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Pressing Super Bowl Debate: Should Richard Sherman Leave The Game If His Girlfriend Goes Into Labor?

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[guest post by Dana]

Yesterday, I caught a surprisingly heated debate on the radio about whether or not Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman, who will be a key player in tomorrow’s game against the New England Patriots, should leave the field if girlfriend Ashley Moss goes into labor with their first baby. The baby is due February 12.

Arguing that he should leave the game to be with Moss were several men who expressed their regret at not being able to witness the birth of their own children due to business commitments that kept them away from home and/or military service that kept them out of country. They deeply regretted they missed such a significant moment. Callers also said he should be there because the birth of one’s baby and a lifetime of fatherhood far outweighs a few-hours long football game in terms of importance.

Arguing that Sherman should not leave the game were several callers who believed that his first priority was to the team. Further, they argued that as this is his job, he has an obligation to meet the expectations of his employers. They also felt that Sherman isn’t unique in this as there are many fathers unable to attend the births of their children because of critical obligations (two callers cited military service) which left them no choice in the matter. And finally, the argument was made that the decision to stay on the field and fulfill his commitment would be a good example of a solid work ethic that Sherman could later share with his child.

For his part, coach Pete Carroll is supportive if Sherman opts to skip the game altogether:

“It’s about family first and we will support his decision,” Carroll said before adding that he “can’t wait to see little Petey.”


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