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In Spite Of Mayor’s Denial, Law Enforcement Officer Claims Mayor Gave Stand-Down Order

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[guest post by Dana]

Yesterday I posted about an allegation from a senior law enforcement officer that the mayor of Baltimore had given a directive to officers to let protesters loot, claiming that it was only property.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake, in a bit of verbal gymnastics, denied giving a stand-down order:

“You have to understand, it is not holding back. It is responding appropriately”

Today, Sheriff Michael Lewis of Wicomico County, who traveled to Baltimore to help the officers stop the rioting, was interviewed:

We were assigned to assigned to protect Baltimore City Police headquarters, all of E. Fayette Street up to City Hall, to include City Hall. There wasn’t a whole lot of activity taking place at all. We could smell that putrid smell of burning tires and a city on fire when as we came into the city. Had lots of concerns like everyone else. We maintained our post all night long until we were relieved.”

But what shocked him the most, he said, was when city police told him not to confront and accost the rioters.

“I was sick to my stomach like everybody else. … This was urban warfare, no question about it. They were coming in absolutely beaten down. The [city officers] got out of their vehicles, thanked us profusely for being there, apologized to us for having to be there. They said we could have handled this, we were very capable of handling this, but we were told to stand down, repeatedly told to stand down,” he said. “I had never heard that order come from anyone — we went right out to our posts as soon as we got there, so I never heard the mayor say that. But repeatedly these guys, and there were many high-ranking officials from the Baltimore City Police Department … and these guys told me they were essentially neutered from the start. They were spayed from the start. They were told to stand down, you will not take any action, let them destroy property. I couldn’t believe it, I’m a 31-year veteran of law enforcement. … I had never heard anything like this before in my life and these guys obviously aren’t gonna speak out and the more I thought about this, … I had to say a few things. I apologize if I’ve upset people, but I believe in saying it like it is.”


51 Responses to “In Spite Of Mayor’s Denial, Law Enforcement Officer Claims Mayor Gave Stand-Down Order”

  1. Hello.

    Dana (86e864)

  2. Son of Benghazi: The Revenge of Valerie Jarrett

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  3. You have to understand, it is not holding back. It is responding appropriately,” she told Fox News on Tuesday, saying there was no stand-down directive.

    I hate politicians. She is a liar.

    JD (ac134a)

  4. Yes. Rasputin Jarrett’s.

    I can’t prove it, though.

    But that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  5. I meant to say she was following Valerie Jarrett’s orders.

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  6. Let the Democrats – who’ve had total control of every facet of Baltimore since 1967 – reap what their moronic governance/policies have sown. Things won’t change until they take responsibility. Let ’em own it. I’ll buy popcorn and watch.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  7. Colonel – it would be interesting if one of the MFM would ask the Mayor about that.

    JD (3b5483)

  8. that’s why they have Team Sharpton doing blocking duty,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  9. If you have never seen “The Wire”, this would be a good time.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  10. 8. that’s why they have Team Sharpton doing blocking duty,

    narciso (ee1f88) — 4/30/2015 @ 6:15 pm

    “They” being Rasputin and her minions. The WH go-to guy on race gets his marching orders from the top.

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  11. probably, but Team Sharpton does the ‘stovepiping,’ going back before Tawana Brawley, he goes back to the Bernard Goetz incident,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  12. How funny that the female mayor of Baltimore is hiding behind a man. Where’s the outrage!

    Dana (86e864)

  13. Dana, I was asking the same thing in reverse when Obama was hiding behind Susan Rice’s skirts after Benghazi.

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  14. mayor of Baltimore had given a directive to officers to let protesters loot

    We’ve been debating about the same social, political and economic issues and problems in the US (if not world too) until we’re blue in the face, trudging uphill in the battle against the stupidity of human nature, of the willful naivete and foolishness of ideological sentiments (primarily of the left) in particular.

    I think we’re entering a point in time perhaps reminiscent of what people from Europe or Asia faced over 90 to 150 years ago, who realized that ultimately the only vote that counted was voting with one’s feet, resulting in huge waves of immigration either making or unmaking parts of the world.

    Just within the US, patterns of intra-national migration — or folks voting with their feet — have resulted in greater so-called diversity affecting various urban areas (eg, Atlanta, Dallas, LA, Chicago and, yes, Baltimore/DC, etc) previously quite segregated along racial and economic lines. Less so today, but still more demographically polarized than idealists or do-gooders would have predicted over 50 years ago.

    So here it is in the first half of the 21st century, in 2015, and the people who do well and thrive still largely originate from one category, the people who never do well originate from another category.

    Voting with one’s feet is the most powerful, fascinating, compelling type of vote out there, available to all, unless one’s society becomes similar to North Korea, Cuba or the Cold War’s East Germany or Soviet Union.

    Ultimately, there may be no other type of vote for sane people to take advantage of.

