be too absolutist about the good or bad in Republican newsmakers, including Cruz or Trump, just as long as the person in question is not an overly squish-squish “centrist” (hey, how you doing, Lindsey Graham).

    Cruz on even his worst day cannot be anything but a thousand times better than President “Goddamn America.”

    Mark (69948d)

  157. And Dana

    Just for the record – the people who have been hounding and suing Pat have also sued me, the Democrat Party of the States of Texas and Louisiana have threatened to sue me, twice Brett Kimberlin’s associate has sued and MTD’s by concerned parties have dismissed the cases, but I will be sued again for the rest of my life by progressives. I’m sure by more of team Kimberlin as well.

    So its special when people like you, Jd, Steve57 – who don’t know the facts – because they haven’t read them make comments “to take me seriously” or make comments about my progressiveness or my truthfulness – there are a lot of readers out there who do follow these exchanges and comment sometimes years later on blogs about it.

    What happened in Texas is that Perry was sued by the school boards for daring to lower taxes and to greatly limit school boards power to raise taxes.

    Dewhurst, hounded by voter ID, made the mistake of brokering the largest tax cute for any state in US history and TED felt he had to diminish or discredit that accomplishment to win.

    I disagree with Teds analysis, I think Texans thought – first – Dewhurst waited 10 years to lower taxes because he was now running for the senate (not true IMO but the argument had more political merit than the argument that he didnt)

    I think all Ted had to do was blast his considerable charm and energy and faith, enthusiasm and intelligence and it would have easily carried the day. Ted is brilliant, he is soo far ahead in speaking and personality that Dewhurst could have invented a cure for cancer – Dewhurst wasn’t going to win, he just wasn’t, we had enough of Dewhurst he’s not the only conservative in Texas, we got a deep deep deep deep deep bench all like Ted brilliant, hard working, compelling life story, outstandingly accomplished spouse, great kids – Dewhurst was not unique, not the one and only.

    Ted went dark, stupid, crazy and just became a liar! What the hell! he had to know that people were telling that there is no race, that Dewhurst just didn’t have it anymore. To go on essentially a statewide radio program and try to pull a fast one over on Dan Patrick – didn’t work.

    Now he just did it again?

    But blame me, and my imaginary axe, the only imaginary axe I have is for someone to cut taxes with it…

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  158. The blogger is a Perry appointee, Mark. This is how Texas politics works sometimes.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  159. DRJ

    I support any republican but If I had to rank them, right now my leaning the first three are” Walker/Bush/Jindal/

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  160. Why have those people sued you, EPWJ?

    DRJ (1dff03)

  161. EPWJ,

    So you tend to like establishment nominees? That’s fine with me but I don’t understand the hate, and that’s what I would really like you to address. You know that hate comes from fear, right?

    DRJ (1dff03)

  162. DRJ

    So is Ted….. By Bush and Perry,

    Palin was a Murkowski appointee –

    I would not try to discredit everything based upon an eyewitness describing a verified public event

    But I was hoping that people would get curious and start looking up these old radio interviews then verifying – which is what we should do with everyone, Perry, Dewhurst, Hillary etc, that they are telling the truth.

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  163. DRJ

    Please point to the hate and please tell me why you think Ted Cruz is not an “establishment” senator – because he is the same as everyone else. You need to look into his records his meeting with the same lobbyists that all the other establishment senators do, Washington sucks the life out of everyone – the nation is too big to not have regional representation we are still nearly half the worlds economy and its run by 435 people sitting as far away detached from their constituents as we can imagine, its a lot to expect or think anyone is as pure as their rhetoric.

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  164. This is how Texas politics works sometimes.

    DRJ, the owner of this blog, among others, and I reside in blue-blue, blue-berserk California, so the political quicksand in Texas is automatically much safer (or less loony) than what exists in “Mexifornia”—and if that nickname sounds ethnically-racially hostile, the mindless liberalism and corresponding corruption and gut-wrenching mediocrity that have pervaded countries like Mexico for generations — and the reality that can be, will be or are being transferred to the “Golden State” — are nothing to sneeze at.

