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Area Man Denies That Mass Shootings Are Reason for His Sudden Change of Mind on the Color of That Dress

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After a recent controversy over the color of a dress went viral, Ted Jarrett told everyone he knew that the dress was white and gold.

But that was before three gunmen attacked a “The Dress Is White and Gold” event in Rockcastle, Virginia on Monday, followed by a second massacre in Fieldhurst, Georgia on Tuesday. A group calling itself “Black and Blue or Die” has claimed responsibility for the shootings, which left three critically injured and a nation stunned.

A spokesman for the group, Mihkel Andrus, released a statement on social media which said: “It is our happiness and joy to spread the message that the dress is black and blue. All people who say it is white and gold will be shot. The shootings will continue until everyone agrees with us, or at least remains silent.”

Today, Ted Jarrett says, he can maybe see the black and blue in the dress.

“White and gold, black and blue, whatever,” he said. “It’s not important. I didn’t change my mind because of the shootings. I just . . . I’m not sure now.” Jarrett, shown a picture of himself from the event in which he is holding a poster that says “Anyone who says black and blue is a TOTAL REETARD!!!!” explained: “I guess I got a little carried away. Look, man, to each his own. You’re not gonna print this, are you?”

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.12.24 PM
Above: The color of this dress has inspired violence . . . and controversy

The New York Times on Tuesday announced a moratorium on discussions about the color of the dress. Times public editor Margaret Sullivan explained that editor Dean Baquet “had to consider foremost the sensibilities” of readers who believe the dress is black and blue, according to an interview published by The Hill on Tuesday.

Baquet himself elaborated on the theme in an email to The Hill, saying: “We don’t run things that are designed to gratuitously offend. A lot of our readers think the dress is black and blue. Why would we antagonize them by saying otherwise? And anyway, many of them may be armed.”

Baquet dismissed reports that the controversy had been removed from an upcoming piece titled “The Stupidest Internet Debates of 2015.” Baquet explained that there are other controversies that deserve coverage as well, citing “BeyoncĂ© vs. Solange” as an example. In any event, he noted, his decision not to discuss the color of the famous dress going forward is hardly isolated, as the Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, and other entities have declared their own moratoriums on discussions of the dress.

Meanwhile, the organizer of the Fieldhurst event says she has no apologies for putting together the event immediately after a mass shooting. “It’s a dress!” said event organizer Marnie Pearl, who immediately organized the event after Monday’s shooting in Virginia. “For God’s sake, these people are going around shooting people over the color of a dress! If we don’t do something, pretty soon there will be literally nothing left we are allowed to talk about!” Several people stood near Pearl and shook their heads. “She knew the possible consequences and chose to do it anyway,” said one bystander who asked not to be identified. “As far as I’m concerned, this is all her fault.”

Andrus, the spokesman for the group that took responsibility, says the group is considering expanding its activities. “This has worked out way better than we thought,” he said. Asked about his plans for the future, Andrus said his group was considering shooting anyone who disparaged Justin Bieber. “He is a misunderstood genius,” said Andrus, “and soon the whole country will recognize it — or at least be scared to disagree.”

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