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Men, Stop Raping Us With Your Stares, Your Minds, Your Hearts

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[guest post by Dana]


I saw this on Ricochet writer Stephen Miller’s twitter last week. It led to a little dust-up between Miller and the self-proclaimed “kick-ass feminist” attorney who posted it (but has since removed it).

I have something to say about this. But first let me say, if this attractive young woman has a “nuanced” argument to make, I don’t care. Why should I? Clearly, her main objective is to demonize men. Nothing original there. And honestly, if you choose to smugly proclaim your nasty denigration of men, then you also choose to become a target inviting everyone who sees to take their best shot. And I aim to please.

So, what I want to know is, who gave the collective feminist permission to co-opt the word “*rape” and make it part of their whiny, self-serving lexicon and claim it as the gender’s universal badge of victimization – whether or not an actual rape has taken place?

What the feminist doesn’t seem to get is that every time “rape” is used to define anything other than the horrific sexual act of an angry, sick male who brutally shoves himself into the inner being of a woman and subsequently wounds her body, heart and soul, it’s not just the word itself that is diminished, but so too are the experiences of untold numbers of women whose lives will never quite be the same as before they were undone.

How dare they.

Men, sadly, are on the receiving end of this bullshit. Good, decent and kind men. Men like most of you, who respect women, who honor women and who know a good woman is hard to find and even harder to keep. Unfortunately in the eyes of the inflammatory feminist, you’re all one and the same. You have no choice in the matter because you are just one giant glob of rape-loving flesh who, when you aren’t wallowing in patriarchal privilege, you are raping women – with your eyes, with your minds, with your hearts. You are rape and nowhere is safe from you.

And you know how the smug, self-righteous feminist knows this? Because in her own non-raping eyes, she has become god . Plain and simple. The feminist is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. She can divine the inner workings of man. Because who else could possibly know the motives and intent of man other than god? So there you go.

Rape is an utterly heinous crime. But what this feminist is talking about isn’t rape. It’s instead just more of the usual claptrap that continues to reinforce the stereotype of women being the fairer, weaker, and I might add, addle-brained sex.

It must be those hormones running amok.

My friend Vivian Louise wraps it up neatly:

Feminism doesn’t stop one damned rape. Good men stop rape. Teaching your boys right stops rape. Teaching your girls right stops rape.

(*Preemptive strike: In the context of this post, “rape” is referring to the act of a man assaulting a woman. This does not mean that rape by women does not occur. Of course it does.)


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  1. Hello.

    Dana (86e864)

  2. rape is a serious issue

    for some people

    happyfeet (831175)

  3. Give me a trigger warning, please.

    AZ Bob (34bb80)

  4. Here’s a solution: burqas

    Otto Maddox (990b3b)

  5. It’s a wonder we can all get anything done, what with all that raping we do.

    Gazzer (c1d25a)

  6. the rape lady in the picture has really nice handwriting

    happyfeet (831175)

  7. Did anyone figure out what she meant? Because I don’t even understand what she means. Words come to mean what they are used to describe, so obviously she means to dilute the crime. But what does she even mean? What is the “new rape?

    SarahW (6f3980)

  8. If you tell the stupid broad that, no, you can not in fact rape a woman without laying a hand on her then you are a rape denier and a supporter of rape culture.

    There are several thousand Yazidi girls who would dearly love to be raped without men laying a hand on them. Unfortunately they don’t have that option.

    But it’s Islamophobic of me to point that out. It also makes me a racist.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  9. 7. …What is the “new rape?

    SarahW (6f3980) — 5/9/2015 @ 1:28 pm

    Crimethink. Crimespeak. Crimelook.

    Not letting the collective doing your thinking for you. Refusing to accede to the collective’s demands.

    Disagreeing with feminists. Holding on to your “white male privilege” definition of rape which just serves to maintain a patriarchal, homophobic, racist power structure.

    That’s the “new rape.”

