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More Evidence Obama Was in “Debate Prep” During Benghazi Attacks (UPDATED)

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UPDATE: It may have been Biden. Check update to original post.

UPDATE: Andrew McCarthy wants to know where Obama was during Benghazi (h/t Colonel Haiku):

Outnumbered and fighting off wave after jihadist wave, Americans were left to die in Benghazi while administration officials huddled, not to devise a rescue strategy, but to spin the election-year politics. The most powerful and capable armed forces in the history of the world idled, looking not to their commander-in-chief but to a State Department that busied itself writing press releases about phantom Islamophobia. The president of the United States, the only constitutional official responsible for responding, was nowhere to be found.

We are left with four dead Americans and an emerging paper trail of dereliction stretching from Benghazi to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Benghazi is not about what Hillary Clinton or Leon Panetta or Susan Rice or Ben Rhodes or Jay Carney or Robert Lovell did or didn’t do. The only question is: What was President Barack Obama doing, and not doing, during the critical hours when his sworn duty required decisive action? Mr. Obama owes Americans a detailed answer. Now.

I may have that answer. I did a post last night suggesting that Obama may have been in “debate prep” that evening. This is based on an analysis of his schedule and visitor logs.

ORIGINAL POST: Make sure you read the UPDATE to the post. This is looking like a question Obama will have to answer. (Please comment at the linked post, not here.)

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