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Open Thread — Discuss Anything But the Oscars

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I hate the Oscars. Because I hate Hollywood. Talk about something else.

P.S. If you really want to talk about the Oscars, go ahead. I’m mostly just kidding. But not about hating the Oscars. I do.

I always ignore them and they are always running in the background in the other room. What am I doing tonight instead? Laundry, and a mass operation with the Sous Vide Supreme, the Sous Vide Supreme vacuum sealer, and a ton of meat from CostCo.

I spent the past 24 hours brining over a dozen super-thick pork chops and about 6 salmon fillets (carved up from a giant $25 slab of salmon). I have been removing them from the brine, putting salt and pepper and other seasoning on them, and sealing them in vacuum bags. Already did all 6 salmon fillets and 4 of the pork chops. I also made some Kräuterbutter with unsalted butter, dill, parsley, chives, lemon juice (fresh squeezed), pressed garlic, salt and pepper. I have 4 salmon fillets in the water bath, and plan to cook all 6 tonight. Three are marinating in the bag with the Kräuterbutter and three will be heated with only basic spices (salt, pepper, and garlic powder). I will quick chill 5 of them and freeze at least 3, and plan to eat one of the thick ones with the Kräuterbutter. Mmmm.

Mrs. P. said to me yesterday: “I don’t think you need to buy meat for one person at CostCo.” I beg to differ, and storing up about a month’s worth of vacuum-sealed food is the proof of the pudding. I’d talk more about it, but I have to get one of the thinner filets out of the machine presently.

I’ll let you know how my meal tonight is. By the way, I noticed that two of you got the Sous Vide Supreme from Amazon. Good choice: the bargain under-$400 deal is now back up to $499. Anyone care to share how it’s going?

What are you guys up to?

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