    It’s also homophobia, Islamophobia, and racism, and climate denial if you fill in the blank in the statement “disagreeing with XXXXX” with whatever cultural Marxist victim group being oppressed by white males. Including the planet, which white males are also raping.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  10. I’m averting my kick-ass rapey eyes as I write this. Does that count?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  11. Woman goes into cop shop and says. “I’ve been graped.”
    Cop says, “Don’t you mean raped?”
    She says, “No, there was a bunch of them…”

    I’ll be here all week.

    Gazzer (c1d25a)

  12. This is rape, not what the chick in the photo is whiny about: She said the girls were routinely stripped naked before being categorized and shipped off.

    ‘Women and girls are at risk and under assault at every point in their lives,’ she said.

    ‘ISIL have institutionalized sexual violence and the brutalization of women as a central aspect of their ideology and operations, using it as a tactic of terrorism to advance their key strategic objectives.’

    She added that the threat of brutality followed them ‘every step of the way… in the midst of active conflict, in areas under control of armed actors, at check-points and border crossings and in detention facilities.’

    Ms Bangura’s research was completed between 16 to 29 April. She visited Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

    It is not the first time sexual violence by ISIS fighters has been exposed.

    In February it was reported militants fighting in Syria were seeking medical attention to improve their sexual prowess and subjecting their wives to ‘brutal, abnormal’ sex acts, according to local doctors.

    Yazidi women and girls, some as young as five, taken from their homes earlier in the year were also regularly raped and abused by fighters, survivors said.

    Some victims even faced being returned home after falling pregnant by their captors and are at risk at being ostracised by their community, which frowns upon pre-marital sex.

    A human rights office also published a horrifying report earlier in the year describing killings, torture, rape, sexual slavery and the use of child soldiers by the extremists, suggesting they may be guilty of ‘war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide’.

    Dana (10275a)

  13. Such hateful Islamophobia, Dana!

    You have to remain focused on the fact that America is the worst country on Earth. We are the rapiest rape culture EVAH!

    We have no reason to think we’re better than ISIS. In fact, were worse. Crusades! Spanish Inquisition!

    We must be fundamentally transformed. The only way out is communism, because only the economic justice that communism delivers can smash the patriarchy and empower women to full equality.

    And if you dissent from the consensus of the progressive left, you are worse than Hitler.

    As two NYC gay hotel owners found out when they briefly associated with Ted Cruz. Who is Satan incarnate according to the new morality. Which is the old Soviet socialist morality.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  14. For the longest time, I believed that men were the primary victims of feminism. Not any more.

    ThOR (a52560)


    The new feminism has adopted the old Victorian view that women are fragile, delicate, emotional creatures ruled by their menses.

    I know! Let’s open ground combat to women.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  16. She might find it a bit easier to use a pen or pencil for that vote.

    Gazzer (c1d25a)

  17. That whirring noise you hear is suffragettes spinning in their grave.

    Gazzer (c1d25a)

  18. Dear Ms. kick-ass feminist Attorney:

    If by some strange fluke you miss the window of opportunity to experience young love – in your case, maybe by a couple of decades – don’t panic! Even though society will be unforgiving, and if you can survive the unrelenting judgement of your peer group, family and strangers, you will need to pick up the pieces of your self-esteem. Though there will be days when you blame your parents and everyone else but yourself for your predicament, and though you will feel like a reject and it will seem like everyone is having sex but you… and even the innocent act of flirtation will seem like rocket science, be of good cheer. For you will always have the memory of telling men where they can stick it.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  19. You are rape and nowhere is safe from you.

    Well, inside the walled off harem and, if she must venture out into the presence of men who are rape, underneath a burqa. I can’t rape a woman with my eyes if she’s wearing a burqa.

    It’s amazing how the feminist view of the “new rape” supports the Saudi position on why women shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

    …Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.

    In a rare criticism of the kingdom’s powerful “mutaween” police, the Saudi media has accused them of hindering attempts to save 15 girls who died in the fire on Monday…

    Somebody might have raped them with their eyes.

    Our “kick ass feminist attorney” concurs with their conclusions, even if they arrived at it from different routes.

    The Saudi Gazette quoted witnesses as saying that the police – known as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice – had stopped men who tried to help the girls and warned “it is a sinful to approach them”.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  20. Lara Logan, showing how she was just begging to be raped with men’s stares, minds, and hearts. And, eventually other things.

