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Happy Birthday to My Dad

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As I have done every March 17 since I started this blog, I am wishing my Dad a Happy Birthday.

(In fact, I’ve done it so long, I’m running out of places to put the links to past examples!)

He would have been 89 today. On goes the Shamrock bow tie.

In other news, my brother Kerry has the official release of his new book tomorrow, but it is already available for purchase at Amazon. The title is Shadow of the Flag (I see they’re out of stock, so consider it a pre-order.) Some of you may have enjoyed Kerry’s first book: Buried Lie. That one — which is a great story that deserves to be made into a movie, by the way — featured Nazi zombies. It will be interesting to see how Kerry tops that.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

10 Responses to “Happy Birthday to My Dad”

  1. Cheers!

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  2. Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhuit!

    nk (dbc370)

  3. And Happy Name Day to you also, Patterico.

    nk (dbc370)

  4. Happy St. Paddy’s Day, and Happy B’Day.

    Steve57 (ab7166)

  5. Congrats to Kerry, whom I will include in my toast tonight to you & your dad, Patrick.

    Beldar (fa637a)

  6. Yes, happy St. Patrick’s day!

    felipe (6100bc)

  7. nk #2 – that’s easy for *you* to say !

    Alastor (54b49a)

  8. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and Happy Birthday, Mr. Frey!

    Estragon (ada867)

  9. Patrick, I send this video to you with all of the love and respect that my father gave it to me long ago….I’m sure that Mr. Patterico told spoke the truth, as “Sometimes Mr. Mackey spoke the truth.”

    reff (4dcda2)

  10. And I ordered your brother’s first book for my two boys. I read to them every night. This seems like a good choice.

    Simon Jester (a13a6f)

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