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Obama Dinner Parties

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[guest post by JVW]

Yeah, I had a post the other day where I pointed everybody to an awesome take-down of Elizabeth Warren. At the risk of sounding like some sort of shill for NRO, let me urge everyone to read this darn near perfect distillation of effete progressivism in the Age of Obama. Matthew Continetti envisions a dinner party with Obama and some hand-picked liberal cronies, and in a pitch-perfect run-on sentence he imagines the table conversation proceeds as follows:

How can the Republicans be so obstructionist and rude and luddite, what happened to the nice moderate conservatives they used to have in the Eisenhower and George H.W. Bush administrations, have you seen the latest essays by Ezra Klein and Michael Tomasky and Ta-Nehisi Coates, who cares what the media says, E.J. Dionne says you are doing A-Okay, what’s it like to hold the nuclear football, have you been to Eric Ripert’s newest restaurant, weren’t the Afghan and Iraq wars terrible mistakes, people have got to recognize America can’t go its own way in today’s integrated, global, flat world, The Wire is Shakespearean, what are you going to do about the polar bears, we need to appreciate the value of other cultures, America doesn’t have such a clean record itself you know, my son just took a job in Dubai, wasn’t Sheryl Sandberg brilliant in her City Colleges of Chicago commencement speech, let’s touch base on the new youth-outreach project Mark Zuckerberg is standing up, do you watch Mad Men, politics is a relay race and we just have to keep going until we hand the baton to the next person, where do you come up with all of those beautiful words, we leave for Beijing next week, Putin doesn’t understand how we do things in the twenty-first century, God that Bibi is so unreasonable, who are your favorite authors, it’s time for a real conversation about race, is Homeland like real life, this is the sushi place to go to in Los Angeles, you are a real role model for young men not only in this country but all around the world, I watch House of Cards but my wife prefers Orange Is the New Black. . . .

That is one of the best summations of pretentious left-wing blather that I have ever come across. I’ll make you go to the article to read the rest but trust me, it’s worthwhile.


48 Responses to “Obama Dinner Parties”

  1. Obama has no time for the machinations of his job… besides the American people have disappointed him, with their whining about a lack of jobs and overreach by The State. He much prefers the lazy life of the idle rich, a game of golf, his Pilates and a good bottle of wine.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  2. Teh CrumbBum-in-Chief and his Merry Band of Idolators.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  3. and look who’s on deck… Through a Glass Darkl… er, coated in Vaseline…

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  4. i live in an area where i am surrounded by, and subjected to, this sort of idiocy on a daily basis.

    i’ll pass on reading the article, thankyouverymuch.

    if all else fails, i’m sure Sam the Sham will be along shortly for my daily dose of blather.

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  5. Have you seen the price of arugula at Whole Foods lately?

    Gazzer (d67463)

  6. He watches Homeland and House of Cards, and misses the point utterly,

    narciso (3fec35)

  7. President Underwood, would cut back on the chit chat, and blast that village into rubble, for the insolence of taking any hostage, I imagine Season 3, will feature something like that, following the original,

    narciso (3fec35)

  8. Go
    California Chrome

    mg (31009b)

  9. i have no desire to dine with this p.o.s. or George Clooney or Beyonce my whole life

    but I’d like to grab some corn nuts with Winona Ryder some afternoon this summer if you can hook a pikachu up

    plain or bq?


    happyfeet (8ce051)

  10. i would, however, relish the chance to prepare and serve the meal at one of his get together’s:

    appetizer: fresh habanero peppers, stuffed with organic, locally sourced, rat meat, served with a ghost pepper sauce and fromunda cheese.

    main course: 5hit on a shingle, with your choice of cedar shake or asphalt based shingle. To reduce the carbon foot print of the event, guests are asked to bring their own 5hit from home in a recyclable container, but additional 5hit will be available if anyone wants 2nds.

    vegetable: biomass sourced from the Navy’s “green fuel” program, served raw to preserve the nutrients.

    dessert: Moose Turd Pie of course.