    Hillary Clinton, stopping men from raping her with their stares, minds, and hearts.

    Yeah, I know what you’re going to say. But I’m talking Saudi men, who stage beauty contests for camels.

    Guys who look at that picture and see a hottie.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  21. Get thee to a nunnery !

    Of course there is this.

    Specialists in Shakespeare’s bawdy language are fond of noting that “nunnery” was common Elizabethan slang for “brothel,”

    Mike K (90dfdc)

  22. an ode to rape

    by happyfeet

    this raping is no muy bueno

    perhaps you did not get the memo

    it’s an issue with which we must grapple

    cause a rapist is like a bad apple

    it only takes one to ruin the batch

    the guilt of it on all of us do attach

    is no bueno i said and i’ll say it again

    if you are a rapist no way you’re my friend

    and i really mean it

    happyfeet (831175)

  23. Crap like this is part of the reason why after Vickie died I just gave up. There’s absolutely nothing worthwhile about a relationship with a woman like this. Rape to her is a symbol, not a violent act

    Bill H (08df09)

  24. I realize that the parallels I’m drawing between feminist insanity and Islamic insanity aren’t perfect. I just can’t take any form of insanity seriously.

    Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War Against Human Nature [Kindle Edition]
    Robert McCain (Author)

    Radical feminism has declared war on human nature. Feminists assert that everything most people think of as normal and natural about sex — including basic ideas about what it means to be male and female — is oppressive to women. Award-winning journalist Robert Stacy McCain examines these theories and warns that feminism’s radical ideas about “equality” could destroy our civilization.

    And from the reader reviews:

    Rather than resort to the very group defamation of millions of men, whites and heterosexuals radical racial feminism does, McCain makes a clear distinction between a lesbian supremacist ideology and lesbianism. It is the same crucial difference as between white supremacy and whites and one radical feminism itself refuses to observe. Instead, in the classic fashion of all bigoted movements, radical feminism portrays the very act of merely being male, heterosexual or white in and of themselves to be an ideology. That is how radical feminism can indulge in what amounts to an analogy to blood libels and pretend to be fighting a white supremacist patriarchy of oppressive heterosexuality. Using this cover, radical feminism has been stunningly successful mainstreaming what is nothing more than hate speech into America’s institutions.

    The material is very well researched and brings to light the connection between what was considered a group of lunatics in the ’60s to what is now being mainstreamed as “social justice” into America’s public arena. What people have been imprecisely calling “political correctness,” “liberalism” or even “Marxism” is revealed as a mad cult devoted to abolishing so-called “gender roles” on the supposition men have used a fake social construct – namely heterosexuality itself – to oppress and control women for thousands of years.

    McCain gives us to understand the recent supposed critiques of American culture by radical feminists are nothing more than criticisms of men, whites and heterosexuals as an entire group for nothing more than existing.

    MESSAGE TO STRAIGHT WHITE MEN: “SIT DOWN AND LET US ABOLISH YOU.” The left isn’t even trying to hide its eliminationist fantasies any more.

    …UPDATE: “This was an important exercise in adolescent self-importance.”

    When you think about it, the entire Obama era is an exercise in adolescent self-importance.

    Which is why, to cite an example in another arena, the Saudis, in a fit of sanity, are going to acquire nuclear weapons; as a result of our self-important adolescent foreign policy. And so are a lot of other countries who used to think they could rely on American security guarantees.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  25. and the self-proclaimed “kick-ass feminist” attorney who posted it

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that woman is the type who also makes a thousand excuses for Bill Clinton and gives a million benefits of the doubt to his doormat Hillary.

    Mark (607f93)

  26. Well, there has long been the term “eye raping” which describes an inappropriate act itself,
    but yes, it is a far cry from the physical act.

    And Vivian is right. I would be interested in how she thinks feminism stop rape, especially of the eye variety.
    The morality of individuals and the collective morality of a society to punish criminals is what stops rape.

