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King Obama Contemplates Taxation Without Representation

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More power-grabbing by our new dictator:

The Obama administration is weighing plans to circumvent Congress and act on its own to curtail tax benefits for United States companies that relocate overseas to lower their tax bills, seeking to stanch a recent wave of so-called corporate inversions, Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said on Tuesday.

Treasury Department officials are rushing to assemble a broad array of options that would “change the economics of inversions,” Mr. Lew said. Options are still being developed although no final decision has been made about whether to go forward with administrative action to strip away tax incentives for the deals.

Just like the American people, Obama has no respect for the Constitution or for separation of powers, and he is going to do anything that he thinks will be popular, safe in the knowledge that nobody will do anything about it.

But there is a solution for this action that does not rely on feckless Republicans to grow a spine. If Obama does this, corporations should refuse to pay the tax, and challenge it in court. The lesson of the Hobby Lobby case is that a corporation can stand up to the lawless administration and say: “No more.”

This is one of Obama’s craziest ideas, and that’s saying something. Taxation without representation, I remind the reader, was thought to be a legitimate reason to overthrow the government in revolutionary times.

Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Said Bergdahl Was a Deserter

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No surprise here, but nothing much will happen to the guy after Obama traded five terrorists for him. Obama will see to that:

Then-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen admitted that Bowe Berghdal was a deserter, and said that he did not know why the military was focusing so much energy on trying to save him, according to one of Bergdahl’s platoon mates.

“The joint chief of staff, Admiral Mullen at the time. He came out to our unit and had Thanksgiving dinner, and he said, ‘Yeah he walked off, everybody knows he walked off, I don’t know why they’re trying to’” pretend that he didn’t, Bergdahl’s former infantry roommate Cody Full told The Daily Caller.

Don’t try to tell me that Obama is not foursquare against terrorism!

In unrelated news, the United States has declared it “disgraceful” for Israel to defend itself by shelling areas where Hamas has deliberately launched attacks in proximity to civilians.

But trading five terrorists for a deserter? Nothing “disgraceful” about that!

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