    Bone Appetite!

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  11. Of course, considering there have been more casualties in Afghanistan, more unemployment for black mails, generally more adverse economics, there’s a bit of a disconnect,

    A Saudi Prince or a Russian oligarch, would look at a piece like this, and chortle, what a maroon

    narciso (3fec35)

  12. they told me if I voted for McCain, rich fat cats would be rewarded with plum posts;

    narciso (3fec35)

  13. “rich fat cats would be rewarded with plum posts;”

    These posts are often filled by rich supporters and that makes some sense because the social responsibilities are heavy and expensive. BUT does she speak French ? Does she know anything about the country ?

    The competence level is so low among these people that no one can assume anything.

    Mike K (cd7278)

  14. Well she served in the Carter administration, so ‘turtles all the way down’

    narciso (3fec35)

  15. more unemployment for black mails

    which may be why the USPS is still running a deficit… damn those racist direct mailer companies!


    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  16. The ever reliable Mr Robinson. I dipped a toe in the comments section. It wasn’t pleasant.

    Gazzer (d67463)

  17. We all sorta know this, and talk about it, and it’s been heading in the wrong direction for quite a while. But seeing the actual photographic proof is shocking. Some guy with a blog compared google street views for the same streets in 2009 and 2013. The decomposition of Detroit in just 4 years is almost beyond belief. And yes. Those would be four years of the Obama administration. What a human and economic tragedy. Thanks Dems! Thanks unions! Thanks corrupt politicians.

    elissa (519368)

  18. Self inflicted injury from their voting habits, elissa. I read somewhere that the council, I think, arbitrarily awarded all retirees a 13th monthly payment each year as a sort of Christmas bonus. Plus a majority of retirement checks were sent to Florida as most retirees had fled the city.
    During the 50s Detroit was the model of industrialization for the whole world. But, unions.

    Gazzer (d67463)

  19. You mean the John Brennan who converted to Islam whilst station chief in Saudi Arabia? We are so boned.

    Gazzer (d67463)

  20. yes, that’s the one, the riot mentioned in the piece, killed at least one CIA officer, Michael Spann,
    another fuzzier piece, reaks of Homeland, a year before that show aired,

    narciso (3fec35)

  21. TFG’s fave show. I wonder why. I hope I live long enough that we all find out.

    Gazzer (d67463)

  22. Those are some troubling photos, elissa.
    A tremendous amount of money has been wasted in the motor city.

    mg (31009b)

  23. This is part of Detroit’s problem. Keep this in your file for the next time they claim there is no such thing as voter fraud and that voter ID is unnecessary .

    elissa (519368)

  24. Obama has real dinner parties at the White House, where he sees famous people. He’s having more and more of them all the time. This was mentioned in the Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Morning Jolt from National Review, which mentioend and wuoted from a piece in Politico.

    The dinners, or the guests, are arranged for by Valerie Jarrett. The guests do not appear on the public White House visitors’ logs because they are considered “purely personal” and many White House aides claimed to know nothing about them.

    One dinner had people from the fashion industry, including Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue. Another one had Warren Buffett, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Bono from U-2, General Colin Powell, and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. Maybe they had a bull session about philanthrophy in
    Africa and economic development. Yet another one had Oprah’s associate Gayle King, and actord Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson.

    Sammy Finkelman (8ab807)

  25. two whores walk into a bar

    hi bono hi colin powell said the bartender. How are you you both look fantastic!

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  26. 25. Elissa: Do you believe she voted in person, or isn’t it more likely it was an absentee ballot?

    She had stopped the mail beforehand, so it would have piled up in the Post Office or maybe been sent back. Letters her mother’s new husband sent were being sent back. Now somebody might havew found out mail was being returned.

    The lawn was being maintained, but not the inside. Her neighbors thought she had moved most likely to Germany, as she had talked about doing. Germany? Many people from the area also left after 2009 when they couldn’t meet their mortgage payments, but hers were met by automatic withdrawala,s, and utility bills were paid too as well.