    MD in Philly (not in Philly at the moment) (deca84)

  27. 18-
    Classic Col.

    mg (31009b)

  28. The other thing that stops actual rape is a gun.

    I hate those wymyn who think a look of appreciation is rape. They are harridans of the worst sort.

    Vivian Louise (1318fe)

  29. This is just a meta-troll.

    Don’t feed the troll.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  30. i need feminism cause of i don’t want anyone (mens in particular) to rape me with their penis ok thx bye

    happyfeet (831175)

  31. brb I’m a take a selfie with a sign I made about how i need the feminisms cause of all the rape and stuff

    I will post this selfie to “social media” and raise the consciousness of the people to where everyone is all like omg rape is bad

    I’m a giver

    happyfeet (831175)

  32. 7. SarahW “Did anyone figure out what she meant? Because I don’t even understand what she means.”

    She meant that she is a man-hating lesbian who can’t stand for men to even look at her. And there is nothing “new” about her “new rape” delusion: Feminist crazies have been saying this at least since the sixties.

    pst314 (ae6bd1)

  33. Thanks largely to feminism, women can have penises, too.

    Of course, the feminists didn’t think that one through.

    …But I just can’t get on board with the logic of Mount Holyoke’s dismissal, similar strains of which have been seen elsewhere recently. Last January, for instance, a fundraiser for a Texas abortion-advocacy group came under fire because of its title, “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas,” which some argued was hurtful to trans individuals.

    In both cases here, the argument is premised on the idea that a) not all women have vaginas, and b) some men do have vaginas, because some trans individuals identify and live as a different gender than they were born without getting genital reconstructive surgery. Ergo, a trans women is a woman, full stop, but she may have a penis. A trans man is a man, full stop, but he may have a vagina…

    Of course, a lot of people don’t think things through. Like the lady who wrote the article at the link.

    Fine. I get that. I’m cool with that. And, regardless, it doesn’t matter if I’m cool with it, because how other people define their genders/bodies/sexualities is none of my concern.

    Oh, lady, are you in for a rude awakening. They’re going to make it your concern, just like SSM. It will be your concern whenever you go to a public restroom or the locker room at your gym or call you a bigot for misgendering people.

    I used to think he insanity in the ethnic and gender studies department had nothing to do with me, once, too. When I was a kid. Not after college, though. I recall the first time I received my “dear rapist” survey, complete with questions about how many women have I raped, and how did I rape them.

    They told me it was completely anonymous. Which is why two weeks after I threw it in the trash I got a letter from the feminists, addressed to me by name, telling me they hadn’t gotten my anonymous survey yet so could I please hurry it along.

    I knew then they weren’t going to confine their madness to their department.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  34. pst314 @32, naturally you’re right that they’ve been saying this since the sixties.

    What’s new is that they’re putting it into practice off-campus.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  35. it’s saturday night and i ain’t even raped one single woman no-handed style

    wtf is wrong with me

    where dem pups

    happyfeet (831175)

  36. shut up i just need to focus

    happyfeet (831175)

  37. I just got back from the store where I must have raped about 30 to 40 women by looking at them, Mr. feets.

    What can I say. It was a target rich environment. And I’m an overachiever.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  38. omg when i grow up I wanna be you so bad

    happyfeet (831175)

  39. i want a monkey just so i can name it Charlotte

    is that wrong?

    happyfeet (831175)

  40. well what would we call what Mosby is doing, expletive deleted;

    narciso (ee1f88)

  41. well fir sure we would not call it Charlotte

    happyfeet (831175)

  42. Dear Ms. Attorney

    Did you at some point long past misunderstand which orifice the tampon was for?
    You seem to have suffered a type of toxic shock to your frontal lobe…. and it may not be too late to qualify for compensation.
    Just send me your credit card information, routing numbers, social security number, passwords and PIN’s and we are guaranteed to change your financial situation forever…

    steveg (fed1c9)

  43. Of course, Mr. feets, you can be raped not only by women with penises but women without penises.

    …The 33-year-old man gave the women directions when they pulled up in a black BMW. Suddenly, one of the women armed with a gun got out and forced him into the back of the car at gunpoint.

    The trio then drove him 500km away and fondled him in the back of the car but he did not become aroused, so they forced him to drink an ‘unknown substance’ from a bottle to aid him.

