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New York Times Changes Story About Chris Christie and Lane Closings Without Correction

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Changed from this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.28.41 PM

To this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 6.29.28 PM

Coming next: “the evidence exists . . . we’re just sure it does!”


UPDATE: It’s worth noting the weaselly language the Times is having so much trouble with:

. . . evidence exists as well tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures . . .

“[T]ying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of” the closures? I’m not sure why he didn’t say “evidence exists that Mr. Christie knew” about the closures — but he didn’t. I don’t know what tying someone to having knowledge of something even means — but it sounds less impressive than proving someone knew something.

Is all I’m saying.

GOP Declaration of “Principles” Regarding Immigration

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I guess I need to do a post on the new GOP “Declaration of Principles” that says we will give illegals a “probationary” status that we will never ever ever take away for any reason, as long as something something border security.

So, here is the post.

Republicans have to do this because it’s how they will get tons and tons of Latino votes. We know this because Democrats tell us so. And why would Democrats lie about that?

I don’t have a huge problem with some sort of DREAM act style of path of legalization for young people whose illegal status is no fault of their own. I have no problem legalizing folks who want to serve this country in the military. I am happy to completely transform immigration laws to allow multiple times the number of legal immigrants from Mexico, as long as they are free of diseases and criminal records. What I cannot support, what I will not sanction, is an effort to reward adult people who break our laws as their first act in this country.

But mine is a lone voice in the wilderness. It has been decided that, for the good of the Republican party, we must say to hell with our laws. Give the illegals the vote.

I can’t say it better than Ace:

GOP Announces Declaration of Principles For Why You Should Vote Third Party

And they’re compelling reasons, too.

This is part of the reason I gave up on politics and stopped identifying as a Republican. There is no point supporting a Team of Losers who furthermore don’t even actually have the same goals in mind I do. Not that that would make a big difference, as they are Losers, and cannot advance their goals.

I have listened a lot to libertarian podcasts lately and while I love love love their economics, they are insane in the membrane on international policy and criminal law. So it’s not like there is an organized and viable alternative.

But, like Ace (and many others) I don’t consider myself a Republican any more. I could, in a party that got behind someone like Ted Cruz. But this party doesn’t. So they don’t deserve my support and they don’t deserve yours. Until someone gets serious about actually doing something about the looming fiscal crisis that we all know is going to destroy this country, they should not get a dime. Save your money for the Ted Cruzes of the world.

The best solution, I think, is a very controversial one, and deserves a post of its own. Consider that a hint. I will say this: the answer is not legalizing millions of new Democrat votes.

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