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Store Celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday By Putting All Black Items on Sale

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Like many other things I see online that make my jaw drop, my initial reaction to this is: for real?

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 6.55.26 PM

Here’s their Facebook page entry:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 6.54.45 PM

To paraphrase Clark from Popehat, it’s mildly surprising that they didn’t take 40% off. That way, black items would be 3/5 of the normal price.

I think it would be unseemly to fly into an outrage about this. It’s just not often that you run across such a clueless promotion, that it would be a sin not to flag it for the humor value.

Via Unmarketing via the Popehat Twitter feed.

Wendy Davis: My Opponent the Paraplegic Has Not Walked a Day in My Shoes

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Wendy Davis — recently profiled as someone who a) asked her husband to raise her children because “it’s not a good time for me right now”; b) left her husband the day after he paid the last installment on her student loan; and c) divorced her husband after adultery accusations — has kinda put her foot (Mizuno Wave Rider and all five toes) in her mouth:

Wendy Davis is under fire following a Dallas Morning News report that found a number of factual discrepancies in the personal narrative she has made a centerpiece of her long-shot campaign for Texas governor.

Davis, who is quoted multiple times in the article, issued a statement after its publication suggesting that her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott, was behind the “attacks.”

Davis said that for Abbott, who has been a paraplegic for nearly three decades, to question her story proves that he “hasn’t walked a day in my shoes.”

Her actual statement is generic but the comment, read in context, is clearly intended for Abbott. I don’t see why we should be any more charitable to Davis than Democrats would be to a Republican in an identical situation.

Davis plans future speeches explaining that Abbott is not a “stand-up guy” and lacks the ability to “think on his feet.”

It’s OK, Wendy. You’re in good company:

Volokh Conspiracy Joins the Washington Post

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Losing Ezra Klein, gaining Eugene Volokh & Co. That’s trading up.

Increased Medicaid Enrollment Does Not Equal ObamaCare Success

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Excellent piece this morning from Anrew Quinn at the Federalist, detailing exactly what ObamaCare proponents can try to claim as a “success.” The piece starts with this analogy:

The Affordable Care Act’s debut has gone remarkably like a terrible blind date. First, the law kept its cautiously optimistic companion—the American public—waiting well past the scheduled hour. When it finally did arrive, Obamacare blundered in awkwardly with shirt half-tucked and hair unkempt.

It’s instantly obvious that this guy is much less handsome than his Tinder profile suggests and far less interesting than his texts made him seem. As the shock wears off, the truth sinks in: This is going to be a brutal evening. And venting at the mutual friend who vouched for the klutz offers no relief: Instead of apologizing, she instructs you to soldier on—“just give the guy a chance!”—and insists there’s a silver lining. “Okay, he’s not exactly smooth. But he has the best sense of humor.”

Quinn’s conclusion, building on the work of Sean Trende, is that at best the law’s proponents can point to maybe 380,000 people on Medicaid as a result of the Medicaid expansion. And since Medicaid does not make people healthier, the best you can say is that ObamaCare represents a money transfer to 380,000 poor people to deal with health care costs, giving those people the peace of mind that comes with having health insurance. Not analyzed is how many people have lost catastrophic health care plans who had been paying for them, and have lost the very peace of mind that the Medicaid recipients have gained.

Meanwhile, Juan Williams says:

And for all the hype about cancelled health insurance plans, Census reported last year that 68 percent of working age Americans, 18-64, get their healthcare through an employer-provided plan. Those plans have not changed or been cancelled because of Obamacare.

Absolutely true, except for all the plans that were changed or cancelled because of ObamaCare, and the people who have been fired or had their full time jobs converted to part time because of ObamaCare, and all the millions whose policies will be changed or cancelled next year when the employer mandate actually goes into effect . . . Juan.


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