    Her sister was estranged, her mother died a year and a half ago, and when she married the stepfather three years ago, he could never got in contact with her.

    Sammy Finkelman (8ab807)

  27. A liar, a con-man and an illegal immigrant walk into a bar. The bartender says, “Why, hello Mr President.”

    Gazzer (d67463)

  28. I have no idea how “she” voted, Sammy. But since she was dead and mummified in her car in her garage it for sure was not she who marked the ballot for MI governor in 2010. When it comes to voter fraud where there’s a will there’s a way. I’m guessing the returned mail to the county clerk was “repurposed” into an absentee ballot rather than removing her from the voter rolls as is supposed to happen. But a “helpful” neighbor or unscrupulous precinct committeeman could have voted “for” her with the assistance of a conspiring or sloppy election judge at the polling place. This. crap. happens. all. the. time.

    elissa (519368)

  29. My father died in 2006 and he was still on the voter registration lists two months ago when a neighboring business owner came around looking for signatures for a change of hours. On the other hand, my mother who died in 2010, but had not voted for at least twelve years before that because of her disability, was not on the list. Quien sabe?

    nk (dbc370)

  30. Wonder who your dad’s been voting for since 2006 nk.

    elissa (519368)

  31. No you don’t. Not really.

    Gazzer (d67463)

  32. 30. elissa (519368) — 6/7/2014 @ 8:07 pm

    But a “helpful” neighbor or unscrupulous precinct committeeman could have voted “for” her with the assistance of a conspiring or sloppy election judge at the polling place. This. crap. happens. all. the. time.

    That could have happened, but more people, and not just people who would be part of a political organization, would have to know. So it really was probably a returned price of mail that caused somebody to decide to fill an absentee ballot application in her name.

    I don’t know what they do with people attempting proxy voting. I never saw anybody allowing that.

    The thing that goes on in New York, or used to, when we still had the voting booths, was people coming into the booth with a family member, which is not supposed to happen unless voter requests assistance, and it is noted – two people not allowed to help are an employer and member of his labor union – this must date from way back. (now it’s paper ballots, filled in by hand, not quite so securely private even though there are these privacy booths. And the filled ballot probably can be seen by somebody with good vision.)

    Also letting people vote at their old address happens all the time.

    Sammy Finkelman (8ab807)

  33. nk @ 31. Your mother stopped voting before your father stopped (1998 vs 2006?) so she would be more likely to be dropped from the rolls.

    Sammy Finkelman (8ab807)

  34. Topped off by his “workout”, LOL, to work off all the calories.

    Gutfield: “He made Richard Simmons look like Vin Diesel.”

    Patricia (be0117)

  35. Self inflicted injury from their voting habits,

    Detroit, Michigan is a cautionary tale, but not just in the way that misguided and corrupt politicians can destroy a community, but in the way that their enablers (the voters) never change their stripes, no matter how bad things are, no matter how bad things become.

    So a liberal politician is running for office? “Oh, yes,” says the Detroit-type resident. “We’ll automatically vote for him or her! Such people receive a million, a trillion, benefits of the doubt from me!”

    I can’t think of one rightwing analogy to a Detroit, or a place that has been under the influence of conservatism for decades and, at the same time, has fallen apart, and yet where overwhelming majorities of people in such communities or nations continue to vote for hard-core conservatives.

    That’s why liberal/left places tend to be breeding grounds for various forms of corruption, both economic ones and social-cultural ones too.

    Mark (99b8fd)

  36. Seriously? This is a post?

    What’s the difference between the left jerking off loving it and the right jerking off hating it?

    Somebody call Simon! Alphabetists in the weeds!!

    The Leviticus Who Saves You the Trouble (25f7a4)

  37. Did you click the link, Leviticus? JVW wasn’t entirely accurate when he was saying that’s how he envisions an Obama dinner party going. It’s how an actual a dinner party went.

