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Bumper Sticker As Harbinger

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[guest post by JVW]

While taking a beach constitutional earlier on this glorious Southern California morning (just a little dig at you guys who are still dealing with snow), I came upon this car parked on the street and couldn’t help but notice the bumper sticker:


So, so many messages conveyed in this one image. Hillary! Version 2016 hasn’t even officially launched, but already this bumper sticker is ragged, worn, and about to fall off. Here are a few questions to ponder:

Is the bumper sticker in such sad shape because it has been subject to unreasonable abuse or was it simply of grossly defective quality to begin with?
Has the vehicle’s owner had a change of heart and is in the process of abandoning the bumper sticker?
Has it proven to be extremely difficult to get rid of the bumper sticker, which somehow is managing to tenaciously hold on, even though it looks pathetic?
Can the bumper sticker really manage to hold out for another nineteen months?
Can a better quality bumper sticker be substituted, or is it just a losing cause all around?

And naturally you are welcome to substitute the word “campaign” for the term “bumper sticker” in the above questions.


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