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Great News Comrades! WaPo Says Obama Seeks An End to Our Long National Nightmare of . . . Austerity

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Austerity?? Yes, “austerity”:

With 2015 budget request, Obama will call for an end to era of austerity

President Obama’s forthcoming budget request will seek tens of billions of dollars in fresh spending for domestic priorities while abandoning a compromise proposal to tame the national debt in part by trimming Social Security benefits.

With the 2015 budget request, Obama will call for an end to the era of austerity that has dogged much of his presidency and to his efforts to find common ground with Republicans. Instead, the president will focus on pumping new cash into job training, early-childhood education and other programs aimed at bolstering the middle class, providing Democrats with a policy blueprint heading into the midterm election

This is why we love Big Media. They just report any lie as if it were true.

Another Problem with ObamaCare in California: People Can’t See a Doctor

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I recently debunked the idea that California is doing great on health care insurance. Not so, despite announcements that an enrollment target had supposedly been met. Here’s another issue: just because you’re enrolled doesn’t mean you get to see a doctor.

One viewer said she did months of research before picking the plan that Blue Cross recommended. But it’s still been a nightmare.

Katherine Cadman says her emails and calls aren’t getting anywhere. She says she signed up for an Anthem Blue Cross Plan, but doctors keep refusing to see her.

“It’s just not right,” she said. “It does make you feel like you’re a second-class citizen.”

See, doctors don’t like the reimbursement rates, so many refuse to see ObamaCare patients (just like they refused to see Medicare patients). The government has not forced doctors to see these patients.


Ed Morrissey says:

The laws of supply and demand, and cost and pricing, do not get wished away or legislated out of existence.


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