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Footing the Bill for Hillary’s Book Tour

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[guest post by JVW]

The Independent, a British newspaper the likes of which we sorely need here in America, reports that the once and future Next President of the United States, FLOTUS/Senator/Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, is managing to bill the U.S. taxpayer for her European book tour. Oh no, it’s not Best Westerns and taxicabs for the formerly “broke” hero of feminism: it’s $3,668 per night at the Georges V in Paris and $5,100 for a fleet of Mercedes-Benz limousine vans. Read the article at the Independent for its links to the website where government spending is reported and tracked.

The burning question is under what prerogative of the pampered “public servant” class does Mrs. Clinton see fit to charge her expenses to the government, considering that she is no longer under its employ. I suppose it is possible that the fancy hotel suite and the three limo vans are all mandated by Secret Service regulations (and Hillary qualifies for Secret Service protection as the wife of an ex-President), and it is perhaps not out of the realm of possibility that she or her publisher will reimburse the government for the expenses, but where the Clintons are concerned I think the safe money should always be placed on an arrogant attitude of entitlement, a blatant disregard for propriety, and a complete lack of humility or circumspection as the Clintons pursue the extravagance which they feel they have earned by their great deeds.

While it may be fun to read about Hillary taking her former boss to the woodshed with respect to his feckless foreign policy (even if she is now beginning to backtrack), let’s not lose sight of how disastrous it would be for this country to suffer through a restoration of the House of Clinton.


BREAKING: Kimberlin Loses State Lawsuit

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Reports are breaking on Twitter. It was a directed verdict by the judge, who did not even let the case go to the jury.

UPDATE: Thanks to Instapundit for the link. Please note that many others and I are still facing a ridiculous federal suit from Kimberlin, as to which my pro bono lawyer Ron Coleman filed a motion to dismiss yesterday. It’s not just legalese and is well worth a read for background.

In a not-unrelated development, Dave Weigel got an interesting quote:

For some reason the term “vexatious litigant” comes to mind . . .

Motion to Dismiss Brett Kimberlin’s Absurd RICO Lawsuit Against Me and Over 20 Others

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The motion was written by Ron Coleman (from Likelihood of Confusion), who has asked me not to comment on it. I will disregard that advice only to praise Ron for the excellent job he has done here. If you have any questions about this lawsuit, many of them will be answered in this document.

Ron’s entry on this at his blog is here. You can follow him on Twitter here.

Comments are open.

UPDATE: I should also acknowledge that a great deal of help in the way of research and commentary was provided by Kenneth P. White (Ken from Popehat), and by Bruce Godfrey, who is acting as legal counsel in a pro bono capacity (Ron and Ken also did what they did pro bono). The world is a better place because people like this exist.

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