    The women raped the man repeatedly and collected his semen in plastic bags, placing them in a cooler box…

    It’s funny to read the comments on news reports like this. Most guys say it sounds like a party to them; why would women need a gun. That’s because they don’t know anything about African culture.

    …’This is really confusing to us because we have never heard of such a thing before. The man was fully conscious throughout his ordeal and he is still traumatised.’…

    The constable quoted above on the other hand knows exactly what’s going on. He just doesn’t want to say.

    In the folk magic of virtually every culture there are spells that make use of all of our bodily effluvia and detritus, including the amniotic sac (caul) of a baby, spit, semen, tears, urine, feces, head hair, pubic hair, and nail clippings. However, due to taboos surrounding menstrual blood, semen, and urine in some urban cultures, the use of these particular body fluids in spell-casting can be problematic for those unfamiliar with the larger history of folk magic.

    Constable Mncedi Mbombo, who is most likely Zulu, has to know this. The women did this for the same reason there’s a lively trade in albino human being body parts in Tanzania. If I remember Zulu history, a witch doctor sent a young lady to capture Dingiswayo’s “personal effects” so he could cast a love spell over him, which would bind him to the young lady. And then he lured Dingiswayo to his death.

    Dingiswayo, as everyone knows, was a powerful chief who was essentially Shaka’s mentor. Essentially he was to Shaka what Oda Nobunaga was to Tokugawa Ieyasu.

    As elissa keeps letting me know, I know nothing about Chicago. So I can’t tell you that you don’t need to worry about this, too.

    Heads up.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  44. there’s too much information, and then there’s full neuralization required for such thoughts Steve,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  45. Social justice is just another way to say revenge, narciso, for crimes some real but mostly imagined.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  46. i never been so scared my whole life

    it’s like the babadook and starbucksracetogether is both lurking in the shadows waiting to rape my albino ass

    and i’m not even albino just kinda on the pale side

    happyfeet (831175)

  47. By the way, according to the ahadith Muhammad was placed under a curse which made him delusional for something like two years, all because some sorcerer got hold of his hair off his hairbrush.

    This is why the Muslims go ape$chitt over witchcraft and sorcery.

    Saudi man executed for ‘witchcraft and sorcery’

    So much for my foray into black magic, and I denounce myself for my racism because I used the proper term for it. I well try to get back to the serious topic at hand.

    Men raping women by glancing their way.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  48. yikes she’s like a Chtauri zombie follower of red queen, without any sense of irony

    narciso (ee1f88)

  49. Their eyes see albino… and if you were a woman you would be nothing but a deflowered albino. Their eyes, they burn. Like the sun. Your albino ass is now red like a stop sign… but they didn’t stop, they did not yield with their penetrating gaze.

    steveg (fed1c9)

  50. dadblame it

    happyfeet (831175)

  51. musing about the prison industrial complex or somesuch, and saying the Medici is skirting campaign limits, shirley she can’t be serious,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  52. 46. …and i’m not even albino just kinda on the pale side

    happyfeet (831175) — 5/9/2015 @ 6:33 pm

    Close enough in Tanzania, bud, where they’re almost clean out of actual albinos now.

    Darn it! I just said I wasn’t going to do this anymore.

    I think I can fix this.

    ‘We are killed, we are hunted’: Albino activist fights witchcraft murders

    Apparently the “kick ass feminist attorney” hasn’t noticed, but people in most of the rest of the world have more important things to worry about then special snowflakes throwing tantrums over special snowflakes clutching their pearls and getting vapors because some man, somewhere, might rape them with their eyes by looking their way.


    …An albino himself, Torner has been traveling around Tanzania to debunk the widespread misconceptions about the congenital disorder. Dozens of albinos have been mutilated and slaughtered in the country in recent years, because of rumors being spread that their body parts can bring wealth and good luck.

    To stop the atrocities, Torner thought he needed to confront the group he believed was the source of these rumors: witchdoctors.

    And that’s what brought him to the depths of this cave, face to face with his “enemy.”