    Mark (607f93)

  15. agreed, JD… very interesting if just one honest MFMer would ask the Mayor about that. And Kevin is right, The Wire captured the politics, dysfunction, law enforcement challenges of sorry-assed, Democrat-controlled, corrupt Baltimore so well.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  16. I know they are sort of hit and miss, but better than the Times or the Bezos Post, you can’t just limit it to Rawlings/Blake,

    narciso (ee1f88)

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    Steve57 (818fa4)

  18. How funny that the female mayor of Baltimore is hiding behind a man. Where’s the outrage!

    Dana (86e864) — 4/30/2015 @ 6:27 pm

    Sharpton? He ain’t no man, he’s a dessicated, old, race-baiting, bloodsucking shakedown artist/grifter.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  19. Be nice if the MSM would do their job and follow-up on this reported stand-down order. Of course, they won’t. The result of democrat control is totally unsurprising.

    Bill M (906260)

  20. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the media in the near term. Something tells me that as a black (check) female (check) Left wing Democrat (check) the beloved mayor will not be held accountable for much of anything and will largely skate. We shall see.

    Ipso Fatso (10964d)

  21. Ipso Fatso, that’s probably why the MD governor launched a preemptive strike.

    HOGAN: When the mayor called me, which quite frankly we were glad that she finally did, instantly we signed the executive order.

    The left is looking to blame this on white supremacy. The President is Black. The AG is black and a woman. As is the mayor of Baltimore. The police commissioner is black. The Baltimore police chief is black. The Baltimore PD is about half black. As the only white guy in the mix, Larry Hogan was the obvious target.

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  22. the narrative, must be preserved at all costs:

    we have always been at war with EastAsia,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  23. I dunno… a media – let alone much of the country – that can allow a douchebag like Al Sharpton to masqurade as some kind of racial healer/community leader/credible spokesman… Is there much that can really awaken it from the willful stupor it has fallen into? Does anything really even register with a sizable portion of our populace?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  24. David Simon, the creator of The Wire, says that as mayor of Baltimore, Martin O’Malley (D) “cooked the books in order to create the impression of a declining crime rate in Baltimore, and along the way created the mass anger that burst wide open this week,” the Huffington Post reports.

    Said Simon: “He destroyed police work in some real respects. Whatever was left of it when he took over the police department, if there were two bricks together that were the suggestion of an edifice that you could have called meaningful police work, he found a way to pull them apart.”


    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  25. the problem Coronello, is he’s been enabled for more than a quarter century, specially by those who should know better, it’s like adopting a pet cobra,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  26. the narrative, must be preserved at all costs:

    That’s fascinating, and I’m glad you posted the link to an article I’d otherwise not have perused. Anything associated with the arts or creative community that involves non-liberals (since I don’t know enough about the stage show’s producer, I’ll withhold labeling him an out-and-out conservative) and a project that doesn’t spout off usual-suspect, garden-variety liberal ethos is both unusual and refreshing.

    The black actress who is fully aware that the script comes straight from actual Grand Jury testimony but still treats it like it has been politically doctored (or is a smear job) by the playwright, if you will — and resists the notion that Ferguson’s Michael Brown was anything but a noble martyr — is an example of the idea that liberalism is a form of mental illness.

    What’s truly frightening about such people is they’re such incompetents in judging the goodness or badness in humans and situations, they may be among the most ruthless, irresponsible members of society, and anything but (or the opposite of) kinder and gentler.

    Mark (607f93)

  27. it goes back farther than marxism, the romanticism of Rousseau’s noble savage, that fueled the Terror, an ignorant contempt for institutions,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  28. O’Malley’s flirtation with running as Hillary’s 2016 primary opponent seems to be pretty much over–another victim of the Baltimore riots.

    A former mayor/governor/turned potential presidential contender cuts short a series of paid speeches in Europe to return to the still-smoldering city he once governed and where he still lives. “I just wanted to be present. There’s a lot of pain in our city right now, a lot of people feeling very sad,” O’Malley said Tuesday, according to The Washington Post. “Look, we’ve got to come through this together. We’re a people who’ve seen worse days, and we’ll come through this day.”

    But as he hopped in and out of a black Suburban that ferried him from neighborhood to neighborhood torn apart by fire, looters, and poverty, he just became a joke. Worse, for some people, he revealed himself to be a root cause of Baltimore’s problem.
    “If you look up the street to Philadelphia or you look down the street to Washington, D.C.—those cities have really turned the corner and Baltimore has not turned the corner. Going back there reminds everybody of that,” the official said. “If you are somebody in Iowa or New Hampshire and you are looking for the next president and you send a reminder that this was the city you were mayor of, and you are sitting in your living room in East Des Moines watching the city burning, and he says, ‘I can do for the country what I did for Baltimore’? I don’t think so.”

    elissa (309416)

  29. R.I.P. Calvin Peete, professional golfer

    Icy (006dc3)

  30. well in O’malley’s defense, that was at least one indicted mayor ago, they think Hillary or Red Squaw would do better,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  31. 27.
    Well, presenting 55 minutes of testimony requires sone editing. The question is how impartial the editing job was.

