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FEC to “Stop Hillary PAC”: Change Your Name; “Stop Hillary PAC” to FEC: No.

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An anti-Hillary Clinton group is refusing to change its name in an escalating dispute with the country’s election watchdog agency.

The Federal Election Commission, which is tasked with enforcing campaign finance law, has ordered the Stop Hillary PAC to cease incorporating Mrs. Clinton’s name in its own or face penalties.

At issue is a federal rule barring independent groups from incorporating or using the name of a candidate for federal office in their own names. The rule is designed to protect voters from mistaking independent groups such as PACs and super PACs with official campaigns.

Nobody is going to look at a PAC titled “Stop Hillary” and think to themselves: “Hmmm. That might be a pro-Hillary PAC.” Even the idiots that Jimmy Kimmel interviews on Hollywood Boulevard can understand that a “Stop Hillary” PAC is against Hillary. (If they know who Hillary is, that is.)

I absolutely love the fact that these folks are defying the FEC and standing their ground. I despair that the courts, with their absurdly deferential attitude towards actions by federal bureaucrats, will be of no help. But it’s thrilling to see good Americans staking out this free speech position.

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