    “We call you a spirit because a white person like you is the devil,” readily admits the witchdoctor.

    “You’re saying I’m a white demon?” Torner hits back, “we are demons?”

    The reply: “Yes, because you’re white.”…

    This witchdoctor sounds like a member in good standing in the CBC. Or a Baltimore mayor or prosecutor.

    I know, I know. I denounce myself.

    Mr. feets, I’d say your worries are piling up pretty fast.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  53. just between you and me, I’d get out of Southern Africa, just to be sure,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  54. Heinlein was right. These ARE “The Crazy Years.” Can Nehemiah Scudder be far behind?

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  55. if i were ever gonna be an activist I’d for sure be an albino activist

    and god help you all

    happyfeet (831175)

  56. I read on Drudge that a Chinese man was found to be smuggling heroin under his foreskin… so is that rape? or not rape? Maybe the is something on Google apps

    steveg (fed1c9)

  57. I think all penises should have a QRcode… especially those creepy albino ones… that way a womens iPhone would auto dial 911; or in Tanzania just play a recording of a shrieking American feminist at 100 decibels

    steveg (fed1c9)

  58. Namibia’s still OK. Despite SWAPO’s earlier communist ties most of them are now devout capitalists. So when I was hunting there I found the whites felt very secure.

    In the old days you could buy land by riding a horse as far as you could in a day, then that formed a radius and if you paid the tribe you’d own the land.

    Some, like the Nama, want that land back. But SWAPO tells them to shut up. They were, then and now, hopeless drunks. We had three Nama trackers. Their dad used to work for the Boer rancher, whose land me and my bud were hunting on. But they couldn’t rely on him. His idea of a good time was, once he had enough money, to wander off to the shabeen and buy several liters of wine. He and his friends would sit around drinking it. Then, being the rich hunter, he’d give money to a friend to go back to the Shabeen and buy more wine.

    This would go on until he passed out. Then his friends would steal the rest of his money, and he’d come back to work.

    The Boer/German couple didn’t want him around, and tried to be a good influence on the kids. Especially the lady, who had a good heart but came across as a dominatrix in a Wiemar Republic cabaret show. She forced them to open bank accounts, for instance, and things started dawning on the kids that maybe there was a better way than their dad’s. Who kept trying to steal money from them so he could buy wine.

    I hunted there back during the 2007 Rugby World Cup. I remember we all took a day off to watch it like one big happy family. The Boer farmer half of the family had celebrated my 300 meter heart shot in a 30 mile/hour cross wind ironically into a Hartebeest a little too enthusiastically.

    Which kind of irked me as I wasn’t paying a couple of hundred bucks a day to sit around and watch TV.

    But I digress. When the Nama complain about their “lost” land SWAPO tells them it’s their own damned fault for trading for alcohol in the first place.

    I’d hedge my bets, though, and have my accounts outside the country and much of my wealth as portable as possible and keep my finger in the wind just in case. The capitalists may not always be in charge in Namibia.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  59. Nice parody of Oberlin College feminist reaction to Christina Hoff Sommers appearance on campus:

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  60. so, those SWAPO folks have a better grip on things, then our leadership, good to know,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  61. that was really special Mr. daley I’m a send that to my friend D

    happyfeet (831175)

  62. …The Boer farmer half of the family had celebrated my 300 meter heart shot in a 30 mile/hour cross wind ironically into a Hartebeest a little too enthusiastically…

    I may be exaggerating about the crosswind. I had no way to measure it. All I know is I estimated the distance and the wind, did a quick calculation for drop and drift for my .338 WinMag, then put the horizontal cross hair on his back and the vertical cross hair just on the front of the chest. He was facing right, and the wind was blowing from right to left.

    It was a nice shot, if I say so myself. I did hit exactly where I intended. He wasn’t dead right there; he turned around and took three steps.

    It’s just a matter of practice. As Adm Jackie Fisher, RN said, “Gunnery, gunnery, gunnery…all else is twaddle.”