    Mark (69948d)

  165. You have a problem with Cruz, and I don’t. I’m more interested in why you have such a visceral dislike for Cruz.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  166. DRJ

    I was/am being sued for bringing sunlight to nasty things progressives have done. For defending Pat, Lee, Stacey, John, Aaron, its the dark side but oh well.

    The Dem Party of Texas and Louisiana were pissed – losers usually are.

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  167. Mark,

    It’s true that Texas is more conservative but it’s also the main State standing between progressive control of America. We have to care about what happens I Texas because what happens here will make a difference for everyone. I would rather have Ted Cruz representing my State than Dewhurst, Hutchison, Cornyn, or any Bush.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  168. DRJ

    He lied, that why I don’t think he is a good candidate, maybe I’m tired of people lying, especially when they do it for advancement.

    There are lies we tell ourselves
    There are defensive lies
    Lies of omission
    Lies of passion
    But to lie about someone else for your advantage

    You tell me? DRJ I know you are trying to derail this by saying – its me and not TED – but the record is there, for those who wish to examine it

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  169. Thanks for the discussion, going back to the shop

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  170. EPWJ,

    There was bad blood between Cruz, Dewhurst and Dan Patrick in the 2012 Senate race. That’s probably true in most elections and IMO that’s part of politics. I don’t know the truth from first-hand knowledge and I agree I don’t like liars, but I don’t share your certainty about who was wrong. What I am certain about is that, as your Cruz critic-blogger said, Cruz is right on the issues.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  171. EPWJ,

    Speaking of politics and lying, what do you think about McConnell’s tenure as Majority Leader?

    DRJ (1dff03)

  172. DRJ

    Cruz lied – its not disputed – this isn’t the only source and Dan Patrick wasn’t the only one to call him out on it

    He lied about the depth of the tax cut, he lied about how it was passed and that’s not the only thing he’s been lying about

    Just dig about his law firm, their clients, oh and the Ten commandments case?

    And there’s more

    You like Ted, so as long as ted says “Border” “Tax Cuts” “America” everything is okay

    Okay then, you don’t want to look at facts that are uncomfortable, okay I get it – its me, not Ted..

    I am sorry facts did not sway you I will try to get more information later this week – just links that you can draw your own conclusions without any commentary from me

    Have a good weekend

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  173. DRJ

    McConnell is too timid like Dewhurst he’s better than Lott, (a very low standard), I am wary of his tenure Being mindful that McConnell has support from tea senators except Cruz, I think everything he does is tempered by the fear the democrats will retake the house and senate again soon.

    But seriously the epoxy is setting on my kayak got to check on it and put the next strips into place.

    EPWJ (1d81e1)

  174. I’m sorry you are being sued.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  175. I like Cruz because he understands the Constitution, so please add that word to your list.

    DRJ (1dff03)

  176. We have to care about what happens I Texas because what happens here will make a difference for everyone.

    Most certainly, DRJ. And the southern US in general too, since I still recall the delayed outcome of the election in 2000 and how the hanging-chad controversy in Florida made a narrow difference in the US being run by a loon known as Al Gore instead of a Texas governor named George W Bush.

    Of course, the rapid decline of this nation was merely delayed by around 8 years, but entering the insane asylum is a moment that’s better later rather than sooner.

    Mark (69948d)

  177. “I cannot unring the bell of a wife admitting to drinking wearing a shirt wandering in traffic at night”

    I used to do that and then start posting here. (Demon rum and addled emotions have never been a good combination for me)

    At least she admitted that she needed help and took steps to correct things.

    steveg (fed1c9)

  178. 160. So its special when people like you, Jd, Steve57 – who don’t know the facts – because they haven’t read them make comments “to take me seriously” or make comments about my progressiveness or my truthfulness – there are a lot of readers out there who do follow these exchanges and comment sometimes years later on blogs about it…

    EPWJ (1d81e1) — 7/25/2015 @ 10:48 am

    I made my comment about how you should ignore sites like Forward Progressives! because that was the site, and sites like it, where Cruz’s “lies” were being discussed. And the evidence for those rumored lies were exactly what you’d expect on a site called Forward Progressives!