    One evening in March, during a visit to Italy, President Obama asked the U.S. ambassador to round up a bunch of — and I quote — “interesting Italians” for a dinner at the ambassadorial residence. The history of the property, the Villa Taverna, goes as far back as the tenth century. Its art collection includes Roman sarcophagi and…

    …The next morning, during a briefing, the president — whose office holds a burden of responsibility matched only by its power — regretted that his job involved duties other than pretentious conversation with extremely wealthy famous people. “One aide paraphrased Obama’s response: ‘Just last night I was talking about life and art, big interesting things, and now we’re back to the minuscule things of politics.’” You know, minuscule things like the maskirovka invasion of Ukraine, the implementation of Obamacare, scandals at the IRS and Department of Veterans Affairs, negotiations with Syria and Iran, and withdrawal from Afghanistan. These subjects are far too small and mundane for our president…

    Even Obama’s close friend and advisor Valerie Jarrett has said Barack Obama is just too smart for his job because normal jobs bore him. I doubt that’s true. But I can believe the intellectual mediocrity that is Barack Obama has become convinced it’s true.

    I’m curious; now that we’ve just competed the 70th anniversary of D-Day do you think Dwight D. Eisenhower would be well regarded for multiple screw ups if it ever came out that he really just wanted to talk about art and philosophy and architecture because the miniscule nature of the details that go into planning an invasion?

    Hint: Eisenhower didn’t regard the details he needed to concern himself with as inconsequential minutiae. Which is why he didn’t rack up quite the number of screw ups that Prom Queen has.

    Steve57 (61329d)

  38. Obama has no time for the machinations of his job… besides the American people have disappointed him, with their whining about a lack of jobs and overreach by The State. He much prefers the lazy life of the idle rich, a game of golf, his Pilates and a good bottle of wine.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0) — 6/7/2014 @ 12:43 pm

    Pilates? Don’t think so. He would do well to Putincize, Colonel:

    Bill H (f9e4cd)

  39. Obama apparently would like to discuss timeless (and grand) things, not topical things that will soon become dated, which is what his job seems to deal with too often to him.

    Sammy Finkelman (8ab807)

  40. Obama apparently would like to discuss timeless (and grand) things, not topical things that will soon become dated, which is what his job seems to him to deal with too often.

    Sammy Finkelman (8ab807)

  41. Obama apparently would like to discuss timeless (and grand) things

    I’m assuming that comment comes dripping with sarcasm.

    Mark (99b8fd)

  42. Seriously? This is a post?

    What’s the difference between the left jerking off loving it and the right jerking off hating it?

    Leviticus, my attraction to this topic was largely because I though the writing in Continneti’s post was excellent. His use of the long run-on sentence was brilliant, especially since he so neatly encapsulated the banality of the left-wing zeitgeist. That’s not to say that there aren’t deep thinkers and interesting ideas coming from the left; it just means that what currently passes for leftist wisdom among the glitterati is stupefyingly shallow and pretentious. And as Steve57 points out, we are reminded that Obama seems to see the Presidency as some sort of tenured professorial position and is thus left wondering why everyone is so hung up on results rather than giving him credit for his allegedly sophisticated ideas.

    Sorry if that touches a bit close to home for you.

    JVW (feb406)

  43. #38 & #44 – “Il n’y a que la vérité qui blesse.” … Pauvre Leviticus !

    Alastor (2e7f9f)

  44. It’s known as a fisking, after the moonbat reporter, who was beat up by Afghans, and then pondered why they had gone after him, since he’s the ultimate prog

    narciso (3fec35)

  45. Leftists have no, zippo, nada, in the way of a sense of humor. That this sort of thing, popularized by Iowahawk and others, is merely mildly amusing still plumbs a dry hole with the ‘we are the people we’ve been waiting for’ post-literate morass.

    Names are superfluous, they stand out like like a raging case of hemorrhoids.

    gary gulrud (46ca75)

  46. I denounce myself in advance for providing another withering dose of reality:

    Win without Tejas or a reserve currency Zombies. FU too.

    gary gulrud (46ca75)

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