    Also, while it bothered me at the time the guy probably saved me a thousand bucks in trophy, dipping, shipping, and taxidermy fees by having us all watch the Rugby World Cup.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  63. There has beem a shakeup at manbearpig’s little scratchpad:

    but that’s not important right now,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  64. According to the “kick ass feminist attorney” and the rest of the progressive left we have solved all the other problems on Earth except for rapey man eyes.

    Time to turn our attention to other planets.

    …Robins acknowledges that “the only population on Mars that we know of is a handful of rovers,” but explains that his freakout is still totally justified because “no doubt we’ll start a war anyway, before dragging them into some form of slavery and oppression. It’s just what we do.”

    …Oh, okay. So even though there is no population on Mars that we know of, we will “no doubt” “start a war anyway” because “that’s just what we do”? Sorry, Robbins — as solid of an argument as “that’s just what we do” may be, it’s not enough to convince me that we will be able to declare war on something without it existing first.

    (Note: I realize that there has been talk of possible microscopic life on Mars. But still, I feel like you need to be able to actually see something in order to start a war with it, and that it’s generally a good plan to find out that something exists before you spend time and energy worrying out about it being able to keep its culture.)

    But hey, it’s not like this hypothetical war is Robbins’ only concern. He also claims that movies about space are super sexist and that this will extend to the real-life hypothetical Mars colony!…

    Read more at:

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  65. Oh noes! Privileged white men are going to rape Mars.

    With their minds.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  66. He also claims that movies about space are super sexist and that this will extend to the real-life hypothetical Mars colony!

    Reminds me. RIP LCDR Rand.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  67. of course, if he read the Martian Chronicles, he would know we nuke our selves anyways, i’m partial to the 1979 series:

    narciso (ee1f88)

  68. @67, we nuke ourselves? It’s just what we do, narciso.

    That’s why the whole Planet of the Apes scenario has come to pass.

    Or, err, we don’t have to worry about it.

    So, nuclear Iran? No problem.

    I can’t keep these contradictory leftist shards of broken thought strait in my poor dumb head.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  69. Duh. But Reeve, in her wisdom, takes issue with this obvious truth, opining…

    If Elspeth Reeve weren’t taking issue with obvious truths, she couldn’t be a leftist.

    A guide to the dark side

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  70. well it was definitely a cold war anchored series, even though it was set in the 21st Century’s first decades,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  71. the Sinaloa chamber of commerce newsletter could rarely do better,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  72. Dana…. You rock!

    Tru (0a6bf4)


    Gus (7cc192)

  74. Lol, females get totes too silly about boys lookin at their fit little girly bodies. They think boys are pervs just cos I asked a girl in my class if she wanted to wear this special latex thong-back shirt and sit as if she was brainwashed and speaking about all the ways a feminine bod stinks when it’s unwashed.
    Lol, she got SOOO grossed out over it and started a rumour at school that I’m a smelly perv-boy!!! I hope her head gets pulped by a big falling block so that leaves only the good and fit bits over her twitching spastically and the slutty bitchy head eat is sludge!

    stinks (c92816)

  75. Get help, Perry. Turn yourself in. Take your meds.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  76. Do what the nice men in white coats tell you to do, Perry. It’s for the best.

    Steve57 (e468ba)

  77. “Dozens of albinos have been mutilated and slaughtered in the country in recent years, because of rumors being spread that their body parts can bring wealth and good luck.”

    Maybe that old “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” was not such a bad thing after all.

    pst314 (ae6bd1)

  78. Dana – I’m sure many of us here remember late last year when Time magazine included “feminism” on its annual list of words to retire from the English language because it had become so meaningless. Reader outrage forced Time to apologize and remove it from the list.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  79. Greetings:

    Isn’t this was Sigmund Freud, that Austrian-speaking psychiatrist of old Vienna of a century or so ago, used to refer to as
    “hysteria” ???

    11B40 (0f96be)

  80. Barring some very strong evidence to the contrary, I tend to conclude even before actually reading it that a selfie of someone holding up a sign to read is going to make me roll my eyes and move on to something else.

    M. Scott Eiland (8d3966)

  81. slacktivism is like kryptonite to rape Mr. Eiland

    you just have to belieber really really hard

    harder than you ever beliebered before your whole life

    happyfeet (831175)

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