    Their evidence is PolitiFact Texas, which is another progressive joke. Like all other Leftist operatives with “fact checker” bylines they call anything that doesn’t advance their agenda a “pants on fire lie.”

    So, there you go. I’m the one providing links to Ted Cruz’s “lies.” And I’m supposedly the one who isn’t in the know, according to EPWJ. Who provides no evidence of his claims.

    Amazing how things work.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  179. Just to make anyone who gives a flying you know what sure about the my view on this, Dewhurst and Cruz both accused each other of being misleading. Or lying. Pretty standard stuff.

    But it’s only the Leftist progressive sites that convicted Cruz.

    Steve57 (0412d7)


    H3lls no! the Burpee, as taught to me by my sainted father the USCG Senior Chief, involved leaping into the air on what is labeled “D” in the graphic.

    It also involve doing a push up after you achieved “B.” Which turned the whole Burpee experience into a five or six count exercise rather than a four count exercise. Depending on who is dong the counting.

    I watched with disdain and much amusement as candidates dropped out out Aviation Officer Candidate School for the most minor of reasons.

    My father, the Senior Chief, had grown me above that. There was only one way I could show my face at home again. To hold up. And, understand, this wasn’t disagreeable to me. I wanted to hold up. So I held up and graduated.

    So a USCG E8 conspired with USMC E6s, E7s, and E9s to produce a USN 01.

    Yeah know. Worse things could happen.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  181. Burpees were invented by the devil himself. I do 3 sets of 20 of them shortly after waking up, every day. Then I vomit, and go back to bed.

    JD (3898b3)


    The pay grades of E-8 and E-9, Senior Chief and Master Chief, were created effective June 1, 1958, under a 1958 Amendment to the Career Compensation Act of 1949…</blockquote
    If anyone opposes my attempt to include knife throwing into the last stage of performing a Burpee, the leaping into he air part, woe to him or her.

    I intend to make the Burpee a mandatory part of citizenship.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  183. what is the purpose of that?

    narciso (ee1f88)

  184. The kind of burpees Steve described, with the jumping, and push-ups.

    JD (3898b3)

  185. What is the purpose? It’s a great all-around exercise, that jacks up your heart rate and gets your engine running.

    JD (3898b3)

  186. the vomiting would be considered a downside, I think,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  187. JD @185, so you know why I was confined to the couch for the rest of day.


    Also I did the burpees after numbers 8 and 10 of the video.


    Yes, indeedy. And I know puke. At least the kind of puke which results from work.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  188. I used to measure how good a workout was by the degree of desire to puke.

    JD (3898b3)

  189. I stand corrected, is there a step missing, between the crouch and the arm raise,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  190. 187. what is the purpose of that?

    narciso (ee1f88) — 7/25/2015 @ 8:14 pm

    To push yourself, find your limits, go beyond them, and to learn what “combat effective” really means.

    combat effectiveness, the readiness of a military unit to engage in combat based on behavioral, operational, and leadership considerations…

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  191. Steve@186
    Is the person who does the burpee the knifethrower or the knifethrowee? With you there are times when it might be either.😈

    And annual or perennial?

    kishnevi (91d5c6)

  192. @193, I hope this helps. A video of Gama casts and Barbarian squats. And more.

    I used to hate the M1 Garand, the Marines were so confident they could beat me into submission with it. Then I learned it. After a couple of months the M1 Garand was light as feather.

    The Marines, it seems, didn’t hate me after all.

    Steve57 (0412d7)

  193. So Cruz and his wife occasionally tip a jar. If that’s a disqualification we won’t have any candidates. At all. Would rather have a guy who’s lived a bit than some Obama-like android worrying abut every thing he does as to how it impacts his political career. Except of course couch photos with his boyfriend at Columbia but I digress.

    And Texas politics gets nasty.

    The big deal here is…..? Dewhurst, a GOP Establishment Inc.guy lost, and now he is unhappy.HE LIED really mean HE RAN FOR OFFICE.

    Bugg (5f4a83)

  194. Establishment republicans are a loathsome herd. Cruz and Lee are on their own.

    mg (31009b)

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