    But I read the actress’s remarks as being directed at the actual grand jury proceedings, not the play…the idea that the grand jury process was biased in favor of Wilson.

    kishnevi (91d5c6)

  32. there isn’t another side, as much as Team Crump to create one, yet this is the view that the popular media will take, this other tale is more murky, but the template is already set,

    narciso (ee1f88)

  33. So this is how the “planned” protests went down in Chicago.

    No one showed for a planned protest at Buckingham Fountain, near all the festivities surrounding the NFL Draft, in a show of solidarity for Rekia Boyd and the demonstrations in Baltimore.
    Members of the former Occupy Chicago group, now known as Chicago Rising, planned to meet at 4 p.m. and maintain a visible presence through 9 p.m. No organized protest was ever observed.

    elissa (309416)

  34. In Jerusalem they unfortunately had to show that having an active police presence at a racial based riot can keep violence against persons and properties down.

    Past week 2 Ethiopians have been beaten up by official Israeli enforcement personnel. Here is the PM’s statement:

    “I strongly condemn the beating of the Ethiopian IDF soldier and those responsible will be held accountable,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement issued Thursday evening. “However, no one is allowed to take the law into their own hands. The immigrants from Ethiopia and their families are dear to us, and the State of Israel is taking many steps to ease their integration into society.”


    seeRpea (81fcfe)

  35. Don’t know if Baltimore is the “end of the beginning”, or the “beginning of the end”, but I smell Peak Leftism in the neighborhood.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  36. I haven’t been here in some time. Where’s Sammy been?

    hadoop (657247)

  37. I was watching either Fox or CNN live feed on the ground – was flipping back and forth because it was obvious it was going to be riot. When the first rocks and bottles flew and the first fires were set, the line of cops pulled back about half a block, than again when the action got closer to them again.

    The cops were NOT “outnumbered” by the rioters, most in the crowd were just onlookers. Had they acted at the first illegal acts, it could have been stopped quickly.

    I have no idea who gave it, but there very clearly had to have been a “stand down” order.

    Estragon (ada867)

  38. Cordon these villages of thugs and make these entitled free loaders clean up their mess.
    And then go back to high school and learn some civics. Rights and duties has no meaning to some.

    mg (31009b)

  39. gotta think of Fred
    and remember Freddie’s dead
    meh that’s what I said

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  40. “reap what their moronic governance/policies have sown.”

    The HuffPo readers are seeing praise of O’Malley and no mention of the riot. He is a victim, of course.

    Mike K (90dfdc)

  41. 24. …Does anything really even register with a sizable portion of our populace?

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0) — 4/30/2015 @ 7:42 pm

    Snooki from Jersey Shore.

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  42. Oh, sorry. I keep seeing her name pop up now and again so I thought she was still a thing.

    How about this.

    THERE’S no doubt Shane Warne would have approved of lingerie football player Alli Alberts’ choice of celebration after she was named game MVP in the Chicago Bliss’s 49-0 win against Omaha Heart.

    After hearing her name called, Alberts ran onto the middle of the field and promptly chugged an entire beer…

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  43. Why didn’t you mention this part, Steve57!

    “By the looks of her Instagram page, Alberts is the complete package of beauty, brawn and brains. She’s hot, plays like a boss at free safety and is a dentist training to be a prosthodontist. Talk about a triple threat.”

    elissa (47fcb1)

  44. O/T

    Mark your calendars.

    2015 Valdez Fly-In and Air Show

    The 12th annual Valdez Fly-In and Air Show will be held May 8, 9, and 10 in Valdez, Alaska, at the Pioneer Field Airport. The event attracts pilots from all over Alaska and the lower 48. The three day event highlights are a Poker Run and STOL competition in various classes of planes. It also includes a Flour Bombing competition, Aerobatics, Sky Divers, Static displays and a kids Balsa Plane event. In addition, the event has a variety of vendors who attend. This is a true family/spectator event. Over 2,000 people attended last year.

    I can’t go. I have to go to a graduation.

    Valdez Fly-In STOL Competition 2011 Highlights

    Alaska STOL Specialists


    I think Texas and Alaska should just join forces and form their own oil kingdom. The rest of y’all can keep your Kardashians. And Baltimore.

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  45. I provided the link, didn’t I?

    Do I have to do everything?

    Steve57 (818fa4)

  46. Steve57, I thought you were trying to equate her with snooki, when in fact she is more exactly what the early feminists -not today’s vile feminazis- were hoping for. And by that, I mean women who could show their competitive side, choose any career they wanted, be intellectually equipped to make their own choices, and still be female and enjoy and find humor in the traditional man-woman relationship.

    elissa (47fcb1)

  47. No, I wasn’t trying to equate her with Snooki.

    The Coronello was wondering what even registers with a sizable portion of our populace and I thought that portion of the story answered the mail.

    Alli Alberts’ finer qualities probably wouldn’t matter to them much.

    Steve57 (818fa4)

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